Your 16 Favorite Feel-Good Books!

Posted by Hayley on August 4, 2016
Sometimes a book gives you just what you need, be it a mood-lightening reminder of other lives and worlds, the distraction of a riveting story, or that warm feeling you get when you escape to a familiar place. If it's a book you know and love, there may be a favorite passage or chapter that you return to when in need. Other times it could be the feel of the entire novel, something about the writing, the story or characters, that ultimately relaxes you. Or perhaps it's more about the memories and associations stirred up as you read—especially if it's a children's book that you loved when young. We recently reached out on Facebook and Twitter to discover which books you would rank as the best feel-good reads. Your top picks are listed below.

Pride and Prejudice
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The Little Prince
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Anne of Green Gables
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Oh, the Places You'll Go!
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James and the Giant Peach
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The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
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The Night Circus
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A Walk in the Woods
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The Alchemist
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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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Boy Meets Boy
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At Home in Mitford
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Love, Rosie
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My Man Jeeves
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Tell us your favorite feel-good book in the comments! Then strip away stress with Goodreads' guide to relaxation.

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message 1: by Marie (UK) (new)

Marie (UK) Dandelion wine - Ray Bradbury Dandelion Wine

message 2: by Martha (new)

Martha Frances Comfort and Joy - India Knight. A funny, happy, holiday treat of a book.

message 3: by Gene (new)

Gene Borowski Just about anything written by Jean Shepherd.

message 4: by Chandhanaa (new)

Chandhanaa S Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

message 5: by Rose (new)

Rose Wilson My favorite book is the fault in our stars. Im only 30 years old but my parents are in their 70s and that makes the rest of my family older so ive experienced a lot of things. This book healed my broken heart.The Fault in Our Stars

message 6: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh, or any from the Redwall series.

message 7: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Pollyanna was a favorite when I was a girl.

message 8: by Farah (new)

Farah safwat To kill a mocking bird by harper lee

Zombieslayer⚡Alienhunter Matilda and Alice in Wonderland will always bring me back to happy days of childhood, but truthfully, even though the book itself is dark and depressing at certain points, Tex can always lift my mood. Brings me back to the feeling of reading Hinton for the first time, I think.

message 10: by Sasha (new)

Sasha Castillo Ordóñez Anne of green gables and little women

message 11: by Jessy (new)

Jessy Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

message 12: by Chris (new)

Chris Holme Marie wrote: "Dandelion wine - Ray Bradbury Dandelion Wine"
Yes! Dandelion Wine! It was directly responsible for making me the avid reader I am today. There is a chapter in Dandelion Wine about the main character, 12 year old Douglas Spaulding, really wanting this pair of tennis shoes he sees in a shoe store window. This chapter, by itself, was included in a school book of short stories when I was in the 4th grade. I was , for the first time, "transported" by the magic of something I was reading. I didn't realize until 6 years later when I was reading Dandelion Wine for the first time, that it was part of a larger even more wonderful story.

message 13: by Beth (new)

Beth Gea Any of the Harry Potter books

message 14: by Nickcole (new)

Nickcole I would recommend Sweet Home by Tillie Cole

message 15: by Nickcole (new)

Nickcole Nemuisan wrote: "Any of the Harry Potter books"

I 100% agree with this =)

message 16: by Seema M. (new)

Seema M. Fazil the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series

message 17: by Char ღ Denae (new)

Char ღ Denae I"ve read anything I could get my hands on from the time I was old enough to hold a book (picture books before I could actually read, of course) but there are a few that stand out as "Favorite 'Feel-Good' Books". One of my all time favorites is The Little Leftover Witch by Florence Laughlin. I read it as a child and still love it to this day. It's always given me such a happy feeling.

message 19: by Jan (new)

Jan Anne of Green Gables, Chronicles of Narnia, and the Archives of Anthropos! I love these books and so many others. I really enjoy any books written by Brock and Bodie Thoene and Tricia Goyer!

