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Should I read the Realms of the Elderlings series first?

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Tony I recommend reading all four series first
1. Farseer trilogy
2. Liveship trilogy
3. Tawny Man trilogy
4. Rainwild Cronicles
5. Fitz and the Fool
you will better understand events with reading Farseer and tawny man, but there are some crossovers in Liveship and Rainwild witch are also relavent to the events.
Cj You can definitely skip liveship and rainwilds, although they add such a huge chunk of plot. You definitely cannot skip Farseer or Tawny Man since they account for Fitz's entire existence up until this point.
Jenny H You do really need to read the Liveship Traders trilogy before the Tawny Man if you're going to read it at all - there's a serious spoiler in TM that makes a big difference to reading LS
Corinne I definitely recommend reading the Farseer trilogy and the Tawny Man trilogy before this one; it will make a lot more sense.
Jaclyn Thank you everyone who responded! I am completely unfamiliar with these books so all the information really helps. I think I'm going to go ahead and read all four series' first. I might as well get the full story!
Justine Crittenden I agree with Tony that you should read all 13 previous books!
Scarletine Read Assassins/ Tawny man first , then Fools Assassin. If you have a spare minutes fit the Rain wilds trilogy in there too.
Shari I wish I had realized there was so much that came before. I had no clue and just started with this book and found the first 1/3 or so to be rather boring. I'm going to go ahead and finish this and the next before jumping back to the start and see what I missed. That should keep me busy for awhile.
Jason Brinkerhoff I have actually only read this series so far and have found it very enjoyable to jump in here. I will probably hold off on the preceding series until I finish this one.
Hawk Lee YES. Read everything first. You want to understand the complete Elderling lore. Which is necessary for you to apprehend how Fitz acted to change the course of history.
Moarbooxpls I didn't re-read Rainwilds but it wouldn't have been a bad idea to have done so. I reread the others but it took longer than I expected and I got impatient.
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