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A group for authors to help fellow authors in book promotion, review pools, and other things
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Did you hire a editor for your book?

No, I just did it all myself.
  56 votes, 32.6%

Nope. I had a friend or relative do it
  34 votes, 19.8%

  28 votes, 16.3%

Yes and it was expensive
  23 votes, 13.4%

Yes, I found a cheap one
  20 votes, 11.6%

Nope, I found a volunteer online
  5 votes, 2.9%

No, I used a free website for authors to help one another.
  4 votes, 2.3%

Sort of. I bought software to help.
  2 votes, 1.2%

Haresh Daswani
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J.D. Stroube

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