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The middle prince of a powerful family. The protégé of a fallen warrior. The face and body of a god. The shrewd mind of a careful negotiator. The broken heart of a son disowned. All describe my hero in PRINCE OF POWER, the second book in my “House of Terriot” dark shapeshifter series. But when Colin Terriot falls hopelessly, and dangerously, in love with the heir to an enemy clan who’s in New Orleans to help orchestrate a truce, all his skeptical common sense deserts him, putting him at odds with his family and with his own goals.

“I’m with you.”

What the hell did that mean?

Angry, agitated and so stupidly hopeful he could have slapped himself, Colin nursed his third mug of coffee out on his quiet patio.

Was it some new game, some way to toy with him and his brother, to tease them up into the self-destructive frenzy that had blown through his quiet rooms like a hurricane the night before?

What was happening to him since he’d hung out his shingle here in the Big Easy where nothing had been easy, that’s for damned sure! The sense of unity within his family had been ripped apart as he’d place himself on a path without knowing where it led, doubting everything he’d been so sure of before climbing on this bullet train to disaster with a female he knew he couldn’t trust.

He’d lost faith in his goals and respect for his king, had ruined the tentative relationships he’d begun to build with Rico and Kip, yet none of those monumental things seemed to matter as he mooned over Mia Guedry.

He never let anyone get close to him after those he’d loved were torn away, but he’d fallen for Cale’s grand ideals and looked forward to the often irritating company of his siblings, drinking the Koolaid in the whole Unite the Clans business . . . fine, okay, he could accept those things with a shrug and reluctant smile, but Mia wasn’t demanding small concessions. She’d set fire to his world!

Was it passion or arson?

What’s an overly cautious, normally rational guy to do when the female of his dreams just might be the stuff of his every nightmare, playing him against his family, and pitting mind against emotion? Colin thought he had a solid plan mapped out upon his new king’s vision, replacing the emptiness of a future built upon the pain of his past. What is it about Mia Guedry that has this rational-thinking, cynical Prince of Nail ‘n Bail considering the impossible – bonding heart and soul with a female outside of his clan and his reach? Preview Book 2       Add to Goodreads TBR→
Next week, I’ll be introducing (or reintroducing!) Mia Guedry – her prince’s equal in every way.
I’ve got my critique group filling my dining room with laptops this weekend but still plan to make the rounds to visit fellow Warriors! Here’s to Spring’s arrival and hopefully a lot of pages added to my WIP!

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Published on March 23, 2019 21:01
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