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Is this the best fantasy book ever written? With all the hype I've seen and the leading up the the enormous final battle it should be.

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Nathan Malkowski This book hits hard and fast. I believe it's the ending this series deserved. I do not think it is the best fantasy book ever written, but in my mind the best in the series.
Ryan Griffith It might have been, had the original author lived to finish it.
Marianne Lindsay It is an ending!
It is not the best fantasy book ever written, but The Wheel of Time series will stand as one of the great fantasy-series ever.
Ginny I liked this series. I think Robert Jordan was a good writer; however, they moved quicker once Brandon Sanderson started writing. It needed to move quicker! the story stagnated many times in previous books. The best fantasy series ever is still Lord of the Rings. It engages you immediately and the action never stops. The main thrust to throw the ring into Mount Doom is believable and imperative.
Avaminn F'nett One of them, for sure, but not the best because I didn't like how it ended.
Prakhar Saxena
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Dave Not for me. I have dozens of fantasy books and series I like better than this book/series. All of Sanderson's cosmere books, Bujold's fantasy, Butcher's Codex Alera, even Zelazny's Amber series.
Jawaad Bitterly disappointed, so a definite no from me.
Nate I absolutely loved this book. I did not like the ending though... so I can't count this as the best fantasy book ever written. In regards to WOT, i still love the first one better than them all. Fantasy has blossomed so much as a fiction genre, you really have to define some elements. Tolkien, in my view, is the master worldbuilder of fantasy.. he immerses you in another world so thoroughly that i think he still has no equal in that regard (he even invented his own languages). I think Sanderson is a master at organic magic systems that fit the context of each fantasy world. Warbreaker's color system is so great and unique as is allomancy and stormlight. I like WOT for the characters... i don't think any author has got us to love characters like Jordan. Rand, Egwene, Elayne, Perrin, Matt... they all feel part of my family.
Andy Zach Nope, that has to go to Lord of the Rings, in my opinion.

Wheel of Time branches from LotR, as many epics do, and does so very well. Robert Jordan creates wonderful characters, a fantastically complex plot and an extremely detailed world.

In such a long series, there are dull books and dull sections. But the final three books, finishing with the great battle of Tarmon Gaidin, is a fitting conclusion.

Brandon Sanderson has a different style, but is much faster paced the Mr. Jordan. Action fans will love the book.
Phillip One of the great fantasy series ever wrote just wish more at the end.
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