I was born a logician. Now that comes from Dad's side of the family, of course. (See Kansas City Superhero blog post.) Since Mom got him through all those, still called "English," communication courses he had to take, and neither he or my sister can spell, the words come from the British Isles, England and Wales, via a little town in Nebraska. My dad was an Irish-Dutch-and the rest of northwest Europe, small-town Kansas, gorgeous mix. I got that dumped on me, too. And to top it off my mom's blue eyes and peaches and cream complexion.

Kids did not like me, and I couldn't figure out why. This is where that first talent comes in. It never occurred to me they could be jealous. Envy of my miserable life, especially by those making it miserable, was completely illogical. I spent all my time on other worlds, in books, about ten a week. By the time I was 35, I had figured it out. When someone said I was beautiful, I said, "Don't blame me. My parents picked each other."

Now I'm 66, all I need for a Halloween costume is a broom and I'm running into it again. I write books for smart women. I said I don't write for the average reader and almost got kicked out of a group for "putting down people of average intelligence." Say what?! Illogical. Does not compute. If there was anything 'wrong' with average intelligence, it wouldn't be average!

I'm proud of what I've accomplished, but being conceited about what I was born with is illogical. I'm stuck with it and just can't view it as something embarrassing I should hide.
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