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Hello Friends
I'm still working on change your life in 21 days and in all honesty I do feel calmer. I confess to missing a few days of playing the you tube because I've been away to Jersey, but I'm back on the case now and I'll just keep on listening to the I am affirmations, in bed until I notice a big change or break in the clouds.
Saying this, it's cold today 5 degrees but the sun is shinning and reminds us that her power isn't forgotten. Trust even on those long winter days, she can bring a warm smile to our faces. In fact in the winter, we are often more appreciative of ths sun showing because it brings through natural optimism plus hope that the cold weather won't last forever.
I've been busy today, I've started jogging with Barney which is run for 100, then walk a bit, then run another 100. He pulls me off track sometimes but he's generally good. Springers love to run but not always in a straight line!
I feel fitter since I came back from my dance weekend in St. Helier and I'd like to keep that way. I cleared bags of garden rubbish from the back garden and noticed it wasn't as much hard work as I'd envisaged because bending has become easier since going to pilates.
Of course for many, now is the SAD time of year, seasonal affective disorder because the reduction in sunlight has an effect on our seratonin and vitamin D levels. Top up now before depression sets in. I've got D3 because I was deficient a couple of years ago which made me feel really down. I believe you can buy seratonin too without a prescription.
But maybe the best thing to do from October onwards, is to go away and get some winter sun, although it isn't possible for everyone. I've had a couple of stay in bed mornings where I shifted by 9 a.m. and I've been finding it hard to focus. Concentrating on less but completing little goals is a great way to move forward until this subsides - I'm sure when my vit D kicks in I will get my old zing back.
How are you all doing? My friend is reading William's Wishes so I'm hoping for another review. It's a great story about adoption as well as being a family saga. There are three women involved in the adoption process who are all very different but linked.
What are you wishing for? We can manifest our greatest wishes if we believe. Doubt creates blocks - we have our own internal compass - make sure you are pointing it in the direction you want to go without distraction. Stay on your path and if things get hazy breathe, that's what the breath is for to keep us aligned to our soul purpose. We don't have to jump through hoops just remember that one foot goes in front of the other and remember who you are.
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