Latest Old Type Writer: 'I don't like stupid.' One weekend for iconoclasts ... and one weekend for a wedding

description This month's "Old Type Writer" column is a guest contribution by my son Roy Sexton, in which he summarizes the smorgasbord of entertainment options enjoyed when he visited us in Indiana TWO weekends ago.


We saw the films Black Mass with Johnny Depp and Grandma with Lily Tomlin and a live show by comedian/pundit/talk show host Bill Maher at Fort Wayne's Embassy Theatre. You can read the column here:

Quote: "Bill Maher, explaining how he got into some controversy in a debate last fall with Ben Affleck (of all people), noted that he 'just doesn't like stupid things.' ... Fair enough. In fact, this notion of raging against stupid things defined all of the weekend's entertainment."


But what happened THIS immediate past weekend in Ann Arbor? Well, let me tell you ...

Took a tumble off some steps and directly into prickly shrubbery, rode in a limousine--my virgin ride, kept my hat on, lost my dress and my shoes, urged the Ann Arbor mayor to prevent deer culling, learned I am not alone in detesting Bing Crosby, spoke to a journalist about the Last Tango in Paris and why I sorta love Trump and not Bernie and that I want to vote for Hillary, posed with Zach because we are kindred spirits and love mint green, met my second minister that I see eye to eye with since the beginning of time, and today am sore all over "my little body"? And the wedding occurred on schedule in spite of it all and was the happiest moment of my lifetime! Congrats, John and Roy ♥!!!!



Rayma Gagnon Hogan: " are precious Susie!!"

Hope Ross Dressler: "How do you keep your hat but lose your shoes and dress?"

Betty Bob Buckley: "That is plenty of action for one special day! Congratulations to the BOYS and comfort to Susie!"

Leann Frericks: "You look absolutely beautiful...............but you should've worn the T-shirt! Lol"

Beth Kennedy: "and this is one of the best posts i've ever read, susie. congrats to you, mother of the groom. you raised a good one. what a wedding day story you have."


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message 1: by Roy (new)

Roy Sexton Thanks for making both weekends so special and such fun!

message 2: by Susie (new)

Susie Sexton well, I am thrilled and sore! love you!

message 3: by Roy (new)

Roy Sexton Susie wrote: "well, I am thrilled and sore! love you!"

love you too! feel better soon!

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