Rant About Liberty Over Covid Tyranny

It is amazing to me that liberty-violating policies are accepted by the masses, and that almost 245 years after independence, we have regressed as a society to become loyalists to the crown. We were even told that on the Fourth of July, we might be able to gather in our own homes again.

I had been told by many pro-lockdown folks that we needed to just play ball for fifteen days in order to flatten the curve, and then it evolved to become months of lockdowns (I even needed a permission slip from my employer in case I got stopped). I was assured by these people that if we did what they told us for just a little while longer, we would go back to normal.

Meanwhile, we were told that we could not go to church or gather in small businesses (large corporations with connections got to stay open, of course) or in our homes, and some were arrested for doing so. Legislatures and courts shut down giving sole legislative power to governors with no chance to protest or address our grievances. Any discussion against the official narrative was censored and disregarded. Some have even seriously asked me how any of this violates our rights, and many have fallen for the propaganda that public health (or terrorism in the previous score) takes precedence over every aspect of life and is a justifiable excuse to suspend rights and "temporarily" shred the Constitution.

Now, even more than a year later, restrictions remain in place with no end in sight, as masks and social distancing mandates will still need to be adhered to even after vaccination. The finish line keeps getting pushed back, and the power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats just do not want to let go.

Rights once taken are never returned in full, and now that the precedent has been set for lockdowns and other draconian measures, the future does not look all that great for freedom (think justification for severe climate change restrictions, or who knows, maybe even restrictions due to an extraterrestrial invasion).

The arguments in the post-9-11 world that increased the surveillance state and crushed the Fourth Amendment were, "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about." I am still waiting for those rights to be returned. Now, with ideas of vaccine passports, the argument has become, "Big Tech [which works with government or is asked to hand the information over] already has your information, so it is no big deal." This complacent mentality would have been enjoyed by King George III (most modern Americans likely would have fought for the British, if they had been alive at that time).

I know most of you are probably sick of hearing my unpopular views (and many have probably muted me), but it is easy to sit there and accept what is occurring or argue on behalf of the view espoused by the overwhelming majority. However, I choose not to do that. If we do not stand up for our rights, we will gradually lose them until there is no longer anything left to stand up for.

*originally written as a Facebook post
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Published on April 21, 2021 15:54
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