End of January

Hello Friends
I realise that I haven't written a blog post for several months now. I had a lovely Christmas and New Year with family staying over which culminated with a New Year's Eve Salsa dance at Marks Tey, Nr. Colchester Essex which was a tremendous night, loads of fun.
In the last week in November 2018 I was temping in a school for children with severe learning disabilities, in the office so all of December and the beginning of January have been rather manic until now - where I have time at home and time to think about taking my life forward as an author.
This year definitely needs to be more progressive with writing. I've stopped attending Mind Body & Soul events in favour of working from home giving Soul Coaching, Aura Readings and Angel Card sessions. It seems unproductive to travel all over the place, not knowing if the event is going to draw enough people when there are so many ways of interacting with people, particularly online and by using facebook. I am frequently giving short readings in a large book on facebook called Lightworkers Live Feeds and I am finding this fun. I also plan to host more interactive workshops this way - giving information to others on the Law of Attraction, and writing.
I hope you are all having a lovely January? The weather here today is very cold and damp but it didn't dishearten Barney my dog this morning because he wanted to run. I'm still working from my previous vision board at the moment but I'm certainly creating so new affirmations for the year ahead. It will be fantastic when I can see my books in shops such as Waterstones and WH Smith which I feel is coming.
Being creative is very important for me but so is feedback. I'm considering doing starting a follow up to Never to be Told shortly to give a little more of Gareth's story past and moving into his present. For those who have read Never to be Told, they may well be wondering what his next plan is? Never to be Told is primarily a book about empowerment and Angela's journey of self discovery but in addition it is a suspense and gripping in parts. There are some very real elements to this book with situations which we have all experienced in our lives. If you have time to add a review - that would be great. In the meantime I am downloading more books and reviewing. We have time if we make time, if we want to read we will. Reading is an education and its fun! There are so many ways to be creative with writing from poetry to novels, from scribbles to masterpieces! Enjoy your January and while the weather is cold, keep your hearts warm!
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