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Potterheads Unite! Hogwarts, Hogwarts, hoggy warty Hogwarts, teach us something please! This group is for anyone wh…more

1,078 members, last active 8 minutes ago

Sylshallon-a Fantasy/Sci-fi Utopia Welcome to "Sylshallon" where reading high fantasy, science fiction, mythology, and fairytales w…more

14 members, last active 9 minutes ago

Books2Movies Club Have you read the book, seen the movie, neither – but you are eager to read and see both? Then t…more

2,486 members, last active 9 minutes ago

it's personal Welcome to It's Personal: a collective gathering of souls, each equipped with their own thought…more

1,537 members, last active 9 minutes ago

MOPS Life Baptist LV A virtual book club for MOPS moms of Life Baptist in Las Vegas, NV

2 members, last active an hour ago
Henderson, NV

Books, Wine & Friends Just a laid back book club for those who love to read, that can come drink wine and chat with fr…more

2 members, last active 2 hours ago
Warren, OH

This is a group connected to the reading programme for an English class from Northcote College.

16 members, last active 5 hours ago
0627, New Zealand

Michigan Virtual Reading Club In honor of National Reading Month, we're hosting an official. . . *drum roll please*. . . Michi…more

2 members, last active 8 hours ago
Lansing, MI

Read Read Read

4 members, last active 9 hours ago

For us to get/give recommendations based on likes/dislikes and to expand our reading base. To in…more

2 members, last active 10 hours ago
The United Kingdom

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Brilliant Books You've Never Heard Of Looking for something off the beaten path? This is a great place to start. We are going to be fo…more

1,493 members, last active an hour ago

Pick-a-Shelf The purpose to this group is to challenge all you avid readers out there to expand your reading…more

2,072 members, last active an hour ago

 Dystopia Land THE BIGGEST GROUP FOR DYSTOPIAN LITERATURE ON GOODREADS. What you can do in the group? * You ca…more

3,481 members, last active 3 hours ago

belletrist celebrating literature, authors, and the literary community, curated by Emma Roberts & Karah Pre…more

934 members, last active 7 days ago

queen x maddi. [ school ] name : brandeis. animal mascot : bullsharks. in session [ setting ] reston virgina.…more

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Play Book Tag We choose a "tag" (a theme) each month, and share, discuss, and review great books that fit the…more

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Lutherville Timonium, MD

Yaoi and Yuri and Regulars Unite! I noticed there aren't very many of these kind of groups and I am quite a large fan of anime. Th…more

234 members, last active a moment ago

Detailed Roleplayers This is a group for detailed roleplayers- people who value the art of writing, and go above and…more

717 members, last active a minute ago

Vampires, Weres and Fae! We love reading Urban Fantasy (kick-ass chicks and fearless heroes) and Paranormal Romance (all…more

943 members, last active a minute ago

Men's Book Club The Men's Book Club group was created as a community where men can discuss their love of books,…more

499 members, last active a minute ago

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Support for Indie Authors Officially 10k Members Strong & Climbing!! Building and supporting a community of self-published…more

11,470 members, last active 23 minutes ago

YA Story Sisters Book Club This is the reading club hosted by a group of YA writers called The YA Story Sisters. Once a mon…more

582 members, last active 28 minutes ago

Colleen Houck Book Club This is the reading club hosted by Colleen Houck, the author of the NYT bestselling series TIGER…more

2,124 members, last active 9 hours ago

Underground Knowledge — A discussion group This global discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and underrep…more

7,842 members, last active 11 hours ago

A discussion of women in literary science fiction.

1,387 members, last active 2 days ago

Star Wars Reads Panel It's back! Join us on Saturday, October 5, 2013 for a special day-long discussion of Star Wars.…more

1,052 members, last active 3 days ago

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