What Makes You Put Down a Book?

Posted by Elizabeth on July 9, 2013
We tried to find out! Here is a list of some of the top books you put aside and a few reasons why.

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message 101: by Michele (new)

Michele I have picked up abandoned books years later and really enjoyed them. I'm glad I revisited A Wrinkle in Time, The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I tend to give a book another try when friends enjoyed the read.

message 102: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Couldn't agree more with the top portion!

message 103: by Pam (new)

Pam I abandoned Eat, Pray, Love (I agree with the "author is whiny, self-obsessed" comment). Also gave up on Wicked. I really liked Dragon Tattoo and read the whole series. I haven't tried the other 2 - and probably won't! Another one I've abandoned 3 times is Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. So many good reviews and awards convinced me I should finish it. No, I can't stay interested.

message 104: by Gretchen (new)

Gretchen The only books I never finished and never went back to were The Vampire Lestat... loved the first book and the third, just could not stand any more of Lestat and his self-absorption and The Dead Zone by Stephen King... had read many of his books when I came to this one and I just couldn't get into the plot at all.

message 105: by Hanna (new)

Hanna i only abandon a book when the story gets boring even before i get to the middle despite its title..

message 106: by Rebecca (last edited Jul 09, 2013 08:45AM) (new)

Rebecca Murray D.A. wrote: "I'm so glad I stumbled upon this thread. I too abandoned Casual Vacancy. I didn't read Harry Potter, but was aware of the hype surrounding JK, so gave it a go. I tend to abandon books that irritate..."

Way to hijack a comment secion with self-promotion. You are now added to my list of authors I will never touch.

message 107: by Margaret (new)

Margaret It took seeing the musical to get me to finish Wicked. Yes totally different but I enjoyed both.

message 108: by Kate (new)

Kate So interesting - I put down 4/5 of these books, and only finished Eat, Pray, Love because it was a book club book!

message 109: by Alison (new)

Alison Unless it is extraordinarily boring AND long, I will suffer through and finish it. Such was the case with The Catcher in the Rye. It bored me to tears, but it was small enough that I suffered through til the finish. I guess I'm usually hoping that something, anything, will happen to spark my interest.

message 110: by Saskia (new)

Saskia They could have also asked which series you have abandoned. Some start out good or ok, but then start getting worse with each book.

message 111: by Heidi (new)

Heidi I abandon poorly edited books. I even deleted a book from my e-reader by an author I like because the beta version was horrid. I rather get a real copy at the library or 2nd hand store.

message 112: by April (new)

April So out of those five, I attempted to read three and of those three, I didn't finish any. (The two that I had no interest in are Eat, Pray, Love and Wicked.)

message 113: by Colleen (new)

Colleen I couldn't read the Outlander series, even after rave reviews from friends. I just couldn't connect with the characters.

message 114: by Amy (new)

Amy Never read "Casual Vacancy" and have no desire to do so. Read "50 Shades" and hated it (thought it is quite possibly the worst book ever written). Read "Wicked" and liked it. Read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and really liked it. Read "Eat, Pray, Love" and loved it.

message 115: by Chana (new)

Chana I read 3 of the top 5 most frequently abandoned. Both Eat, Pray, Love and Wicked remain favorites in my mind. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was certainly memorable and very good for the type of book that it was. This makes me interested in reading the other two of the 5. Now those classics, that is more daunting. I did abandon Moby Dick about 30 years ago. That was a lot of years ago though, I might be able to get through it now. I almost never quit books now.

message 116: by Angela (new)

Angela Loved Wicked and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Although I admit Girl... was a slow starter. I finished The Casual Vacancy, but it was a challenge. Not even going to attempt Eat, Pray, Love (ew) or 50 Shades of Grey (no way this is better than the "Beauty" series).

message 117: by Barb (new)

Barb Catherine wrote: "I absolutely agree that life is too short to finish a bad book! I usually give up after a chapter or two, but I once got halfway through a long novel by one of my favorite authors before I realize..."

Yes, how do you tell Goodreads that I could not finish

message 118: by Abby (new)

Abby White Catherine wrote: "Saskia wrote: "Catherine wrote: "I absolutely agree that life is too short to finish a bad book! I usually give up after a chapter or two, but I once got halfway through a long novel by one of my ..."

When you go to 'edit bookshelves', you can add a shelf for abandoned books, but you also have to mark it as an 'exclusive' shelf to make it like the 'to read/currently reading/read' shelves. hope that helps! i have one called 'shelved for now' that is my 'abandoned' books.

message 119: by Barb (new)

Barb Deb wrote: "Could Goodreads create a button or star type thing for abandoned books? I just created a list for when I give up on a book. It cracks me up when I get recommendations based on that shelf."

