Prepare for the Coming Authoritarian Winter

What will this coming winter bring in regards to a response to COVID-19? I think most people are expecting at least some form of restrictions. I mean, the next set of lockdowns have already begun in many parts of Europe (except in Sweden where the people have somehow been able to survive), and our overlords have been preparing us for what is to come. Masks are claimed to be the golden ticket that halts the virus in its tracks, but in reality, they will prove to be far less effective than what was sold to us, as witnessed by the cries for more lockdowns (lockdowns should not be necessary if masks really work to the extent that they claim). The increased restrictions that will be imposed on us this time around will likely be far more intrusive, enforced more strictly, and cause far more economic troubles, financial burdens, suicides, domestic abuse, and drug overdoses.

So, what can we expect this winter? Well, if this spring has been any indication, we can expect small businesses to be shut down, all gatherings and assemblies of any size to be banned, and increased enforcement of mask and social distancing mandates. How the restrictions are enforced may largely depend on which presidential candidate wins the election. Donald Trump has taken a hands-off approach, where the virus response was largely left to the states, while Joe Biden has displayed interest in a national lockdown and mask mandate. It appears that Biden and his nationalistic approach may win out (however, it is difficult to tell because Hilary Clinton was expected to win in 2016). Either way, our civil liberties are in jeopardy, but whether the tyranny comes from the states or the federal government remains to be seen.

Although there were a few minor victories in the courts with the striking down of some of the executive orders and constitutional violations (for example, in Pennsylvania and Michigan), governors still no doubt believe that they have the authority to suspend parts of the U.S. Constitution and their respective state constitutions due to an emergency. The United States’ Weimar Article 48 has been created out of thin air by power-hungry governors, and if we are not careful, more and more civil liberties will be suspended in the name of false security (notice that lockdowns statistically were not successful, but people felt safe because of them). I should not need to remind anybody of what occurred as a result of the Weimar Republic’s constitutional provision for suspension of rights during a crisis, yet, Americans do not learn from history and think that they are impervious to the cyclical events of the past.

The federal government or the states (or both) will ignore our natural rights, despite any court rulings, and Governor Andrew Cuomo and his band of merry governors (with the exception of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem) have no respect for the institutions of a republican form of government or the rights of men and women in their states. They act on a whim, as if they have been given power by God himself to act as the ultimate authority on Earth. The First Amendment’s guarantee to the right of free assembly and association, the Second Amendment’s guarantee to the right of bearing arms (restricted through forced closures of gun shops), the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee to the right of privacy and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures (contact tracing and identification policies will be hatched next), the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee to the right of not having life, liberty, or property deprived without due process, and the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of republican government and contracts not being impaired are all threatened under these new future lockdowns.

Some argue that all of the restrictions and changes are just minor inconveniences that are of temporary nature, and by this time next year, we will resume life as normal. However, most sane people will understand that this will not be the case. A few months ago, the mainstream media was telling us to brace for more lockdowns, and even the possibility of being subjugated to shelter-in-place orders on and off for years, or at least until a vaccine was developed. This does not seem temporary.

We were then brought to the idea of a new normal, which is constantly being fed to us (even television commercials are full of this concept). A CNN report has suggested that we need to just embrace the idea that things will never go back to how they were and that we would be better off to accept this sooner rather than later. I am not sure how anyone can argue that changes to our lifestyle will be short-term.

The propaganda (things like “flatten the curve,” “social distance,” “mask up,” “new normal,” “New York tough,” and “in this together”) has been alive and well throughout this entire experiment on the suspension of rights, and these catchy phrases serve to condition us to accept whatever the government throws our way. The propaganda will grow stronger and more effective during the second wave of infections, as the government and media will attempt to scare us into submission with exaggerated data and emotional triggers.

Governments do not relinquish power willingly, and even if restrictions are loosened at various times, there is now precedent to lock down the states or the country for anything that the executive branch arbitrarily deems an emergency. Some are calling for future lockdowns to deal with climate change, and although the current political atmosphere does not support utilizing such tactics (lockdowns are currently thought to have a negligible effect on the climate), it should not surprise anyone if this changes soon (politicians will again argue that we are headed for impending doom, so draconian measures need to be implemented or everyone will die).

We are on a dangerous road this coming winter (if we do not kill ourselves first in civil conflict over the petty bickering by both parties in the election season), and if the people do not utilize civil disobedience tactics and oppose government restrictions (whether at the federal or state levels), the Bill of Rights will be lost in the chaos of 2020. We will be playing right into the authoritarian playbook (Americans are proving to be easily manipulated), and the experiment in liberty that our founding fathers established for us will come crashing into an explosion of fireworks. Our country and constitution are on the line here, and I fear that our country may be lost forever if we do nothing to stop it. Please stand with liberty and fight the coming tyranny!

Thank you for reading, and please check out my book, The Global Bully, and website.
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Published on October 06, 2020 18:17
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