Whether You Call It Cancel Culture, Boycotting, or Fascism, We Are Headed Towards A Single Dangerous Narrative

Lately, there has been a large number of misleading reports in the mainstream media meant to push an agenda rather than independently convey the news to American viewers. Although bias in media is certainly nothing new, and as Thomas Jefferson once opined, “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle,” it is clear that the media peddles a narrative in favor of certain viewpoints and ridicules those that do not conform to the mainstream perspective. However, this type of narrative is created by not just media, but rather, a sort of fascism has arrived through academia, Hollywood, government, and Big Tech.

The liberal bias that is marching us towards a socialist utopia has mainly focused on a key ingredient: race. Just like the class struggle of failed Marxist movements in the past, race struggle is now being sold to us constantly in order to divide us into white and non-white classes. If you are white, you are automatically considered at the top of society and need to be brought down to a level on par with minorities in an intentional ploy towards schism in society. The term “white privilege” has become a term used in academia (I remember this clearly from college courses), but is the term really relevant if three-quarters of the population is classified as privileged? Does not the word imply an advantage celebrated by a select few in society and not the majority of the population as a whole? So, why do we need to create this type of narrative? It is intentionally causing conflict between the classes that are being created, but if you disagree with this idea, you are immediately classified as a white supremacist or racist (perhaps unintentionally, but society still comes down on you none the same) in a lackadaisical mentality (instead of having an intellectual conversation about it, people are quickly classified as racist).

This is not to say that there is not racism in society, and if a black person enters a store or drives a car, people around (including police) are going to most likely be more suspicious (and of course, the drug war and racial redlining have disproportionally affected blacks and led to systemic problems). However, why not try to elevate minority groups up and give them more equity instead of marginalizing or guilting majority groups that cannot choose their race at birth any more than minorities can? The problem with creating a narrative based on race is that it leads to some pretty poor outcomes, more prevalent racism (assuming every white person is racist is pre-judging individuals based on skin color, and therefore, this idea is racist in of itself, even if that is not the intention, and can lead to animosity by the accused), and fascistic witch hunts, and perhaps this is being done by design (division keeps people down instead of uniting them against the powers that be).

Conservatives focus on Dr. Suess “cancellations” or the changing of Mr. Potato Head as evidence of cancel culture, but the truth is that this goes much deeper than those superficial boycotts or the gender identification crisis of a vegetable humanoid. Companies have the right to choose their products and services and whether new lines of production will be more inclusive or exclusive of social groups in marketing, but the latter marketing plan would certainly be met with outrage and intolerance. Though this may seem good on the surface because it could potentially eliminate racism, sexism, and anti-LGBT slurs, and of course, we should want those things out of society; we have to be careful in the marketplace of ideas. Democracy and intellectual engagements can only truly thrive when there is free speech and the comfort of displaying one’s views in public, and if everyone espouses the same views or the official narrative, there is no critical thinking or individualism present. If we search for racism or sexism in every little detail and every historical product and we have to walk on eggshells all day long when we want to try out new ideas, productivity and free speech are not really things that we can say exist. We should guard against racism and examine ourselves, while at the same time, we should not be afraid to express our ideas without an angry mob of people coming after us.

When we as a society hunt for racist symbols in everything and accuse everyone of being a white supremacist, we are creating a nationalistic and fascistic culture that only accepts certain viewpoints and punishes anything that is contrary to that perspective. Perhaps society has been conditioned to be hyper-sensitive and bow to political correctness, and we have seen celebrities or employees with views contrary to the accepted narrative weeded out of their careers or positions because of comments that they made (perhaps even from many years prior, which removes the possibility of redemption and second chances).

We also see this “racism in everything” perspective with the media’s reporting, especially with recent police killings and the protest movements in response. When the media reported that a rope used to pull down a garage door was a noose because a black NASCAR driver, Bubba Wallace, was the first to notice it, it was all over the news until it was determined (through a full investigation) that it was a misunderstanding and that nobody could have known in October 2019 that this particular driver would be there at that moment. The media had to retract its statements about racism, but the narrative had already been established and put into the public’s mind. Therefore, an agenda was being pushed without regard for the facts of the case.

There has been a large “abolish the police” movement in this country after several incidents where lethal force was utilized in the deaths of black people. Though excessive force is seldom appropriate (I have written about this topic previously), the anti-police movement has become a celebrated symbol of progress (people pushing for abolition apparently do not realize that without police, you might not be secure in your own home, and on the other hand, they also want to take away your guns to protect yourself, go figure), and the narrative automatically jumps against officers, even if the facts are not fully understood.

