Not too much new since the last post, but the primary purpose for posting again is to notify people that my site is having issues.

For a couple of weeks, the NahteWords site has been "temporarily down" according to the info that pops up on my computer screen. I am in the process of working with Wordpress to figure out what is wrong. Of course, this happens as I am pushing the new novella Wings of Mercury. I do have physical copies in hand, finally, and have already had to place an order for more copies.

All of my work is available through Amazon and a select few titles are available from a few other sources (e.g. iBooks, Smashwords, Kindle/Createspace). If you would prefer a signed copy, for the time being just shoot me an e-mail at until I get the site operational once more. I'll be able to give you the price for the book(s) and s/h.

In other news, I received an invite from a publisher who I have a few stories published with in various anthologies. The invite is for an anthology that will include a forward from a horror author I thoroughly enjoy reading. I'll wait until I'm certain the book is coming out and my work is accepted, but I enjoyed receiving the invite to participate.

Archon 42 is coming up fast (Oct. 12-14). I don't have my final programming schedule as of yet, but I will be in attendance and I will have a table close to the doors for the main hall.

After Archon, look for me at Chapters On Main for a book signing the last Saturday of October, just in time for Halloween. I invited my buddy, horror author Tommy. B. Smith to appear with me at the signing. He has a new book out entitled Mourner's Cradle.
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Published on October 03, 2018 09:11 • 35 views • Tags: archon, convention, cradle, horror, mercury, mourner, signing, smith, tommy, wings
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message 1: by James (new)

James K. Sorry about the technical/electronic problems. I do wish you all bests in your enterprises. Missed having a chance to chat with you at Soonercon.

message 2: by Ethan (new)

Ethan Nahté That show was a bit hectic for me. Plus, we missed the Bland Lemon concert because we were up in the Filk room. I actually ended up performing a few acoustic songs, although none were really Filk. That being said, it didn't give us as much of a chance to hang out.

message 3: by James (new)

James K. Sorry to hear it. To me, that's what the con is mostly about. Always enjoying seeing you.

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