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Show Readers You Care While Love is in the Air

Posted by Cynthia on February 12, 2018
Looking for that special something to share with your readers during Romance Week? Engage with readers in a whole new way by using Kindle Notes and Highlights.

Kindle Notes & Highlights enable you to create special content for your book and share it with your community on Goodreads. Readers will delight in reading the inspiration behind a scene, the meaning behind a character's name, or an alternative character's point-of-view... the possibilities are endless!

Here are the steps to give your readers behind-the-scenes insights on your favorite passages:

1. Connect your Goodreads Author profile to your Kindle account here.

2. Go to your book on your Kindle e-reader, Kindle iOs or Android app, or at

3. Highlight your favorite passages from your book. Be sure to highlight complete sentences, up to about 110 words.

4. Go to your Kindle Notes & Highlights on Goodreads. You can find them here.

5. Click on the book you want to share from. Add a note to each highlight, up to about 150 words. Share your notes by switching the toggle at the top to "Visible." Alternatively, switch the toggle next to individual notes to make only select notes visible.

To have a link to your notes appear on your book’s page, send an email to and include a link to your Goodreads Author profile and link(s) to the books(s) with your notes and highlights.

Click here to learn more about how to annotate your favorite passages from your own book—or your current sexy read—and share your notes on Goodreads.

Be sure to share the love with all your fans by posting the link to your notes and highlights on social media using #RomanceWeek

What activity will you be doing to promote your books during Romance Week? Share it in the comments below!

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