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Posted by Goodreads on October 17, 2016
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Love isn't a battlefield for everyone. For some, it's more like a racetrack. Take it from K. Bromberg, author of the sizzling Driven series. Her books put readers in the driver's seat—and in the backseat, on the hood, etc.—of high-speed racing romances. Down Shift, the next installment in the series, comes out this month. This time around it's racing champion Zander Donavan's turn for love…whether he likes it or not. Zander thinks he's stepping away from the spotlight for some much-needed alone time. Too bad his solitary seaside retreat already has an occupant: Getty Caster, a woman running away from her own past, who also isn't interested in a roommate. With neither willing to budge, tensions rise and sparks fly. In other words, buckle up, everyone—this is one hell of a ride.

Bromberg shares the romance books that surprised her ("Who would ever expect a love story about a priest and a sheep farmer's daughter?"), made her fall for non-alpha jerks, and inspired her own stubborn characters in Down Shift.

What book hooked you on romance?
Naked In Death
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What book hasn't hooked me on romance? As far as I can remember, regardless of the book, I'd swoon over the hero and root for him to fight for the heroine—or vice versa. Nora Roberts was always a favorite as a teenager. I fell in love with Roarke, the main hero of her In Death series (which Roberts writes under her J.D. Robb pen name). Oh, Roarke. *Sigh* He pulled me in with his mysterious, bad-boy vibe in the first book but kept me under his spell with his unexpected and unconventional ways of convincing Lieutenant Eve Dallas (the heroine) that she was in love with him. He's a mix of every characteristic that makes a hero swoonworthy. And the fact that he loves this difficult woman and never gives up proving it to her makes him all the more desirable.

In Down Shift Getty certainly didn't expect to stumble upon a sexy stranger—let alone a real connection—during her seaside retreat from reality. What's your favorite book about finding love when you least expect it?
The Thorn Birds
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I'd have to say The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough. Who would ever expect a love story about a priest and a sheep farmer's daughter? I remember watching the miniseries on television when I was young. I was fascinated with the battle between the strength of love and the pull of responsibility. A few years later (when my parents felt I was old enough to read the scenes the miniseries had tamed), I devoured the novel and fell even more helplessly in love with Ralph and Meggie and their unexpected romance.

If you could swap lives with the heroine of any romance book, which book would you choose?
On Dublin Street
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This is a hard one. Thinking back, there are so many books I'd love to jump into the pages of—it's hard to pick just one in particular! I will say one that pops into my mind is On Dublin Street by Samantha Young. Who can resist the yummy Braden Carmichael? I think I'm partially drawn to him because he wasn't the alpha jerk who grapples with his feelings we see in so many novels (mine included). Instead Braden knew he loved Jocelyn and tried to do whatever he could so she would see it.

Zander and Getty are both incredibly strong-willed. What book made you fall for its stubborn main characters?
Fixed on You
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Stubborn characters are my favorite because they typically fall the hardest, and that makes it even more fun to watch them struggle with accepting their feelings. But when they do fall, I love watching the sparks as their chemistry ignites. My love for this type of character is going to make it difficult to narrow down this answer to one book, so I'll list a few. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day, The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle, The Blackstone Affair by Raine Miller, This Man Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas, the Fixed trilogy by Laurelin Paige…. Should I keep going? There are too many to name!

What romance book are you looking forward to reading next?
Can I say all of them? I'm so far behind because it's hard for me to read while I'm writing. I have a ton sitting on my ereader waiting to make me swoon. I usually am a spur-of-the-moment reader, so when I see something, I buy it. I never know what I'll read next.

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