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Challenge Corner There is at least one reading challenge within the group per month as well as quarterly reading…more

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SOS: Serious Overload of Series SOS: Serious Overload of Series is the place to find and chat about your favorite Paranormal Ro…more

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The Future of Sonic the Hedgehog This is a group where you can make a child of the canon characters or make your character. You c…more

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Genre Specific Review Groups Following the example of fellow Goodreads group, "Review Group", this group believes support for…more

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La cafetería de Audrey Un grupo para todas aquellas personas de habla hispana que quieran compartir un buen rato en mi…more

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An online book group

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The United Kingdom

Athena Reader's Guild We are a group of reading enthusiasts of Athena!

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Share recommendations and help each other find good books to read.

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Mystery Roleplay This group is dedicated to Roleplaying. It will be based around one big never-ending singular my…more

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Shelf Love Literally Literate

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The Fairy Book Club From The Book Fairies comes... The Fairy Book Club! We will be choosing a book each month to dis…more

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EVERYONE Has Read This but Me - The Catch-Up Book Club Click HERE for the latest group announcements. "It reminded me of ____ but in space." "I read _…more

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World, Writing, Wealth Friends, would you care to partake in a learned discussion of current events, the global economy…more

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Retro Reads A buddy reading group for those interested in older books and authors, focusing on but not limit…more

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Ms. Robison's Period 8-9 Independent Reading Board Students will post on the 1st, 8th, 16th, 22nd, and 30th or 31st of the month to the questions a…more

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SciFi and Fantasy Book Club Welcome to the SciFi and Fantasy Book Club! Mods The Ghost: Kim Miss Loquacious: Sarah Anne Nurf…more

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Seattle, WA

Our Classical Journey Welcome to "Our Classical Journey" where reading the classics will carry you to another place an…more

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Cozy Mysteries For those who love a good cozy mystery while curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee/tea/coc…more

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Read As Many Pages As You Can Challenge No more will readers be forced to reach for the shortest books to complete their reading challen…more

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Goodreads Author Groups

Support for Indie Authors Officially 10k Members Strong & Climbing!! Building and supporting a community of self-published…more

10,972 members, last active 30 minutes ago

Underground Knowledge — A discussion group This global discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and underrep…more

7,177 members, last active 2 hours ago

Love & Social Change We offer love, compassion & kindness to create a better world. The moderator proposes books by &…more

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Colleen Houck Book Club This is the reading club hosted by Colleen Houck, the author of the NYT bestselling series TIGER…more

2,099 members, last active 19 hours ago

Silent World — A discussion group A place to discuss all the unique aspects of Deaf culture as highlighted in the new release book…more

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A discussion of women in literary science fiction.

1,316 members, last active 11 days ago

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