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

One of my feel good books is" The Velveteen Rabbit." I loved reading it to my children and now my grandchildren.

message 21: by Birgit (new)

Birgit The Belgariad by David Eddings, or The Elenium by the same author: narration style, characters and plots have the charm of the fairytales of my childhood, but with more adult content.

message 22: by Anamika (new)

Anamika Verma Any book from the Harry potter series !
I just cant get enough of it .

message 23: by Jacek (new)

Jacek Anything from the Moomin series (OK, maybe except for the darker, more melancholic ones.)

message 24: by Paolo (last edited Aug 08, 2016 11:19PM) (new)

Paolo Caracciolo Birgit wrote: "The Belgariad by David Eddings...

I totally agree, Birgit. On my part I will add the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

message 25: by Josephine (new)

Josephine Thornyhold by Mary Stewart

message 26: by Nargus (new)

Nargus Recently read Emma - what an incredible feel good book, indeed! My favourite Austen!

message 27: by Gerlinde (new)

Gerlinde The war that saved my life—awesome.

message 28: by Cécile (new)

Cécile I'd have to vote for Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. It made me feel good because it reminded me of the Enid Blyton books I used to read as a kid.

message 29: by Milica (new)

Milica The white fang by Jack London, any of the Famous five books by Enid Blyton and definitely Anne of Green Gables.

SheAintGotNoShoes Flowers for Algernon and The Outsiders, two of my favs when I was a tween, oh so many moons ago !

For a chuckle Adrian Mole

SheAintGotNoShoes Farah wrote: "To kill a mocking bird by harper lee"

Agreed !!!!

SheAintGotNoShoes Caroline wrote: "One of my feel good books is" The Velveteen Rabbit." I loved reading it to my children and now my grandchildren."

I love it too, and it made me cry as an adult - especially as it was not long before I got dumped and left at the alter when I was no longer a young woman and it was my last shot, the whole ' real thing ' gets to me. So if you aren't loved, then I guess you aren't very real.

message 33: by Ulla (new)

Ulla Anything by Ashley Capes.
I've especially fallen in love with Never (see: Book of Never: Volumes 1-3 ) and his poems, for example: Stepping Over Seasons

message 34: by Maria (new)

Maria Jane Austen everything she wrote. Jorge Luis Borges genius.

Mohammad Sabbir  Shaikh R. K. Narayan's Malgudi novels.

message 36: by Tayo (new)

Tayo Adamolekun Anything by Walter Mosley. His books always put me in a state of serenity. Something like good Jazz music.

message 37: by Amanda (new)


message 38: by Amy (new)

message 39: by mwana (last edited Aug 09, 2016 06:09AM) (new)

mwana Feel good. Hmm. Considering I mostly like Mysteries and Whodunits- those wouldn't put me in a mellow mood. I would have to say Goosebumps. It's my go-to series when I am just in the need for stress free reading.

message 40: by mwana (new)

mwana Nemuisan wrote: "Any of the Harry Potter books"

Yeap yeap

message 41: by Keiry (new)

Keiry Ko Pride & Prejudice, The Little Prince and Chronicles of Narnia... awsome. <3

message 42: by Francesca (new)

Francesca Nemuisan wrote: "Any of the Harry Potter books"

Yes! 100%. Feel good and just so comforting. Like home away from home!

message 43: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Dodie Smith's The 101 Dalmatians. A favorite since childhood, and still a beloved re-read from time to time.

message 44: by Diana (geeky_diana) (last edited Aug 09, 2016 07:42AM) (new)

Diana (geeky_diana) Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, the Hobbit, Percy Jackson and my childhood favorite Peter Pan. Oh and Northanger Abbey from Jane Austen <3 and just one more, the Canterville Ghost story from Oscar Wilde.
Oke final one, the Neverending Story from Michael Ende.

message 46: by Megan (new)

Megan Almost anything by Terry Pratchett is guaranteed to put a smile on my face :)
and there's always something so utterly magical about the Harry Potter books, I always feel welcome at Hogwarts!

message 47: by Starchaser (new)

Starchaser Anything by Terry Pratchett

message 48: by Anvita (new)

Anvita Any of the Harry Potter books, pride and prejudice.

message 50: by Dawn (new)

Dawn Little House on the Prarie series!!!

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