A true tale to brighten your week!

It was a day like any other shopping/errand day. Rushed and frantic, we hurried through each stop on our list, eager to get to the end and the tasty lunch out that was our reward for all our tenacity. The bank was one of the first stops.
As we were waited on, my mother and I chatted with the tellers. As we finished our transactions, and turned to go, the teller, Steve, added, “Take a look as you go out. There’s a huge moth there on the ground.”
Intrigued, we went outside. There indeed was the moth; a Prometheous Moth, huge and beautiful, but far too still. Likely his stillness and ability to blend in was why we had missed him on the way in. I tried to pick the moth up, and it began spasming. My heart sank as I watched it flop about on the stone, unable to fly. Something was clearly wrong with it. Worse, as I looked around, it was both raining, and there were some landscapers mowing.
My mother and I retreated to the car, worried about our dilemma and list of errands still to do. We couldn’t take the moth home immediately, and imprisoning it in a small container might damage its wings. Leaving it where it was might allow it to get stepped on, if it flopped onto the walkway. Moving it to the wild ditch area behind the bank might be just as lethal; rain could cause it to fall into the filling ditch. Finally, we decided to put it up on a bush if we could get it to grab on, as the landscapers were done with the bushes.
When mom picked it up, I said to myself, “God, if we ever needed a miracle, we need one now. Please, help the moth to fly.”
The moth flopped out of her hands several times, landing back on the ground. But finally she picked him up, and brought him closer to a large bush. As she spread her hands to set him down on a branch, a gust of wind caught the moth. It began to beat its wings frantically, taking off from her hands into the air. As the moth took off, it dropped slightly, then recovered and flew upwards, circling around the building and disappearing from sight.
“Thank you,” I said softly under my breath with tears in my eyes, as my mother looked at me happily.
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