An anthropomorphic book is one that gives human characteristics (or characteristics assumed to belong only to humans) to animals.

The Hive Queen (Wings of Fire, #12)
BEASTARS 4 (Beastars, #4)
Goosefeather's Curse (Warriors Novellas, #8)
I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 4: Sadly Never After
Holy Cow
Mapleshade's Vengeance (Warriors Novellas, #7)
Word of Mouse
The Taken (Foxcraft, #1)
The Black Star of Kingston (The Green Ember #0.5; Tales of Old Natalia #1)
The Autumnlands, Vol. 2: Woodland Creatures
The Builders
Walt Disney's Donald Duck: Terror of the Beagle Boys
The Little Black Fish
Landfall (The Guardian Herd #3)
Watership Down (Watership Down, #1)
Redwall (Redwall, #1)
Animal Farm
Charlotte's Web
The Wind in the Willows
Mossflower (Redwall, #2)
Fire Bringer
Martin the Warrior (Redwall, #6)
Mattimeo (Redwall, #3)
Mariel of Redwall (Redwall, #4)
Outcast of Redwall (Redwall, #8)
Salamandastron (Redwall, #5)
The Long Patrol (Redwall, #10)
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Rats of NIMH, #1)
The Bees
Watership Down by Richard  AdamsMrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'BrienRedwall by Brian JacquesThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. LewisAnimal Farm by George Orwell
Best Anthropomorphic Animal Books
300 books — 230 voters
Songs in the Year of the Cat by H. Leighton DicksonFantastic Mr. Fox by Roald DahlTo Walk in the Way of Lions by H. Leighton DicksonTo Journey in the Year of the Tiger by H. Leighton DicksonThe Cloud Roads by Martha Wells
Best Anthropomorphic Fiction
68 books — 21 voters

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth SteinA Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce CameronA Dog's Journey by W. Bruce CameronDog on It by Spencer QuinnZip & Milly by Alex  Valentine
Dog's Eye View
135 books — 134 voters

Tiger's Voyage by Colleen HouckCat Land by Keith  NicholsCat Spraying No More - The Easy Cat Potty Training by Sarah    RichardsInto the Wild by Erin HunterTailchaser's Song by Tad Williams
The Cat's Meow
165 books — 143 voters

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Daniel Polansky
Next to her a calico cat puffed away at a hubble-bubble. Puss’s watch cost more than his vest, and his vest cost more than his boots, and his boots cost more than a house. If you stripped him naked and sold off his costume, you’d walk away with enough money to retire—though if you left him alive you wouldn’t have long to enjoy it. The only thing that could rival Puss’s vanity was his sadism.
Daniel Polansky, The Builders

Daniel Polansky
The two old friends stood silently in the fading light, though you wouldn’t have known it to look at them. That they were old friends, I mean. Anyone could see it was getting dark.
Daniel Polansky, The Builders

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