It's published - and what now?

Uh, yeah. Marketing.

I've never been so completely at a loss before. How to get readers to see my book? No idea.
Okay, a Facebook page instead of just a profile might help.

What else? Quotes!
Readers like quotes. Small pieces of my book, like looking through a crack, seeing part of another world. So, that's what I tried. I made Quotes of the week, putting them up on my Facebook page.
I also locked into Instagram, putting them up there as well.

If you care to look at the quotes , they are now all easily accessible on Pinterest as well.

But, what does it help, if nobody looks at them?
What does it help, if nobody dares to comment on anything?
What...? Stop writing, give up?

Just because nobody is interested in what you do, you can't stop the words from making your brain burst with a splitting headache, until you allow them to spill out of your fingers, into the keyboard, onto the PC monitor.

So, instead of putting more effort into seemingly futile tries, I decided to write on my second book instead for a while, hoping for a miracle to occur.
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Published on October 29, 2019 10:54
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