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All the Books!
All the Books! — 379 members — Last Activity 50 minutes ago
Just for FunTotally Pointless
This is a group where we have fun, make new friends, and read some good books!

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.

Monster/Creature Book Club
Monster/Creature Book Club — 9 members — Last Activity Dec 09, 2017 02:10PM
Books & LiteratureHorror
I made this group, because I have a great fondness for Monster/Creature films and novels. Sadly I could not find a group that concentrated on the thin ...more

Once Upon A Fairy Tale
Once Upon A Fairy Tale — 374 members — Last Activity Nov 22, 2017 09:32AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
For lovers of fairy tales, fairy tale retellings, and books based on fairy tales and myth.

Crystallia (A Roleplay)
Crystallia (A Roleplay) — 25 members — Last Activity Jun 25, 2017 02:40PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless

Welcome to Crystallia! If times were better, festivities would be held in honor for travelers who have come to their cities in need of rest or relaxat

Myths and Legends
Myths and Legends — 185 members — Last Activity Jun 20, 2017 11:03AM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
This is a group to discover books that incorporate all different kinds of myths and legends

Creatures of the Night
Creatures of the Night — 171 members — Last Activity Jan 20, 2017 05:13AM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Fairies, etc. They all live among us, and they're all dangerous. All of them want something from you; your blood, soul, ...more

Paranormal Creatures
Paranormal Creatures — 111 members — Last Activity Jan 16, 2017 06:54AM
Books & LiteratureHorror
This is a group to talk about your favorite paranormal creatures or characters. Angels and demons are our favorites, but we welcome vampires, werewolv ...more

Cocaine Pages
Cocaine Pages — 237 members — Last Activity Dec 31, 2016 11:13AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
“You get a little moody sometimes but I think that's because you like to read. People that like to read are always a little fucked up.”

"The love of l

『 Otherworld 』
『 Otherworld 』 — 1 member — Last Activity Dec 14, 2016 08:46PM
Just for FunFan Clubs

The town of [Banshee] has a secret: Vampires stalk the streets, werewolves prowl under the moon's light and witches and wizards meet in the back of al

Portal Worlds
Portal Worlds — 26 members — Last Activity Dec 02, 2016 01:50PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
The Portal Gates have opened, creating a massive world from chamber to chamber. Every chamber has their own races and species. You control your world, ...more

W.O.L.F. — 107 members — Last Activity Nov 28, 2016 06:21AM
Just for FunFan Clubs
World. Of. Loving. Fantasy.

Do you believe in the impossible and magic in this world?

Anyone who loves fantasy and wants to explore more can join this

Between Worlds *advanced RP*
Between Worlds *advanced RP* — 8 members — Last Activity Nov 16, 2016 03:41PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Long ago, two worlds were created. One world was consumed of living and non living things made of pure evil. All crime is legal and very few laws are ...more

Prehistoric Roleplay
Prehistoric Roleplay — 15 members — Last Activity Oct 18, 2016 08:20PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
This group is dedicated to roleplaying as the creatures of our past. Not limited to only dinosaurs you can play as a creature from any age from the Du ...more

Mythical Creatures [[ Original Role-play ]]
Mythical Creatures [[ Original Role-play ]] — 30 members — Last Activity Aug 13, 2016 06:07PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
In this world mythical creatures are not unusual. They were, in fact, a part of life, but alas not even this world is perfect. The Emperor saw how pow ...more

Chronicles of Altheria
Chronicles of Altheria — 8 members — Last Activity Apr 14, 2016 05:06PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
It has been 1,000 years since the Conqueror saved all Altheria when he not only defeated the evil dragon Bahamut but stopped the attempt to raise the ...more

OutaTime High
OutaTime High — 13 members — Last Activity Mar 29, 2016 08:46AM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
All of space and time meets fantasy at this High school. All the students here are either from another world or dimension or lost in time. There is a ...more

Jurassic World
Jurassic World — 6 members — Last Activity Feb 11, 2016 05:54PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Welcome to Isla Nublar. Here in the Fully functional park built on the remains of the 1993 disaster you can enjoy a trip to see our biological attract ...more

The Wasteland
The Wasteland — 19 members — Last Activity Jan 03, 2016 01:27PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
The fence. It is the only thing standing between the modern, organized, peaceful City and the untamed Wasteland beyond. It is the only thing keeping t ...more

Between Worlds II *advanced RP*
Between Worlds II *advanced RP* — 6 members — Last Activity Nov 02, 2015 01:23PM
Entertainment & ArtsGeneral
Long ago, two worlds were created. One world was consumed of living and non living things made of pure evil. All crime is legal and very few laws are ...more

The Malazan Foundation
The Malazan Foundation — 5 members — Last Activity Jun 01, 2015 04:09PM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
We will be reading Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen ten-part series for fun, and this is not a group that is supposed to be a drag for the ...more

Medieval Kingdoms/ Fantasy Roleplay
Medieval Kingdoms/ Fantasy Roleplay — 44 members — Last Activity Apr 25, 2014 05:18PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
There are many kingdoms

Elgorith, the elf kingdoms

Aquaris, the water kingdoms

Vulcania, the fire kingdoms

Terrica, the nature kingdoms

Aires, the air king

The Asylum of Cure and Punishment
The Asylum of Cure and Punishment — 40 members — Last Activity Apr 18, 2014 11:35AM
Just for FunTotally Pointless

Dear Patient,

Welcome to The Asylum of Cure! We are here for your every need and want. We have nice beds and water supply. Along with fi

Brikim{ADVANCED ROLEPLAY} — 6 members — Last Activity Jan 01, 2014 10:45PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless

To a Mortal, or Human, Brikim is just a huge house, with about 50 acres of forest. But in truth, the house is the home of the Keepe

Ask D.M. Cherubim About Wizards, Magic & God
Ask D.M. Cherubim About Wizards, Magic & God — 1 member — Last Activity Sep 10, 2013 06:03PM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
Join us and ask author D.M. Cherubim about the groundbreaking and controversial YA book, "Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger," a fantasy adventure th ...more

Twist Revisited
Twist Revisited — 7 members — Last Activity May 27, 2013 02:29PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
You have entered a place you could never have imagined, not even in your dreams or nightmares. This world is strange and forever changing. Each corner ...more

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