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Can't wait to read the we need Kleenex?

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Kristin Hannah LOL! Honestly, yes. :)
Lisa YES. especially at the end. I was 100% ugly crying during the last several pages. I was crying so hard, that I could barely keep reading because my eye were too filled with tears.
Rhonda not only will you need the tissue, but make sure you do not read it in public if you don't want folks staring at
Nan YES, you will need Kleenex! I ugly cried at the end of this book.
Susan This was a good read, I enjoyed it. The thing that is interesting to me is how much it has stayed with me AFTER I read it- especially since the election. There are a lot of things to think about here- it really describes how things in France prior and during the NAzi occupation, slowly turned from business as usual to horrific! It did a good job of depicting the insidiousness of that decline.
I did not cry- but I really like how this story has lingered.
Jessica Mendez The book is inspiring and overwhelmingly sad at the same time. I couldn't keep myself from crying. Let me just say that the story made me realize that I really have nothing to complain about and had me questioning my own bravery and cowardness at the same time.
Marilyn I have never cried like I cried while reading this novel. There were probably 10 different scenes that had me undone. Even hours after I finished the book and was telling my husband about how the story unfolded, I was blubbering then too. Tears of sadness and joy. Ms. Hannah is such a inspiration to me for her ability to weave such a complex, beautiful, and gut-wrenching story with such rich and meaningful prose.


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Gret I didn't but I didn't feel as engaged in the story as many seem to have felt.
Denise I didn't need any but I didn't find it as emotionally engaging as most. My feelings were I was reading something contrived and manipulative and it just didn't reach me.
Sarah A Yes, you'll need it at end of book. What a story!
MomToKippy A barf bag would be better. lol
Roz Nope, unless you are very young and naive. What you need is a good book, this 'aint' that. Seasoned readers who grew up with the classics and continued on until their favorite authors all died and then it's hunt and peck for something good to read. I find so few these days. Is it just me or does Goodreads just favor crappy writers? Any truly intelligent reviews of this book were from the one or two stars they kindly gave.
Lachelle René ~Reading: It does the body good!~ Just cried some during lunch @ work.... I should've seen this before! Great book so far!
Julie I listened to it while driving to work. At the end of the book, I took my afternoon break out in the parking lot to listen to the next to the last chapter. Better to be sitting in a parking lot than crying while driving the car! Still, the book left me with a very good feeling.
Kristi Vazquez Yes, keep the kleenex at hand especially at the end.
Jodi There is not a book of Kristin's that I did not need tissues galore.
Jane Castle The end got me!
Laura Yes! Keep a box within an arms-reach at all times!
Bobbie Goeden Yes, definitely. But so worth it!
Sylvia Sobbing, definitely keep the tissue handy.
Kathy Oh yes, so many times. Such a beautiful book about such an ugly time.
Dan Just saw this string, right after posting my review which begins:
How does the narrator manage to keep reading “The Nightingale” without choking up or bursting into tears? . . .
Sherryl Absolutely YES ;-)
I was on vacation with my family and in-laws. We were sunning on a beach at a lake. I was almost finished reading this amazing book and was laying in my beach chair, sobbing with tears running down my face --- they were all looking at me and laughing LOL I would have rather finished this in private where I could have bawled my eyes out. Hahahaha. Sooooo good. (Favorite book ever, to date) <3
Linda Mutch
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Gerry Nelson Definitely. I am a 77 year old, and my respect for the people who were involved in saving the world from the Axis Powers in WWII is IMMENSE. I didn't really start shedding tears until probably chapter 17. I had trouble reading in many parts of the book because I could not read through the tears. At this point, I have been reading the book since about this time yesterday, and am at the 3/4 point in the book. Hopefully, I will quit reading in a few more chapters and not read anymore until tomorrow morning.
I couldn't believe when I saw 54,000 Amazon Reviews, 85% 5 star and another 11% 4 star. However, I expect when I am finished I will confirm my present 5 star rating.
Gretchen Yes! And I almost never cry when reading books!
Carrie is a good story but very predictable...modernisms are brought in that do not fit the time period...but, escapist reading nonetheless.
I admit that I have read a number of books about this time period so I might be a more critical reader than some others.
Rachelle It took me 1/2 box of Kleenex to read the last chapter...just sayin'...
Sharon Young Yes, through out....
Eileen Keefe Yes, I was a puddle :) .
Hilary Shearing The Nightingale is a stunning read. It's beautifully written and a wonderful story. It will make you gasp and it will make you cry. Bravo Kristin Hannah.
Mimi Marten I say a whole box! And I loved the brilliant move on the end. Kristin really got me full on, and I'm not fooled easily.... :-)
Madonna Regala hahaha yes!! just finished this book last night and literally ugly cried
Venkat Kannan Towards the end of the book - "Don't cry" can she not?

