In honor of reaching 2000 Likes, my hottie Lash demons were interviewed by the amazing Toshia Krebs Yadao of Give Me Books!!

Some of them may be mated but that didn't stop them from flirting. You HAVE to read how this all went down!!

Character Interview by Toshia Krebs Yadao of Give Me Books!

I’m sitting in a Chicago bar called John Barleycorn and its St. Patrick’s Day weekend. I’m here to interview the sexy, muscle-bound Lash demons of Sharon Kay’s Solsti Prophecy series. Oh. My. God. I’m going to meet Gunnar!!

I take a huge drink of my appletini. Man, this may have been a bad idea coming by myself. I’m totally going to do something inappropriate like, oh, say hump Gunnar’s leg like a damn dog in heat.

I check the time. They’re late. I don’t really care I’d sit here all night waiting for these sexy-ass Demons. Maybe they’re out slaying some bad demons?

Suddenly the chatter of voices dies down except for the occasional intoxicated giggle. I look to the side door. Huh? VIP entrance?

Everything‘s dark. Even the exit sign is blocked by…oh my god.
Oh god, oh god there he is. Oh my fucking god, there is Gunnar. I start my mental chant. Don’t hump his leg, don’t hump his leg…

I imagined them in my head the whole time I was reading Sharon’s books, but nothing could’ve prepared me for seeing them in person. Gunnar has dark hair and Kai’s a blond, but the sex-and-menace attitude rolling off them is more intoxicating then my drink. They’re both wearing leather jackets and jeans. They step into the room and look around as two more guys, almost as tall, come in behind them.

Gunnar’s blue eyes flash in recognition when they spot me. How did he—oh, that’s right I sent my photo when we arranged this interview. He actually looked at it. My heart picks up its beat. Damn Nicole, why couldn’t I have met him first.

Every woman in the bar stares at them. And they are walking over to me. That’s right bitches, all mine. Well, for a little while anyways.

Gunnar: (Sexy eyes meet mine as he extends his hand.) Hi, Toshia.

I slide off my stool and stand on wobbly legs. Please for the love of God don’t let me fall on my face. Ignoring his hand, I throw my arms around him to hug him. Oh shit, what did I just do? Never thought I’d hug a demon. Then again I wouldn’t even know these guys existed if I hadn’t picked up Sharon’s books.

Toshia: Hi. (He smells amazing! I pull back and try to hide my blush. Oh, who am I kidding? Gunnar is my favorite!)

Gunnar: (Lets out a laugh and gives me a squeeze.) I like a woman who gets right to what she wants.

Kai: (Leans in and throws a huge arm around my shoulders.) Sorry to keep you waiting.

Toshia: That’s okay. (Is he kidding? This entrance makes waiting totally worth it.) Have a seat. Um, I actually couldn’t find enough chairs. (Peers around them, trying to see where the other two went.)

Kai: Nah. Make Rhys and Mathias stand. (Seats himself on the stool to my left.) Whenever they get their asses over here.

Gunnar: Wanna do this interview on my lap?

Toshia: (Mouth drops open.) Umm, don’t have to ask me twice. (As soon as Gunnar’s ass is planted I plop down sideways. I want to look at his sexy face.)

Gunnar: (Chuckles.) I guess that’s a yes.

Toshia: I get the chance to sit in your lap without worrying about Nic kicking my ass? Umm, yeah, I’m taking it.

Gunnar: (Points to a blonde streak mixed into his wanna-run-my-hands-through-it black hair.) She staked her claim. She knows I come home to her and only her, so yeah, you can get comfortable.

Toshia: Um, I’m comfortable enough to stay here for a LONG time. Wait, Nic isn’t going to come after me or anything right? Those Solsti sisters scare the shit outta me.

Gunnar: Thanks to the mate bond she knows what I’m feeling. (Wiggles eyebrows.)

I stare at Gunnar wondering what all I could get away with doing. I hear Kai bust out laughing. (I turn my head towards him) What?

Kai: I asked how we’re going to do this like, three times and you didn’t hear a word of it. (His eyes twinkle with amusement.) You sure you’re going to be able to do this from Gunnar’s lap?

I clear my throat. Yup, I’m good. Pull your shit together, girl! No way in hell I’m getting out of his lap before I have to. (I see Rhys and Mathias at the bar, surrounded by women. The shit-eating grins on their faces tell me they’re loving the attention.) They look kinda busy, we can just start without them.

Kai: Yeah, let’s. (Takes off his jacket, revealing a black, short sleeve T-shirt.)

Holy biceps. I’m still staring when a waitress brings a round of beers to our table. And the beer is…green.

