After driving through torrential storms (to and from the show), making our way through the hotel parking lot with water above our knees in places, and attending panels where everyone's phones were sounding alarms for flash floods, and getting very little sleep before returning to work, I am back to the Ouachita Mountains. All that being said, FenCon XV was pretty successful despite the bad weather. The table I shared with authors Mel. White and John DeLaughter stayed somewhat busy and we all sold a good number of books. Of course, the sales could always be better, but we had a lot of interest in our current works and in upcoming projects.

It was also good to see some authors and fans I haven't seen in a while, not to mention doing some panels with authors such as Hugo Award winner Martha Wells, C. Dean Andersson, Lou Antonelli, Seth Sorkowsky, Gloria Oliver, and the Yard Dog Press gang.

Copies of my YA sci-fi novella Wings of Mercury did not make it to me in time for the show, and I am still awaiting delivery of my copies, not only for my upcoming appearance at Archon and my book signing on Halloween weekend at Chapters On Main, but for the pre-orders. I sold out of my my ARCs at FenCon with the exception of holding onto one copy for a sample. My reading from the new book also went over well with the audience, keeping them interested, laughing, and willing to place an order for the novella. Otherwise, the book is available on Amazon and Kindle at the moment. It should be available for iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords by mid-October.

It took me nearly 24 hours to check my e-mails after getting home close to 1:00 a.m. from FenCon. I had nearly 800 new e-mails since I had last checked Thursday afternoon before leaving for the event. The most satisfying e-mail was from a publisher accepting my short story "Within My Arms." It's always good to hear I have another story accepted. I'll be adding it to my Soon-To-Be-Released works found on my bibliography page.

Back to work on promoting the new novella and writing the new Savage Cat book. Later, gators!

No sooner than I posted this blog than I received an e-mail relating to the upcoming Sisterhood of the Blade from Battlefield Press. Imagine that the Three Musketeers were women and worked in the queen's service. They hope to have the book out in November. One of the authors is none other than Ed Greenwood, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons! I'm excited to be a part of this anthology.

Since I'm speaking about November, Alban Lake is releasing City in the Ice on November 1. The horror anthology contains a Lovecraft-related story of mine. I also think that one of my other stories coming out in one of Alban Lake's magazines is coming out in December, but not 100% certain of that.

Speaking of Alban Lake Publishing, on their new website they have a fundraiser and a Grand Giveaway to benefit animals. Check it out.
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