The Medieval period is subdivided into the Early (c. 476-1000), the High (c. 1001-1300), and the Late (c. 1301–1500) Middle Ages.
Historical fiction novels set within this time-frame in Europe are labelled medieval.

Medieval Europe offers the historical backdrop of the grandeur of medieval royalty contrasted with the stark struggle for survival of the common folk. Medieval historical fiction features, among others, conflicts between Christianity and the remnants of paganism, the open warfare of the Crusades, the medieval Celts, Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, the Wars of the Roses, the Vikings a

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Robert Jordan
Does it make you brave to stick your hand in a bear's mouth? Would you do it again just because you didn't die?
Robert Jordan, The Dragon Reborn

George R.R. Martin
The hard truths are the ones to hold tight. - Old Bear
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

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