Yes, we need a button to say we did not finish

message 120: by Loida (new)

Loida I totally agree with whoever said that the author of Eat Pray Love was "whiny and self-obsessed." I felt exactly the same way and so did my best friend. It was very hard to get past her voice. Although I did enjoy Julia Roberts as her in the movie.

message 121: by robyn (new)

robyn i abandoned casual vacancy and eat, pray, love. i LOVED wicked and dragon tattoo. i have no plans to pick up the fifth title.

i used to have the read it until you finish rule til i read nancy pearl's advice. plus life's too short and there are too many good books out there. the last book i really tried to push to the end was the elephant's keepers children. it's just too long for its own good.

i have also abandoned authors, with john grisham being one of them. i literally threw "the broker" across the room and vowed never to read another 'grisham' again. and i haven't.

message 122: by Gillian (new)

Gillian Maclean I almost gave up in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but am so glad I persevered as I ended up reading the whole series and was sad when it came to an end. I think it starts to pick up after page 80 and you actually need the information the first part provides. The English version movie did not do the book justice. Too bad the estate won't release the last one. I don't remember the name but abandoned my first Danielle Steele after about 20 pages and realized I really dislike romantic novels so haven't read one since!

message 123: by Linda (new)

Linda I didn't finish Casual Vacancy because I had no idea what she was talking about it.

message 124: by Pam (new)

Pam Jodi wrote: "I usually try to finish everything, no matter how much I dislike it. However, I recently came very, very, very close to abandoning Kate Atkinson's "Life After Life". Not only did the story move at..."

I bought Life After Life for my e-reader, have read maybe 20 pages, and I'm already having trouble sticking with it. I really like this author, but this one is going to be a struggle. I'll try it again when I'm in the mood for some mental exercise.

message 125: by Denise (new)

Denise Deb wrote: "Could Goodreads create a button or star type thing for abandoned books? I just created a list for when I give up on a book. It cracks me up when I get recommendations based on that shelf."

I've got a "binned" shelf, too. As you said, getting recommendations from that shelf is great! They only get there because I really hate it, so I don't have to waste my time with something else remotely like it. :D

message 126: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Once you come to accept that The Casual Vacancy isn't anything like Harry Potter and see it as it's own individual book it is a lot easier to read. I will admit that I did force myself through the first 150 pages because I wanted to enjoy it- after that I was hooked though, I thought it was great!

message 127: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer If a book doesn't grab my attention by the end of the 2nd chapter, I will probably not finish it. Nothing bores me more than slow writing.

message 128: by [deleted user] (new)

I see this a lot when someone first begins the story.They become disinterested too quick to analyze what is unraveling in the manuscript. In my first Sci-Fi-Thriller it starts off slow but then begins to get exciting by the 5th chapter. My readers all told me this. But once they got into the particulars of the dialogue they became glued to it.One must try to inhale all the properties before putting down the book. I know ignorant people to say," I'll wait for the movie to come out.">>REALLY<<>>John Peter Ferris

message 129: by Lilian (last edited Jul 09, 2013 09:01AM) (new)

Lilian I've tried to read A Tale of Two Cities (Dickens) like three times, and can't make it past the first book... maybe one day I'll try again.

message 130: by Lisa (new)

Lisa James I abandoned Naked Lunch, it is truly junk, don't know HOW it ever made the 1001 List, UGH, also Crime & Punishment, it's heavy going. Read 50 Shades, laughed my behind off. The whole Twilight series is junk, read it only because I wanted to know what my daughter was reading at the time. We've since gotten rid of them. LOVED Wicked, read all of Maguire's books. I LIKED Moby Dick, Ahab was a class A Jerk. Never read the new Rowling Book, or any of the Dragon Tattoo books, or the Eat, Pray, Love book, just not into chick lit. Have not yet attempted Atlas Shrugged, but it's on the 1001 list along with Catch 22, so I'll get around to them eventually. I try hard NOT to abandon a book....

message 131: by J (new)

J Cravens I abandoned "Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All." After 200 pages, I didn't really care about any of the characters, I was overwhelmed by the number of characters, and the way the book jumped around made it tedious and hard to follow. Looking at the comments regarding this book on GoodReads, I'm far from the only one that gave up on it.

message 132: by Tim (new)

Tim Have tried several titles by Henry James, 'The Ambassadors', 'The Europeans', 'Daisy Miller'. Abandoned them all! I just can't get my head around his writng. His characters aren't human. His sentences are paragraphs and he must be the world record holder for commas.

message 133: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Casual Vacancy was worth the first several chapters trying to sort out who's who. It is on my list of top favorites, and I hear the BBC is going to do a TV series based on it. I have mixed feelings about Atlas Shrugged, both in the book's message and its standing as a literary classic. I managed to make it through the whole miserable thing. The author could have used an editor. If there's a condensed version, and I'm sure there is, I might recommend it.

