Transgressive Fiction

Transgressive fiction is a genre of literature that focuses on characters who feel confined by the norms and expectations of society and who use unusual and/or illicit ways to break free of those confines. Because they are rebelling against the basic norms of society, protagonists of transgressional fiction may seem mentally ill, anti-social and/or nihilistic. The genre deals extensively with taboo subject matters such as drugs, sex, violence, incest, pedophilia, and crime.

The genre of "transgressive fiction" was defined by Los Angeles Times literary critic Michael Silverblatt.[1] Anne H. Souk

Fight Club
American Psycho
A Clockwork Orange
Invisible Monsters
The Zombie Room
Requiem for a Dream
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Post Office
The Elephant Tree
Lunar Park
Fahrenheit 451
Lauren Sapala
It was the hardest thing I’d ever done, even harder than quitting drinking, showing up week after week, pushing so much out of my core, onto the pages in front of me. But it was the best thing I’d ever done, too. I wrote things down that I’d never told another living soul, and when I’d written enough I didn’t want to drink so much anymore. The book I was writing was one of the ugliest I’d ever seen, but also the most beautiful, because it was the only good thing I’d ever done in my life. It was ...more
Lauren Sapala, West Is San Francisco

C.Z. Hazard
Only in California could the night air be lit not by fireflies, but radioactive porn star cumshots.
C Z Hazard

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