Eugenics (from the Greek εὐγενής eugenes 'well-born' from εὖ, 'good, well' and γένος, 'race, stock, kin) is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population by excluding (through a variety of morally criticized means) certain genetic groups judged to be inferior, and promoting other genetic groups judged to be superior. The definition of eugenics has been a matter of debate since the term was coined by Francis Galton in 1883. The concept predates the term; Plato suggested applying the principles of selective breeding to humans around 400 BC. Eugenics

War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race
Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck
Necessary Lies (Necessary Lies, #1)
Shutter Island
Eugenics and Other Evils : An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State
Building a Better Race: Gender, Sexuality, and Eugenics from the Turn of the Century to the Baby Boom
Second Glance
Eugenic Nation: Faults and Frontiers of Better Breeding in Modern America (American Crossroads)
In the Name of Eugenics: Genetics and the Uses of Human Heredity
The Mismeasure of Man
Three Generations, No Imbeciles: Eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. Bell
Control: The Dark History and Troubling Present of Eugenics
Mexican Gothic
Asperger's Children: The Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna
American Eugenics: Race, Queer Anatomy, and the Science of Nationalism
Brave New World by Aldous HuxleyDune by Frank HerbertMiddlegame by Seanan McGuireTo Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky  ChambersBeggars in Spain by Nancy Kress
Fiction books with eugenics
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The Mark of the Beast, revealed by the shape of the head by Lucilla Rebecca HedleyColossal Bust of Washington, (in American Marble, Designed to... by A New York MerchantForty Years in Phrenology; Embracing Recollections of History... by Nelson SizerThe Craniad by Francis JeffreyCrime as Destiny by Johannes Lange
101 books — 1 voter

War Against the Weak by Edwin BlackThe Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay GouldThe Orphan Conspiracies by James MorcanBetter for All the World by Harry BruiniusIn Reckless Hands by Victoria F. Nourse
Books on the Eugenics Movement
61 books — 23 voters

Killer Angel by George GrantThe Negro Project by Bruce FleuryMargaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy by Angela FranksMargaret Sanger by E. Drogin
Books Critical Of Margaret Sanger
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G.K. Chesterton
The whole point of the Eugenic pseudo-scientific theories is that they are to be applied wholesale, by some more sweeping and generalizing money power than the individual husband or wife or household. Eugenics asserts that all men must be so stupid that they cannot manage their own affairs; and also so clever that they can manage each other's. ...more
G.K. Chesterton

Nikola Tesla
The year 2100 will see eugenics universally established. In past ages, the law governing the survival of the fittest roughly weeded out the less desirable strains. Then man's new sense of pity began to interfere with the ruthless workings of nature. As a result, we continue to keep alive and to breed the unfit. The only method compatible with our notions of civilization and the race is to prevent the breeding of the unfit by sterilization and the deliberate guidance of the mating instinct, Sever ...more
Nikola Tesla

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