message 134: by Beth (new)

Beth Stevens I hate to put a page number on where I give up... if I decide on 50 pages but the book is only 100 pages that's too much, but if the book is 1,000 pages that's probably too soon to give up. Typically I'll stick with about 10% to make my decision. If I'm still not sure I'll give it another 10% of the overall # of pages. If I can't love the character or story by 1/4 way through the book, then I probably won't. Not only is life too short for a book I don't like, but there are too many books out there to waste time. I can to this conclusion when I started making a list of books that looked interesting & I thought I might like to read. It quickly exploded to over 1,000 books and I realized it'd take me more than 10 years to get to them... and I read A LOT!!! But that's 100 books a year (which I actually do come close to reading) but still, that's assuming I'll never have another book recommended to me or find another one I think would be interesting. I never feel guilty about leaving a book.

message 135: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Hamlin I have mostly read the classics. The writers today cannot compare, so i get bored with them (like Nicholas Sparks who started off okay, but then went to turning out junk just to make money. One classic that I started several times and didn't continue was Les Miserables only because it was so extremely sad, but someone made me finish it and now it is my favorite! I love the musical and the story!

message 136: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Mendoza I give books 100 pages before they get put down. After the first 50-60 pages of Dragon Tattoo, I whizzed through the series in about a week and a half. When I recommend it, I warn ny friends to stick it out, because it does get so much better. I have abandoned Dracula and Dante's Inferno more times than I can count. Slow, like turtles stampeding through peanut butter slow. I keep putting Slaughterhouse Five down. I had such hopes, and it keeps trudging along.

message 137: by H.I.M. (new)

H.I.M. H.I.M. I'm so relieved that the books I wrote weren't in the top five!

message 138: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Mendoza Patricia wrote: "Life is too short to finish some books. I used to finish every book but I was younger and had what appeared to be a lot of time. The most recent book I abandoned was "Claire DeWitt and the City of..."

I took a class in undergrad where we read the LOTR trilogy. By the Return of the King, I was so disenchanted with the story and all the battles, I gave up and winged it on the last few quizzes for the book. Tolkien has a habit of going into so much detail, you lose sight of the storyline.

message 139: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Kent I read all of the Dragon Tatoo books, loved them had trouble waiting for the next one to come out. I read all of the Lords of Ring books, loved them. Read Eat Pray Love, but it was pretty lame. Did not read 50 shades of gray series, just not my cup of tea. I am a huge Tom Clancy fan, but have abandoned a couple of his that he co-authored because them just did not hold me.

message 140: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I have actually read 4 of those top 5 set aside books, all except "Eat Pray Love" which I would never even consider reading. I made it through the first 2 "Girl with the dragon tattoo" books quite enjoyably, but could only muddle through about half of the 3rd book.

message 141: by D. (new)

D. George gabiiescobar wrote: "I used to read every single book I started, until a teacher told me that "life is too short to read a bad book. Put it down, and move on." I never forced myself to finish a book after that."


message 142: by Jayne (new)

Jayne Gray I abandoned 50 shades after 1 or 2 chapters, what a load of badly written drivel!

message 143: by Tammy (new)

Tammy 50 page rule for me is hard and fast. If an author can't capture my imagination in 50 pages then there are far too many authors I'd rather read. Sole exception to this was Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and ONLY because I was trapped on a flight to Merida, Mexico with no other reading material available. Book was good but my life wouldn't have suffered if I had picked up another book.

message 144: by Bard (new)

Bard Constantine My rule is simple: if I'm bored, I quit reading. Reading should never be a chore -unless you're getting graded for it.

message 145: by Barb (new)

Barb Kirchofer 1Q84 was the last book I put down. I honestly never gave it a chance because so many of my RKB friends had abandoned it too. Maybe someday I will try it again. Otherwise I pretty much know what I'll like and rarely put a book down.

message 146: by Jean (new)

Jean I also abandoned Eat, Pray love as well as 50 shades.
I almost didn't read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because I heard so many couldn't get into it. I fell in love with the entire series.

message 147: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Little I read so many books that I have decided it is ok to put one aside if I can't get into it or I am so not interested. I usually put it down with in 50 pages. Several of the books mentioned I decided not to start because of reviews. I did continue with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo even though it was slow beginning and totally enjoyed it!

message 148: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Little I read so many books that I have decided it is ok to put one aside if I can't get into it or I am so not interested. I usually put it down with in 50 pages. Several of the books mentioned I decided not to start because of reviews. I did continue with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo even though it was slow beginning and totally enjoyed it!

message 149: by Joanne (new)

Joanne I will usually end up abandoning a book if I find myself checking page numbers to see how much is left. If I start doing that it usually means I'm bored.

message 150: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Khl I still remember that I could not stop reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo a few years ago. That trilogy become my favourite books.

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