Waitress: Happy St. Patrick’s Day from those two gentlemen. (Nods at Rhys and Mathias, who raise their own glasses when we turn around. Their beer isn’t green. Huh. Demons with a sense of humor.)

Gunnar: You know they dye the river green, too? Nicole thinks it’s cute. I say, it shows Earth isn’t any weirder than Torth. (Runs a hand through his hair.) So, yeah. Let’s get started. Ask away, T.

I hold in the squeal dyin’ to be released. T?? I already have a nickname? Oh my god. Um… (What was my first question? Pulling out a notepad, I look at my scrawled notes.) Okay, first questions are about mates.

Kai’s brown eyes and Gunnar’s blue ones take on a satisfied gleam and they look at me expectantly.

Toshia: Can you unmate, and mate with someone else? (Hmm, maybe I put a little too much hope in my voice.) You know, to maybe mate a human female? (Bats my lashes at Gunnar.)

Gunnar: (Coughs on the swallow of beer he just took.) Hell fucking no, we can’t unmate.

Kai: (Chuckles.) If we even tried that, our women would kick our asses across every realm, then back again. Did you see how Brooke killed—

Toshia: Spoilers! (I squeal and hold up a hand.)

Kai: (Raises his eyebrows.)

Toshia: Uh oh. I just made a big bad demon shut up. I bite my lip. I mean—

Kai: (Laughs.) Yeah, I get it. Not everyone has read the second book yet. (Taps my paper.) Ask them why the hell not?

Gunnar: That book was a good follow up.

Toshia: (Whispers to Gunnar.) Yours was better. (I wink at him.)

Kai: Yeah, and mine’s bigger than yours. (Smirks.)

My eyes go wide at the thought. Maybe we could get a contest—Nope, not going there!

Toshia: Ok, so no unmating. What about babies, any babies in the future for either of you? I’d totally have a Gunnar baby. (I slap my hand over my mouth.) Oh my god, I just said that out loud.

Kai: (Laughs so hard he holds his perfect six pack abs and doubles over.) Lash demons are only fertile at the time of the solstices, so no babies yet.

Gunnar: Plus we have someone to kill. And we need the Solsti to do it. No way I’m letting my woman go into the fight of her life if she’s carrying my kid.

Toshia: (My hand is still over my mouth but I know they can hear me with their super-demon-hearing.) I hope it’s not me for what I just suggested.

Gunnar: (Puts his hand on my back.) No, T, you’re good. There’s someone else we have in mind.

Toshia: (Lets out a huge breath of relief that I’m not dying tonight. Though dying after sitting in Gunnar’s lap may be just fine. Pull your shit together, girl!) Okay, we’ll come back to that, um, future kill. Next question. Kai, Brooke’s ability to see bits and pieces of the future can be really helpful at times, but also a big curse. How do her nightmares affect you? Does she ever dream good things or is it always bad?

Kai: (His grin fades.) It’s all been bad. I fucking hate the dreams because she’s at the mercy of the images, until I wake her up and calm her down. (A growl starts low in his throat.) I can’t wait to get my hands on that little blond bitch.

Toshia: You mean Elegia? I don’t really know much about her, and I already hate that bitch.

Gunnar: (Nods.) She’s the one. Every book brings us closer to her.

I can’t imagine what the Lash Watchers are going to do to this vampire villain, and I’m sensing I need to change the subject before these two get really angry.

Toshia: Kai, you and Brooke were often at odds when you first met. Do you still go at each other like that?

Kai: (Grin returning, he folds his hands behind his head.) Oh, we go at it.

Gunnar: That’s not what she meant, dick. (Shakes his head.)

Toshia: (Giggles.) Oh trust me, we all know about that one.

Kai: Yeah, yeah, I got it. No, T, we don’t fight like that anymore. We’re on the same page thanks to the mate bond. And if we did have a fight, the make-up sex would be worth it.

Toshia: Are there any days you wish your mates couldn’t hear your thoughts? (Shifts on Gunnar’s lap, wondering if I can get away with scooting a bit closer. And if it’s possible for them to keep everything secret from each other.)

Kai: They only hear our thoughts when we project them, and that only happens when we’re close by. (Tips his mug back) I’d say the only time I had to keep a lid on my thoughts was on Valentine’s Day.

Gunnar: (Nods in agreement.) Yeah, we never planned V-Day gifts before. But the girls grew up here so they expected it.

Kai: They said they didn’t, but we knew they did. So we went traditional.

Toshia: (Dying to know what demons buy for their mates.) What did you do?

Gunnar: Diamond earrings. All women love that, right? (Drain his mug and signals the waitress for another round.)

