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September 28, 2015

The time has come, when readers have gotten wise to those who have no purpose on Goodreads, but to damage reputations of authors, because they do not fear them. I knew they'd eventually become a recommendation of books to sample, to readers. It's sad the ten thousand-plus they gave one star have damaged the authors they gave other ratings. I ask readers to give those books a chance.
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May 18, 2014

I want to blog here, but I seldom do. They've got quite reasonable ad packages I don't buy. Some of the bully group Amazon tried to get rid of, by deleting nasty-named shelves, has stated, on the Amazon forums, they were 'forced' to one-star all of many authors' books to keep track of what they weren't going to read.

So, like other authors, I sigh it's still pointless, even career endangering, to use the tools offered to interest readers.
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April 16, 2014

I was writing a comment on a story on China's response to the meteorological modeling that shows pollution there is causing, or adding to, weird and violent weather in the Pacific and US. I realized it was becoming too broad and long term and should be a blog post. I stuck in several pieces that broaden it further, and make it a bit choppy, but it eventually gets back to China's strengthening their environmental laws and will they enforce them.

Is the goal in China maintenance of a century-old style technology base? China is financial sector and mega-corp projected to become 'the next consumer society.' As workers in the US lose their buying power, the buying power must rise elsewhere to maintain profit. There must be vast numbers borrowing money to create money. It is only created as interest on debt. That, of course, is why credit, even for very bad risks and governments is easy to get. And we'll bail them out crash after crash, so high stakes gambling always pays off. They only lose our money, not theirs.

The problem with the down-here-up-there long-term profit maintenance model is it's a single global economy. You can't have more water in half the glass. Imagine one with a thin piece of cardboard separating the halves. That's where we are now. Seepage has begun. (See Toffler's Power Shift.)

I haven't decided capitalism isn't a viable system (Chomsky makes a good case it inevitably deteriorates.), but that isn't what we have. The competition required doesn't exist. The regulation required to maintain the system fell off at borders and the accumulation of wealth was used to eliminate it. We have a corporate-structured global financial oligarchy. It's still an open oligarchy, but that's ending fast. The system is non-viable and already being supplanted. Yes, the civilization is falling. Yes, it's going to be terrible. However, it's not going to be globally violent. People are just deserting it. Note I said globally.

We'll get out of a lot of the non-global. Mercenary super-tech advisers and supplying both sides with smaller, more expensive weapons is already becoming more profitable, without the US government in it. The 'military-industrial complex' has been incorporated into the greater mega-system. In that system, tax loopholes and defense budget are becoming slow and low.

Freeing capital for faster ROI (return on investment) makes more money. All that oil they're fracking requires buyers. It's becoming far more profitable to loan governments money to upgrade to need the oil, than fight guerrilla war. It creates money to loan them what they need to exploit their own resources. (Remember, the 'oligarchy' don't want all the wealth that exists. They want all that can be created.) Money is not created when resources are exploited. Those are just changed from in storage to in use, by human labor. Even theft of them isn't as profitable as interest on loans.

Noam Chomsky and Jeremy Rifkin (sp?) both have new books out. This civilization has peaked and is falling. Open source and commons are changing the world. The tinkerers can talk to each other. The megalithic structure era is ending. It's becoming unprofitable.

China isn't going to be behind. Loans to factories for required upgrade will create a great deal of money. In China, every home and business building could have a required loan payment for a solar panel.
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April 6, 2014

"Social dynamic theory is philosophy, not politics. There can't be only one correct answer, or there would only be one book." Sharon L Reddy, Worldcon, 1995.

Noam Chomsky about his latest book: "That's a well-worked out, detailed proposal for one form of democratic control of popular institutions — social, economic, political, others. And it is particularly well-worked out, in extensive detail. Whether that's the right form or something other, I think it's a little early to tell. My own feeling is that a fair amount of experimentation has to be done to see how societies can and should function."

This is what I do. This is why I do it. I nod agreement through Alvin Toffler and giggle through Noam Chomsky, sure my brain is steaming. I can actually pronounce most of those words. People who read my books discover or build a society with me and learn how one works. If they read several, they get a real broad range of things that do and don't work and why. They will be better guides for their grandchildren. It's the talent for seeing how it all interacts that I got from my Mafia-busting IRS man daddy. I write entertainment. I write what Dickson, Heinlein, Norton and every other science fiction and a whole lot of other authors taught me. A story that's got enough concept in it and is enough fun for reruns.

"Romantic brain candy," Raven's Reviews.
The stories are about the people in the society. Glaisian espousal, in SI, is extremely carefully worded. Empires that don't rule are interesting. So are the ones that do. Adapting governmental systems to alien biology is fun. Adapting societies to reality is the point, but the story is about loving people. A whole lot of my work is 'polyamory family sagas.' In SI, building a social attitude that will sustain families and give children stable relationships, with parents gone over long periods, is the work the wealthy are doing. It's the concept of 'nobless oblige.' Those who have more can use it to do more.

This civilization is "falling." Corporate-structured capitalism has a finite ending. It must grow. It cannot exist in a steady state. Take note I specify "corporate-structured." The monolithic structure period is ending. In eighty years, something will have grown to replace it. The development of the science of independent technological society is on the internet now. The vast social change is the tinkerers can show each other what they're doing.

(c)Sharon L Reddy, 2014
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March 25, 2014

`If I get a negative opinion from someone, a 'bad review,' I want them to say they got lost in the sample or got their money back, after they ignored the warning to read the sample. It's real obvious if the books aren't for them, real quick. (Ask Walter. He yelped when he read a sample.) If someone one-stars all my books, I want to know why they want every person who sees it to know they cheat. I'm sure people don't think the person is stupid enough to spend about $200 and read 28.6 million words they don't like.

