Leopard Shapeshifters and the Allure of the Alpha Male : Mitya

It’s no secret that my leopard series is my most erotic. And though all of my heroes in all of my series are alpha males, the leopards are particularly dominating predators. Part of that has to do with the nature of leopards, the other has to do with the nature of men. These men are already alpha males, and then we add the violence, dominance and predatory nature of the leopard on top of that. It can be explosive in so many ways.

Leopards are one of the only animals in nature that, even as you are hunting them, they will turn around and start hunting you. They are cunning, intelligent creatures.


Mitya’s leopard is the Amur leopard. Mitya was first introduced as a bodyguard to Alonzo/Fyodor. Just because a leopard shifter works for the main boss doesn’t mean they are not an alpha. Actually, the bodyguards are protectors and the leader must cooperate with them in order to stay safe. Bodyguard positions are all like that.

In the world that I’ve created, all of the male leopards are alpha. But, they are also part of a pack. So, as a society they choose the way their pack will be run. They agree on a leader and agree to obey that leader. In Mitya’s case, he moved up the ranks to become a leader of his own pack. Moving from bodyguard to leader is particularly challenging since Mitya’s always been the person who protects others. It’s not easy for him to give that up.


Mitya Amurov came from Russian and was born into the Vor, the Russian mob. He was the son of a leader of the Vor, expected to ascend into an enforcer and then to leader. But, things went horribly wrong when he was a child. Now, years later, he lives in Texas and knows his past is coming back to haunt him.

Mitya’s love interest is Ania Dover; thrill-seeker, transporter, businesswoman, shifter. This is a woman who is no wilting flower and can certainly stand on her own two feet regardless of what the world throws at her. Ania knows danger. The allure of someone like Mitya is almost too much to ignore.

Mitya realizes who and what Ania is. Claiming her is complicated, which just makes Mitya more determined, more dominant and more dangerous. I love that Mitya is this badass alpha male. If he is able to claim Ania, he’s not likely to let her out of his sight.

So, if you really enjoy those alpha males, Mitya and Ania’s story is a perfect blend of danger, sex and challenge. They are certainly one of the most erotic couples I’ve ever written.


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Published on November 11, 2019 10:38 Tags: christine-feehan, leopard-s-wrath, leopard-series, shapeshifters
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message 1: by Carol L (new)

Carol L Cridge I love this series. Learning about the different leopard's traits is fascinating! The wow factor goes up every time you release a new one. Mitya. Yummy. That's all I can say. In the post, you say Mitya was being groomed to be a Russian mob boss but in his childhood, something goes terribly wrong- I think that depends on how you look at it, His true nature, the good in him wouldn't let that happen-- to me that is terribly right. He got away, stood up to them and used his training for good and not the evil he was groomed for, The pain from his childhood haunts him and he worries but the Vor didn't claim him. He's free and fighting to stay that way. I hope we hear more about him and Ania in other books.

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