Care for a Scare? Read Four Exclusive Excerpts from Upcoming Horror Books!

Posted by Hayley on October 28, 2015
Scary stories start off so innocently. A new town. A new neighbor. A chance at a new beginning. Then comes the first sign that something is about to go horrifically wrong. A nightmare that seeps into real life. A dark figure lurking in the window. An accident.

This is the point where you decide to continue reading—or you decide to put the book down and return to your hopefully less horrific existence. Are you brave enough to proceed?

As part of Horror Week, we've collected four exclusive excerpts from upcoming horror books. They will leave you hanging in the most deliciously creepy of ways. Remember: Things aren't always what they seem.

And once you start reading, there's no turning back.

You've been warned!

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The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

The chilling short story collection contains many of the previously published but hard-to-find short stories written since Just After Sunset. Read the introductory note from Stephen King about watching horror movies as a kid, plus the beginning of the never-before-published story, Obits. The book will be out November 3!

Read the excerpt here.

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Can You Keep a Secret? by R.L. Stine

This new book in the Fear Street series is another terrifying tale from the master of horror, R.L. Stine. A story about temptation, betrayal and (of course) fear, this book is sure to elicit shivers in its readers. Can You Keep a Secret? will be out in April 2016, but you can read the first few chapters of this spine-tingling tale of horror now!

Read the excerpt here.

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The Burning World by Isaac Marion

Zombie fans, this one's for you: Read an excerpt from the highly anticipated sequel to Warm Bodies, the story of what happens when a zombie falls in love with a girl and wants to protect her, not eat her. (Though she looks delicious).

Read the excerpt here.

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Good Girls by Glen Hirshberg

Three-time International Horror Guild and Shirley Jackson Award Winner Glen Hirshberg brings his flair for the grim, grisly, and emotionally harrowing to this standalone sequel to Motherless Child. "We can be sure horror fiction is still vital when it's reimagined as freshly and vigorously as this," says Ramsey Campbell about Glen Hirshberg's Motherless Children trilogy.

Read the excerpt here.

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message 1: by Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley (last edited Oct 28, 2015 02:18PM) (new)

Ertica*~She'sABookBirdy~*Castley Can You Keep a Secret? A Fear Street Novel by R.L. Stine

I'm just excited for this one.

message 2: by Diana (new)

Diana I cannot wait for the sequel to Warm Bodies or the new Stephen King.

message 3: by Raki Oddbooks (new)

Raki Oddbooks I can't wait!! R.L. Stine will forever be #1 in my book! (hehe). All 4 sound amazing though!

Melissa ~*I Talk Wordy About My Books*~ I I added all except The Burning World zombies are one of the very few which I don't get into at all. Maybe someday there will be one to surprise me in a good way.

I Love King, although he doesn't often scare me if at all so that excerpt didn't grab me so a yes, maybe, someday. The R.L Stine excerpt creeped me out from the first two sentences so a definite yes and Good Girls is a maybe. #HalloweenWeek this is fun! Thanks Goodreads!

message 5: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Yvonne This is really exciting! All four of these sound amazing!

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