The Shrinking Threat from COVID-19

It is incredible that the majority of Americans still believe the official narrative on COVID-19, despite all of the recent information that has come out. Fearmongering by politicians and the mainstream media have contributed to an irrational fear of a virus that is currently estimated to have a 0.6% death rate. The major news headlines keep reading that things are getting worse as the number of cases and casualties have been on the decline (this pattern is likely to change, however, with winter on the way). Despite statistics showing that COVID-19 restrictions were unsuccessful, many Americans still have the audacity to claim that those who do not go along with the official narrative are unscientific fools. Blindly follow the experts that have been constantly wrong since the beginning is the mantra. Will Americans wake up before the next round of lockdowns and monarchical orders are issued?

The New York Times released an article stating that up to 90% of all people testing positive for COVID-19 may carry such a small amount of the virus that they are incapable of spreading the disease, and the CDC released a statement that 6% of all COVID-19 deaths were due to the virus alone (most of the casualties have had multiple underlying conditions). This is a big story because it shows that the virus is not nearly as deadly or contagious as originally thought, and it may prove that many of the lockdown restrictions were unnecessary. Yet, do not expect the government to admit its mistake, and it will continue to push the narrative that the virus is a plague that must be stopped at all costs.

The lockdowns were originally justified in order to prevent the overwhelming of the healthcare system, but then when it became apparent that this would not occur, the narrative changed to prevention of deaths. Once the number of deaths started declining, the media kept pounding in our heads the idea that the number of cases were increasing. In all of these cases, the government had to make a stretched case to the people in order to keep citizens in fear and justify continued restrictions. This all proves that the rationale behind the lockdowns was more about gaining and maintaining power and control over the populace than it was about actually containing the virus.

There have also been multiple cases of false reporting of COVID-19 deaths. Hospitals were incentivized to code medical cases under the new coronavirus (receiving $13,000 in Medicare payments per individual with a positive test result and $39,000 if the person went on a ventilator), and although some may argue that this was a money-saving policy that forced healthcare providers to stay within the $13,000 margin, it is likely that in most cases, profit was a motivation. We know that people were erroneously listed as COVID-19-positive. For example, a Tennessee woman who had been dead for months before she was alleged to have been tested for the virus received a letter stating that she was positive. Some physicians have stated that they felt pressured to list COVID-19 on the death certificates and diagnostic lists due to the financial incentives ($13,000 for COVID-19 patients, as opposed to $5,000 for pneumonia ones, for example). Medical fraud is being practiced nationwide, and it should be no surprise that the COVID-19 deaths are higher than they should be. Who would not want the extra cash? Why not continuously test the same patients over and over with unreliable tests until a positive reading is displayed? Why not bribe families to permit the hospitals to list deaths erroneously in order to assist with convincing the public that the virus is out of control?

Deaths per capita statistics for the disease showed that states or countries with less restrictive lockdowns or no lockdowns at all performed no worse than states or countries with strict lockdowns. In fact, Sweden, which did not impose a nationwide lockdown, has seen a rapid decline in COVID-19 cases along with the rest of the world, and in addition, the overall death rate from the disease is right on par with the United States (based on the average of all states). Therefore, the argument that the cases are declining in the United States (particularly this case is made by Governor Cuomo of New York) due to mass mask compliance breaks down when one considers the declining cases and overall death counts per capita in states and countries that did not have strict lockdowns (states such as South Dakota). There is no real evidence suggesting that lockdowns and wearing masks work, and it is more likely than not that the declining numbers are due to a cyclical pattern experienced by the whole world.

It appears that lockdowns prolonged the deaths, but they did not halt them. We destroyed our economy, let suicides and drug overdoses increase significantly, ignored other medical conditions to make room for COVID-19 patients, caused financial stress, anxiety, and paranoia for millions, and destroyed democracy in favor of monarchy all in the name of fighting an insignificant virus. It even appears that our political overlords are not taking their own advice on wearing masks and gathering in crowds (several politicians have been busted as of late not wearing masks or social distancing, and many politicians have praised the protests pertaining to social justice while condemning church services and small business gatherings).

Yet, people will still continue to blindly follow whatever narrative is pumped out. When we finally realize we have been played, it may be too late. Overt and emotional action is perceived as more effective than restrained and prudent action, and therefore, society prefers the former without weighing the consequences.

There is some good news though because a federal court ruled that many of Pennsylvania’s lockdown orders implemented during the crisis were unconstitutional and violated rights in an arbitrary manner that ran contrary to a free society. No doubt, governors will continue to push through as many restrictions as possible during the second wave of COVID-19 this winter and claim that judges striking down their orders are playing politics and ignoring the science. Ultimately, it will come down to the people utilizing civil disobedience tactics to challenge the growing tyranny.

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Published on September 21, 2020 15:28
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