Rhys: (Swaggers over and leans a hip on our table.) Girlie shit. (Shakes his head of close-cropped dark hair.) These two were a fucking piece of work, callin’ flower shops and shit. (He gives me a chin lift.) I’m Rhys.

Toshia: Hi, I guessed that. I’m Toshia. But you can call me whatever you want. (I smile up into his brown eyes. There’s no “puppy-dog” about them. Those are bedroom eyes if I ever saw them. No wonder he’s got fan girls lining up for his book.) I have a question for you.

Rhys: Fire away, beautiful. (Winks.)

Toshia: (Oh my god. Could these guys get any better? Damn Rox already layin’ claims on Rhys) One of my girlfriends is dyin’ to share your M&M’s and change her hair color to match yours. Do you want a mate?

Rhys: Mate? Fuck, no. (Waves a finger between Kai and Gunnar.) These two are like simpering dogs now.

Kai: Dude, I will take you down on the mats. (Shoots him a death look.) You’re just jealous you’re not getting laid three times a day.

Toshia: Oh, and I wanna watch that! (Two guys going at each other, yes please! Where do I sign up?)

Rhys: (Looks at me with a whole new gleam in his eyes.) You wanna watch Kai and Brooke?

Toshia: No! (My eyes go wide.) I want to watch you and Kai!

Kai: (Laughs.) I don’t drive stick, T.

Toshia: That’s not what I meant! (Oh my God! Maybe I need another drink after all!)

Rhys: (Bedroom eyes stare me down like they can see into my soul.) I’m just tryin’ to figure out which shit T here likes to watch.

Toshia: (Face is on FIRE from embarrassment.) I don’t like to watch anything.

Rhys: Bet there’s something you’d like. Wanna explore options?

Toshia: (Fanning myself. What the hell do I say to that?) Umm... (I glance at Gunnar, my dream man, but of course he’s taken. He shrugs. I look back to Rhys. His eyes are eating me up. Maybe I can dodge this.) Before I answer, I have one more question. With you being the computer genius that you are, it’s a really important role. What got you into computers and technology?

Rhys: Yeah, me and technology mesh well. I was always taking shit apart when I was a kid. Computers, weapons, whatever. Drove my mom nuts. I kept at it when I started in Arawn’s training camp, then learned more on Earth.

Toshia: Oh, that’s great! My friend, who can’t wait for your book, has terrible luck with computers. (I lean out of the way of the waitress, who returns with our drinks. It’s the perfect excuse to lean a little closer to Gunnar and press my boobs into his chest. I wouldn’t want to make her job too difficult. Yep, give her all the space she needs.)

Rhys: (Eyes twinkle.) Yeah? Gimme her number. I’ll fix up her inbox.

Wait, he just asked me—never mind, I get it, he’s such a player he doesn’t even try to hide it. Oh well, Rox will love that. A shadow suddenly makes our table even darker, and I look up into the most gorgeous hazel eyes I have ever seen on a man.

Mathias: Hi, Toshia. I’m Mathias.

I blink. His deep voice is smooth and polite. But he stands with his hands on his hips, radiating don’t-mess-with-me attitude.

Toshia: Hi! I’m glad you’re staying at Demon Central and could come out tonight. Are you in town for a while or do you have to go back to Torth soon?

Mathias: I’m here for now. Not sure what’s next. I go wherever Arawn sends me.

Toshia: (I guess a member of Arawn’s inner circle can’t tell me everything.) I’m glad he put you on Kai and Brooke’s trail in Wicked Waves. The three of you had some crazy times.

Mathias: (Grabs a newly-vacant stool from a table of frat boy types who look like they’re about to piss their pants.) I wouldn’t want to piss those girls off, that’s for damn sure.

Toshia: How about Gin? I read the teaser for your book, Wicked Flames, that Sharon snuck in at the end of Wicked Waves. Can you tell us anything about her?

Mathias: Gin. (Rubs a hand over his stubbled jaw. I wonder what it would feel like on my tongue?) Fucking fierce, smart, and sexy.

Toshia: (Stares at him, waiting for him to continue.) Oh, come on. Give me more than that.

Mathias: (Holds up his hands.) Hey, the boss won’t let me say too much. But I will tell you there are some scenes on a certain steamy jungle island of Torth.

Toshia: Jungle? Ooh, that’s new. I can’t wait to see what a jungle in your world is like. Any demons running around in the buff?

Mathias: (Laughs.) Let’s just say, you can’t go in the water there. Ever. Not even us. (He gestures to the four of them.)

Rhys: Fuckin’ A. (Mutters in agreement.)

