Is this a good book

Chris I hope so. I tried to make it a fun and fast paced read.
Tom I am 7 years old - I read it in 2 days - it was AWESOME
Mark Not really. It tries hard, but it's clear that the author doesn't share any of the passions of the characters.

The biggest issue is how the board games are treated, which are a HUGE part of the book. Anyone who has played any modern board game will cringe that the game designer character has made hundreds of games... all of which are roll and move or trivia based. There are literally hundreds of games published every year, if the author wanted to feature a game designer he could have taken the time to see what games 12 year olds are playing these days.

Another issue is that the characters are completely flat. They read as ciphers and stereotypes and there is no character growth. Yes, this is a young reader book, but my 8 year old felt insulted by the simplicity of the characters.

This book is FILLED with name drops of books... but very few of them are good books. Instead, it seems that the author took the standard reading list for 7th grade and treated it as a checklist.

Lastly, the "puzzles" in the book fall into the Dan Brown trap of either being blindingly obvious and stupid or requiring specialized knowledge that if you don't have there's no way of solving.

Might be fun for most kids, but this book missed every opportunity to introduce the reader to something new and exciting and instead wrote a formulaic book about things the author doesn't seem to care about.
Melissa I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a fun book to read and has a good message without being preachy.
Natalie I mean, it was 0KAY... But the characters were not relatable. They just seemed... regular, like not experiencing real-life troubles.
Karly It is amazing. Everyone who loves to read should TOTALLY read this book!
Paula We are LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT! The kids (ages 14 through 9) are all getting so excited when books we have read are mentioned. If you love books, this is a must read. MAN we all wish there was really a library like this one!
Eden yes and no. thats not at all helpful. sorry.
Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) Only you can answer that. A book I love might bore you to death. "Good" meaning "will I enjoy it" is different for everyone. Read it and find out. If you don't want to buy it, borrow it from your library.
Lex Brisalyn It is a good read. Especially if you love books. I discovered new titles that needs to be included on my "To Be Read" list. Go for it and be free!!!
Rob Grad yes!! it was the best book I have ever read!! totally recomended
R-girl yes, it is very good. I rated it four stars, because I think some of it is impossible. But I love fiction, or I would have given it less stars.
Delaney I think it is AMAZING!
Beth Toth Bugg Yes it is a really good book
Lauren Dioinne Thanks, and Chris, it's a great book!
koket yes, I loved it.
Jennifer I'm finally reading this book! I'm a public librarian and I've been invited to do a book talk at a local elementary school. At the suggestion of a colleague, I chose this one for the 5th grade class. So far, so good!
Yushi_TheAwesome If the book is rated out of 10, it gets 100!
Angela Yes. It's clever and fun to read. It's easy to get through but it's still a fun storyline.
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