So for quite some time now...I let myself totally go. I don't know where I took the wrong turn but it has lead me to the roads of unhappy and despair. Not happy feeling this way and with the results in my life, I've decided that I am not going to take them anymore. Now it's 2014 and I am now drawing the line in the sand and it's redemption time (Rocky Theme playing in the background) It's time to turn this ship around and become happy in my life again. Sound mind, sound body...there has to be serious changes made inside of me.
I Weighed in today at 255 but I'm 10lbs lighter since I got ill in California a week ago. I Want to weigh in at 245 next week. Walking everyday, eating right and juicing my way to 200lbs by the summer of 2014 is my goal and target. With great determination...I will get there! Maybe party a week in the Bahamas as my reward :) God's speed John Glen...God's Speed!
Timothy Pina
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Published on January 13, 2014 09:19 • 68 views • Tags: diet, exercise, feel-good, mental-health, redemption, weight-loss

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