Near Future

Near-future science fiction takes place in the present day or in the next few decades. Elements of the setting should be familiar to the reader, and the technology may be current or in development. Stories about nanotechnology or genetics often fall into this category.

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We Are Satellites
The End of Men
Chaos on CatNet (CatNet #2)
We Are Satellites
The Battersea Barricades (The Chronicles of St Mary's #9.5)
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Chaos on CatNet (CatNet #2)
And Now For Something Completely Different (The Chronicles of St Mary’s, #9.7)
Version Control
The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean Nuclear Attacks Against the United States: A Speculative Novel
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Lock In (Lock In, #1)
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Rule 34 (Halting State, #2)
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Station Eleven
Neuromancer (Sprawl, #1)
The Water Knife
Nexus (Nexus, #1)
Daemon by Daniel SuarezTrail of Lightning by Rebecca RoanhorseInfinity Born by Douglas E. RichardsBreakthrough by Michael C. GrumleyCode Revelation by Boris Sanders
Best Near-Future Technothrillers
24 books — 12 voters
Ender's Game by Orson Scott CardFoul Is Fair by Hannah CapinBlood Song by Anthony RyanThe Left Hand of God by Paul  HoffmanBehind the Hood by Marita A. Hansen
Young and Violent
49 books — 10 voters

Airborne by DiAnn MillsThe Stand by Stephen KingThe Andromeda Strain by Michael CrichtonThe Hot Zone by Richard   PrestonInfected by Scott Sigler
Pandemic Medical Thrillers
37 books — 35 voters

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Sarah Mazza
I never thought I would choose a place like this. That I would even consider giving up my existence, to lie in a bed of lies. I never expected a lot of things to happen in my life. I try not to think about anything at all. Especially not how I become this; a man without hope. A man without dreams.
Sarah Mazza, I Dream in Color

Sarah Mazza
My name is Alex Johansson, and I am a man who chose this. I chose to give up my body. To become lost in a dream. To never wake up again. Except that I did.
Sarah Mazza, I Dream in Color

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