It's been a weird year as far as the seasons and temperatures go, but it is undoubtedly hot now. June started off really hot for me, not only in regards to the temperature, but also with events and releases happening.

The book signing at Dog Ear Books went well. I sold a few books, saw some old friends from high school and a former college professor for the first time in nearly 30 years. Even people who didn't buy books kept me busy non-stop with questions about my writing or how to write. It was a very busy four hours and I met some very interesting people. I was there with another local author, Brandi Collins (who claims she's not a soccer mom, although she might be disguised as one) along with a string quartet that played everything from the Beatles' When I'm 64" to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing, and music from the scores of Chariots of Fire and Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the first time I've done a signing and had a band performing. I love music and this group entertained well.

One book I had mentioned that would be coming out was actually available the evening before, but I wasn't made aware of the fact until after the signing. The poetry collection Untimely Frost: Poetry Unthawed (Lycan Valley Press) is available for purchase. There are several poems in this collection. From the description:

The beauty and sadness of words clutches at the heart like the cold hand of Death. Images of darkness close in on us as we feel the anguish of life’s final moments. The darkness is beautiful and yet terrifying, calling on the strongest emotions for survival. This collection of poetry combines words of beauty, of despair, of darkness, of mortality that reach out and chill the soul like an Untimely Frost.

Next up is my appearance at SoonerCon. I've got some interesting panels, including one on smart-mouthed characters in the superhero movies and books. I'll be on this panel with a handful of authors who all have a quick wit, including publisher/author Selina Rosen of Yard Dog Press whom I have a few short stories and a zombie book The Undead Ate My Head. So that should be fun. I hope to see you at SoonerCon the weekend of June 22.

I'm doing some minor revisions and additions to the new novella . It should be available by the time I go to Fencon this year, but hopefully, it'll be ready even sooner when I do a book signing at Chapters on Main in Van Buren, August 18.
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