The most recent example was the officer in Columbus, Ohio who saved a girl from being stabbed by another girl who ultimately was shot before the stabbing could occur. Despite the officer potentially saving the would-be victim (also a black girl), the media was eager to push the narrative that it was another white officer targeting a black person, yet in reality, this was not the case. Again, though, people were initially led to believe that this was a racist act, and thus, this idea keeps being shoved down our throats until it permeates in society, whether racism was a factor or not in a particular instance.

It is astonishing that the people who claim that facts really matter and that conspiracy theories should be disregarded (the media is constantly pushing the idea that conspiracy theories are ridiculous and dangerous) are the ones constantly pushing their own conspiracy theories before the facts are known. It is all good, though, because the conspiracy theories pushed by liberals are endorsed by the media, so that automatically gives them credibility (since theories pushed by the Right have no such endorsement, they are outlandish and cannot be considered).

The Left is now pushing the idea that these conspiracies on the right are a threat to democracy, and because of the recent capitol attack, Trump-supporters, conservatives, and libertarians need to be monitored (the law enforcement wing of the United States Postal Service is even conducting an operation to spy on the social media posts of conservatives in order to report them to other federal agencies) in a fascistic McCarthy-style witch hunt. Liberals have been attempting to paint the picture that conservatives loyal to Trump or sympathetic to liberty causes are threats and that we need more domestic terrorism laws to prevent another violent riot in the holy shrine of democracy (while completely ignoring the Black Lives Matter protests that got out of hand and included burning buildings, and yet, few conservatives, from what I can tell, would advocate for issuing domestic terrorism laws against that movement). I think most people can remember from past authoritarian regimes what scapegoating certain individuals can lead to, and after 9-11, our society (especially conservatives) ostracized Muslim and Arabic Americans who also were just trying to live their lives (Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is quite aware of this, and she also is suspicious of creating new domestic terrorism laws targeting conservatives, understanding the consequences of witch hunts and prejudice). Creating a narrative against particular groups is something that should be condemned by all.

Throughout all of 2020 and so far in 2021, the official narrative pushed by the public health-industrial complex, the media, and Big Tech was that COVID-19 was the only threat to the country, and the scientific community was pressured to play ball because of fear of being removed from academia and the general discussion (look at what happened to the scientists who signed the Great Barrington Declaration). We created a society where individuals were classified as unpatriotic, selfish grandma-killers, and science-haters for speaking out against the tyranny that unfolded. There is only one narrative and one-true religion, and if you do not like it, too bad, so sad. Our religious figures, like Anthony Fauci, were idolized, and we were told by the media to blindly follow the experts and our saviors in the form of government officials because we were too stupid to know what was best for our lives and incapable of being responsible. Death tickers were constantly displayed, and gloom and doom prophecies (all of which ended up being inaccurate) were seen as evidence that you just needed to mask up or shelter afraid in your place of residence and abide by freedom-sucking restrictions without question (do as you are told, children). Most Americans fell for the propaganda and were more than happy to comply with what were termed as “life-saving” measures.

Yet, thanks to Project Veritas by journalist James O’Keefe, we can confirm that CNN was creating hysteria around COVID-19 and swaying public opinion towards its fear-mongering narrative (when it was not persuading Americans that Trump was a monster and needed to be ousted at all costs and protecting BLM from poor publicity). Following O’Keefe’s revelation of CNN’s misconduct and misinformation, Twitter quickly banned his account, showing solidarity and collusion amongst large media corporations (CNN then classified Project Veritas as an outlet for spreading misinformation and is currently defending itself in a lawsuit for defamation against O’Keefe).

With a CNN director’s admission that the network is a propaganda machine, the next focus will be on climate change. If you do not blindly follow climate change religious policies, you will be treated the same as you were with the pandemic, but this propaganda will last for years to come, as admitted by the network. We will all be molded into groupthink mentality and herded like sheep to believe the next set of propaganda in the fascist reality that is in the making. Perhaps as we are conditioned to accept these things as truth, there will be even more severe consequences for going against the official story line. In the future, we may not be able to decipher truth from fiction like in George Orwell’s 1984.

We are headed for dark times, and the propaganda will only get stronger. Whether the narrative is created by the mainstream media, Big Tech, private corporations, or influential groups, we should not be too happy to have our views dictated to us. We think of free speech as being something that is protected and that government cannot infringe on, yet many of these corporations seem to be working hand-in-hand with government (think of the surveillance state, for example). We have an illusion of free choice and opinion with so many news and social media outlets, but in reality, we really do not. If we say the wrong thing or believe something contrary to what these corporations desire us to believe, we will be cast out into the fringes of society and forgotten. As governments and the media continue striving to create the perfect narrative for all of us to believe, we will soon lose our individual identities and become pawns of the state and its propaganda.

Thank you for reading, and please check out my book, The Global Bully, and website.
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Published on April 27, 2021 15:45
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