Toshia: (Shuddering. Do I want to know what’s in those waters?) This is for any of you. If you could take me to Torth for one day, where would we go? What would we do?

Mathias: I’d take you to my home village. My mom’s a kick ass cook. We’d swing by home for a meal, maybe meet my five brothers and sisters, then go downtown. It’s a lot like here. (Gestures wide.)

Toshia: Your mom? (I’m trying to process a demon taking me to his mom’s house.) And five siblings?

Mathias: Yep, one big happy family. You’ll meet my sister Ria in Wicked Flames. She’s a Watcher. (Grins.)

Toshia: We get to meet a female Watcher? That’s a first! Okay, I want your book, like, YESTERDAY!! (I mentally list ways to stalk Sharon to release the book early.)

Rhys: I’d go to Rivkin. (Nods, with a bad-boy smile spreading across his face.) Nothing like nymphs.

Toshia: (Is this guy for real?) Could I go too? I remember the Nymphs from Gunnar’s book. I for sure want to go there!! Oh, I wanna see those pretty glowing flowers. (I look pointedly at Gunnar.) It would be one of those things, like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Gunnar: (Shaking his head.) Sure, but you know Nicole would be there. Those nymphs practically fell at her feet.

Rhys: Hell, yeah. They’d love you, gorgeous. We’d both have fun there, whether we’re alone or in a group. (His eyes drop to my mouth.)

Toshia: (Licking my lips.) Group? OH. (I rub my thighs together, remembering a few group-of-nymph scenes from Wicked Wind.) Um…

Two blonds wearing skin-tight green T-shirts sashay up on either side of Rhys. “Hi Rhys,” they giggle. “You said you’d throw darts for our team.” They each lay an arm around his biceps and his hands drop from the table. Probably to grab their asses. “Yeah, I’ll show you my darts.” He throws a sincere smile my way.

Toshia: (Shoots the blond bimbos a death glare.) Bye, Rhys. (I smile sweetly.)

Rhys: Nice to meet you, beautiful.

Toshia: (Glances at the guys.) Do I have time for one more question?

Gunnar: Sure, T. (Oh my god, he’s smiling at me showing his beautiful white teeth. And dimples!)

Toshia: (Oh, those blue eyes. Nicole is one lucky bitch. I collect my thoughts.) There’s one thing Sharon is keeping us in the dark on. I want to know this, and I know a lot of readers do, too. Who is the fourth Solsti? Do you guys have any ideas?

Gunnar and Kai curse and shake their heads.

Kai: No fucking clue.

Gunnar: She could be living anywhere.

Mathias: You’ll find out at the end of my book. (He says this casually, as if he didn’t just drop an information bomb.)

Toshia: WHAT? (Turns to him, not caring that my voice just rose eight octaves.)

Mathias: (Shrugs and winks.) Consider it one more teaser, T.

Toshia: You can’t leave it at that! Give us another hint! (I lay a hand on his arm.) Come on, I won’t tell anyone, just for me. (I bat my lashes.)

Mathias: Nope. Just put my book on your To Read List. (Gives me one last smile and gets up.) Nice to meet you, T. (Walks back to the bar, where three women flip their hair and fawn over him.)

Toshia: But-but… (Looks at Gunnar.) He did not just drop a bomb and leave me hanging.

Gunnar: (Gently shifting me off his lap, he stands.) Sorry, T, that’s all you get. It was great talking to you, but we gotta head out. (Raises my hand to his lips and kisses it.)

Toshia: Thanks for meeting me, guys. It was a pleasure. (I purr.)

Kai: (Wraps me in a huge hug.) Don’t worry about Rhys. He’s a big geek under that pussy-chasing attitude.

Toshia: I can’t wait for his book.

Kai: (Leans down so his lips are at my ear.) Mine’s bigger.

Swoon! Okay, that makes up for that HUGE TEASE from Mathias!! Stay tuned for Sharon’s third novel, due out in July. And if you want more of Kai, Gunnar and the rest of the Lash demons, pick up Wicked Wind and Wicked Waves now!!
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Tracey Love those lash demons

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Nikki McCarver I shared!! Loved this series Sharon!!

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Sharon Kay Thanks ladies!!

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Galya Fedderly Will Wicked Flames be up on Goodreads so we can add it to our to read list?

message 5: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Kay Galya wrote: "Will Wicked Flames be up on Goodreads so we can add it to our to read list?"

It will be soon! I'll let you know!

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Galya Fedderly Thanks!

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Sharon Kay Galya wrote: "Thanks!"

It's up - still need to add the cover but you can add to your TBR's!

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Galya Fedderly yay!

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