Who Am I Talking To

Who am I talking to???? I've been writing on this blog for five winters now and I have sixteen followers here. That's 16, 5 years. Already. Good people whom I am talking to, who are you please????

If I jiggle some buttons here on this blog-hosting site, I get a peek at you.

Some of you have even photographed yourselves. Thank you. My photo that you see here was by a professional art photographer who was touring a museum one day where I was a Costumed Docent!!

This blog-hosting site is dedicated just to Books only in a fanatically religious way. They're very strict about it here in this domain. There will be only Book materials here only here for fing goddamn sure and that's the explicit wording in the terms of service. So of course that does limit the spectrum of your details I can see.

But I'm not telling any tales about you, I'm just offering a little summary. Here it is…

You people like fantastic writing, different sorts of it. That's the gist that I can see. Many very widely various sorts of Fantastic Writing, that's what you like. Any type of written information that is fantastic. Have I got that right??

Well then, hello there!

Ps. You might enjoy my newest book of woke-up stories.
Free complete download of it here… www.stoneriley.com/armystories
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Published on February 03, 2019 06:10
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