16th Century

As a means of recording the passage of time, the 16th century lasted from 1501 to 1600. It is regarded by historians as the century in which the rise of the West occurred.

A Column of Fire (Kingsbridge, #3)
The Mirror & the Light (Thomas Cromwell, #3)
Sin Eater
Tombland (Matthew Shardlake, #7)
Three Sisters, Three Queens (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #8)
The Last Tudor (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #14)
The Angel's Mark (Nicholas Shelby, #1)
The Taming of the Queen (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #11)
Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies
Oil and Marble: A Novel of Leonardo and Michelangelo
The Outcasts of Time
The Woman in the Shadows
Royal Witches: Witchcraft and the Nobility in Fifteenth-Century England
The Burning Chambers
Romeo and Juliet
A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Prince
Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, #1)
The Other Boleyn Girl (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #9)
Much Ado About Nothing
The Merchant of Venice
Julius Caesar
The Taming of the Shrew
Dr. Faustus
Bring Up the Bodies (Thomas Cromwell, #2)
The Boleyn Inheritance (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #10)
As You Like It
Richard III

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Israelmore Ayivor
16th century advertisements cannot market 21st century products. Look for what is necessary at the present moment.
Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

Matthew Restall
Do we prejudice our discussion and privilege traditional answers by styling the invaders as "explorers", th einvaded as "Indians", and their war as "the Conquest of Mexico" ?
Matthew Restall, When Montezuma Met Cortés: The True Story of the Meeting that Changed History

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