Week Two: Oh The Humanities...

My soul ask me a profound question last week...
Why did you let yourself go so far in life and how did you get so lost?
I was at a N.Y. Mets VS S.F. Giants in Sept. 2013 and bumped into a friend that I worked with years before. At first he didn't recognize me and then as I began to remind him of the years we worked together, he said: Wow Tim, you put on some extra weight throughout the years. He then began to tell me of another friend that just passed away at 50 years old from a heart attack. He began to stare at me in great concern and said: "T...I'm not saying that you're fat but you have let yourself go through the years. You have to now start taking care of yourself in your fifties. It's never too late to turn your life around. Take care of yourself papa, for you and your children. Draw the line in the sand and turn that ship around before you become lost forever." That conversation still haunts & drives me till this day.

My answer to my soul was " I retired and became too relaxed early in life. I didn't exercise much and sweets, salted foods were my kryptonite. Some of my friends love whiskey and comfort zone consisted of Chocolate shakes and Swiss bacon burgers. All are detrimental to one's health. " Word to the wise: Bad eating habits and no exercise=massive unwanted weight and big health problems somewhere down the road of life.

Back at the gym sweating, walking, drinking water, push up one, two...walk, walk.
How could I let myself go this far...
Oh the pain to get myself back in shape.
Week Two weigh-in: I'm now at 250 LBS.
I know that my body will now slow down the process of calorie burning but if I can lose 5 lbs a week from this point on...I'll be excited.
Why is it always easier to put on weight, then to lose it?
Oh the humanities.
No mater what it takes must be true to thyself for all your days remaining.

“Never give up on hope. Most of the greatest achievements of humanity were accomplished by tired, discouraged people who never gave up on hope. Anything is possible...if you truly believe and work for it.”
Timothy Pina
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