Apocalyptic is from the word apocalypse, referring to the end of the world.

Apocalyptic fiction focuses on the end of civilization either through nuclear war, plague, or other global catastrophic risk.

Apocalyptic literature is a genre of religious writing centered on visions of the end of time.

Many apocalyptic stories focus on stories that are on the brink of the end of the world of the civilization. Post-apocalyptic fiction is set in a world or civilization after such a disaster. Also called 'Holocaust'


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J. Cornell Michel
I like living in my head because in there, everyone is kind and innocent. Once you start integrating yourself into the world, you realize that people are nasty, mean creatures. They're worse than zombies. People try to crush your soul and destroy your happiness, but zombies just want to have a little nibble of your brain.
J. Cornell Michel, Jordan's Brains: A Zombie Evolution

Scott Kaelen
A grey-suited figure with badly-scuffed shoes was squatted over a woman’s body, obscuring her face and upper torso. A loose, white dress; torn, now mostly red. A pattern of rose petals, drenched in blood. One of her sandals was missing, scarlet streaks and spatters on her jade-green polished toenails and pale, slender ankles. Another step took him around the hunched and twitching figure. It ignored him, intent on its work. Then its victim came fully into view … and he saw her ruined face.
Scott Kaelen, The Lingering Remains

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