I think the author also had the reader in mind :)
Kimberly Ozcan
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Maria Yes, we need Kleenex. I'm anxious to read.
Carolyn Magee Yes at the end for sure!
Michele Yes, you will. No sobbing for me; only quiet tears of absolute sorrow. I had to re-read some parts the next day so see what I missed "in the moment". And, then I had to "yell" at my friend for giving me a sad book to read!
Nicte de Weller Purchase them at Cosco He, he, he
Karen Cremean Yes. Definitely, yes.
Baheya Zeitoun Yes, expect to cry. And what's more, the story lingers after you've finished it. It stays there for a while.
Liz Yes towards the end
Ellie Definitely, especially the end. So many emotions. Amazing story.
Christine I spontaneously burst out in tears and was instantly sobbing in a place that I can't tell you about because it would be a spoiler. I can't mumbling "oh...I didn't know...I didn't realize. oh."
Aleksandra I cried throughout the book. I cried at the end of the book. I cried after finishing the book in the car the next day because I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Julia Olsen YES! This book was so powerful and had me in tears several times, especially towards the very end. To be honest, I was crying so much that everything around me was blurry and I had to set the book down for a few minutes. I hope you will enjoy it!
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Roberta Burlock Absolutely, but it's worth it!
Dmadeley Oh my yes. And you will never again discount a woman you overlooked as weak. While we still celebrate the strong, there is just as much strength in "holding the fort" and taking care of things from the hand you have been delt. Vianne is my mom and she is the strongest woman I know.
Nicole Gonzales OMG YES. Also, you need someone in your house who you can periodically look up at from the book and say, shaking your head: "f*#%ing Nazis" with great disgust.
Judy at least a box
Debbie Naaah not until the end...happy, introspective, heart searching tears..... Also thankful that we havent had war at our doorsteps in recent times.
Tara yes! especially at the end
Sharon Dyke Absolutely--can't wait for our book group's discussion--I hope we can discuss this book without crying.
Barbara Sherman Yes, I was so touched. Remove any eye makeup before reading the last chapter!
Mickie Definitely... several times...
Laurie YES. (: You need kleenex!!
marilu rush Yes. So very real.
Adelia Wood I didn't cry, but it was tragic and sad. I just don't cry that easily.
Polly Yes you do. I was crying at the end.
Meg Reilly Yes. But so worth it. Highly recommend this book!
Myrna Yes, there were a few nights that I could not sleep. Definitely not bedtime reading. However, it's hard to put down.
Ginger Without a doubt!
Greg Yes, absolutely, if you cry easily.
Rachael Sadly no :-(, I was read for it but nothing
Anita Yes, but not in a maudlin way.
Lucille Bierbaum Yes, I cried at the end, but worth it!
Nepersonneici Tuttle Yes, you will need a big box. This was very moving and quite disturbing. I had to put it down a few times to ease my mind.
Brandy Burton I cried and cried.
Sharon Ohlfest Maybe more than one!
Leslie Saure' Yes! Keep a box handy!
Rachel yes grab a tissue.
Patricia Cluthe I loved this book...exceptional, Kleenex needed
Amy Videon Absolutely!!! I've teared up in books before, but I sobbed in this...multiple times. Pretty much through the whole last third of it. Stock up on those Kleenex!
Michael Kovach There aren't enough Kleenex in a box....
Natasha Davis I read half of it while sitting at my daughter's tennis lesson today, sobbing my heart out! Most definitely tissues, hot chocolate and a boofy doona or pillow to cuddle through some heartbreaking parts!
Sonia Yes, it was the first book that made me cry and I UGLY cried on top of that!
Ann Tosatto-loomis Definitely will need kleenex at the end of the book. Reading about the war and the cruelty is very upsetting. Excellent book though.
Jo Schmitt Yes you will. Don't listen to it while driving. Can be detrimental.
Lori Just wondering if this story has a happy ending. I know everyone says you need Kleenex, but does this book have any kind of a happy ending? I Just finishing reading Home Front by this author and, although there was plenty of sadness and pain, the ending was satisfying. I am not looking for spoilers, but I hate reading a book that leaves me depressed when I finish it.
Bri A lot! I sobbed that last few chapters.
Jan Carpenter No Kleenex until the end.....then, definitely.
Debbie A case. And get used to stopping because you can't see to read.
Cindy Yee I just finshed this book and I was crying on the train.
Katerina I was okay for the most part and was able to tough it, but lost it completely in the end, even having to take a break. I was listening to it as an audio book while making Christmas cookies and couldn't stop crying. It was an amazing read!
Elizabeth YES!! Totally a "good cry" book! Amazing story!
Andrea Lucía I've cried so many times, and I'm only half way through it!
Debra L Gibson A good book but I guessed correctly how it would end so I didn't t cry.
Judy Walker This book was another awesome book by Kristin Hannah. The tragedy of war and what decisions you make during that time has an impact on your whole lives. Thrilling and heartwarming. Loved it so much.
marcy kallish kallish Couldn't put it down. Great book. Yes you need tissues.
Meital Ben-Daniel Yes. It's heartbreaking and deals with the horrific turmoil of WW2 and the decisions taken at war time and their implications for years thereafter.
Sherri Nahum I cried at least 3 times!
Judy I didn't need kleenex but I did enjoy the book. I was interested in all the characters which is rare. Good ending too.
Cheryl You will need a whole box!
Patricia Ergle A full box of Kleenex!!
Mary Not a whole box but at least a pack.
Mary Peluso Just finished it. You will definitely need a Kleenex! Amazing book.
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