Books are reviewed. Authors are not. If you want to state a personal opinion of the person, that's what blogs are for. Bottom line, these people are not readers who come to the Meet Our Authors forum to meet authors. The proof is they've been visiting since it was created by Amazon and they don't know any of us. They haven't read our books to learn who we are. By Amazon's TITLE of the Meet Our Authors Forum, [it] is our workplace. We are suffering bullying and threats in our workplace and the petition for real names is for the purpose of nullifying that threat.

The threat does not have to realized for fear to be engendered. Nothing but the intent of threat to cause fear must be proven, but proof is not required. We're not prosecuting a protection racket. They're perceived as a gang hanging around the workplace, waiting to catch a newcomer not warned there are predators in the area, who will destroy the reputation of any author who attracts their attention, for fun. They use that perception, knowingly, and the people who go from [the Meet Our Authors forum on Amazon] to Goodreads and one-star all of an author's books are proof they will carry out the threat. Stated on [that} forum (and probably deleted), they're just 'organizing their shelves.' They one-star all the books by authors they aren't going to read. I have seen them take pleasure in causing pain.

I'm an ethical absolutist. There are no excuses. There is sanity and there is sickness. I have witnessed baiting and entrapment on [the Meet Our Authors] forum. I have seen intent to cause emotional pain and subsequent actions of victimization. I learned we need laws and legislators need aid in defining them. We're on step two, not one, and there are only three.
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Published on March 25, 2014 09:28 • 174 views • Tags: amazon-forum, cyberbullies, ethics, petition-for-real-names

March 17, 2014

As a writer and former editor, I could critique any book I read. I stopped reading fiction for several years, after I stopped editing, because I couldn't just enjoy the book. Now, while I await the start of several events, beginning with Nanowrimo Camp, I'm reading a great deal, average four books a day.

The only judgment I make is if I liked the book. You won't learn if I think a book has big problems. The author will. Only if that author responds with an attack, not if the advice isn't taken, will I post a negative review. It's a compromise, but as fair as I can make it for both readers and my colleagues. I make only positive recommendations, in public.
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Published on March 17, 2014 11:15 • 125 views • Tags: ethics, preferences, reviews

December 4, 2012

The first step in 'taking back the government' is stop thinking of it as an entity. It's a management system. It operates to accomplish that which the citizenry wants done as the collective self. View of the government as a separate entity and distrust of that unknown entity serve the purpose of those who have a whole lot of money at stake in regulation legislation, of any kind.

If one views it as a management system, it's a great deal easier to accept the government is the way we need to collectively invest some money in us. Please, Mr. President and Congress, we would like to be making enough money to owe taxes. It makes a lot more damn sense to give people jobs building something useful to us all for decades than pay unemployment for two years and TANF for five. Then what?

I don't want a New Deal. This is the 21st century. However, one of our big problems is the infrastructure built 40 to 80 years ago is outdated, inadequate and deteriorating. What we need to replace it is decentralized, non-monumental construction. To me, training thousands of 'local people' to build and maintain modern energy production sources is a good investment.

Local production of everything, including energy, must increase. The cost of transportation is not going to go down. The "three thousand mile salad" is going to become more expensive.

This new century requires new solutions, but the government is still the management system we designed to accomplish what we collectively decide we want done. "We need jobs" has been very clearly stated. Pay off the damn debt when people have incomes so they can pay taxes.

Put the distrust where it belongs, on the people in the politics. Pull aside the curtain on the Wizard of Oz and look at the machinery.
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Published on December 04, 2012 12:42 • 236 views • Tags: infrastructure, job-vreation, recession, renewable-energy, the-new-deal, unemployment

November 4, 2012

I'm sitting in lotus position on a mountaintop. Actually, it's a very high mesa. I've been practical, or I wouldn't be here. I don't like the way Amazon is doing business. I don't have to do business with Amazon.

As of an hour or so ago, Kindle versions of my books will be available from Smashwords.

Shortly after I unpublished my books on Amazon, I was told one of them was the SF pick of the week.

Irony is Life's reminder humility is the best policy.
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Published on November 04, 2012 12:58 • 206 views • Tags: amazon, exclusive, smashwords

October 28, 2012

I would like to thank the Amazon and Goodreads bullies for affirming I live by the ethics and principles I set forth in my books. That I will not stand by and watch someone abused, because the gang might turn on me. That I truly believe a person is more important than money and I would rather be respected than feared.
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Published on October 28, 2012 11:47 • 344 views • Tags: bullies, ethics, principles, self-respect

September 24, 2012

I haven't learned another language. I do admire people who learn others, especially this one, well. I've been enrapt in it since I learned to talk. The appendixes of a great dictionary help me 'read' several.

I remember the first time I saw a language family tree in a dictionary. I could see exactly how far back I could figure out, with the other dictionary, with the word derivation appendix. I was about twelve.

I love to compare definitions in dictionaries published decades apart. If the victors write history, it's obvious the hippies won. The definitions from 1969 and 1999 are very different.

That one has the perpetual calendar and that one has the easiest conversion tables to use. That one has foreign phrases and that one has famous quotes. That spot and 'Fem" as polite address are my best hopes of getting in my favorite book, someday.
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Published on September 24, 2012 18:22 • 237 views • Tags: appendixes, derivation-and-usage, dictionary

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