Hey, hey! So, it's been extremely hot and miserable, but writing has been hot and happening!

Two more of my stories were recently purchased: one for online magazine 4 Star Stories and the second for another Lovecraftian based anthology called City in the Ice from Alban Lake Publishing. A few edits are needed and then it's the waiting game. I'll post updates for their release dates. In the meantime, I have two stories already published with each of the aforementioned publishers. You can read the 4 Star Stories online for FREE! The Alban Lake books are available through their website.

Before I get to more of my writing, I want to say congrats to Jennifer Schubbe, who took over Books & Stuf in Mena. She is having her One-Year Anniversary as the new owner on July 31 & a Customer Appreciation Day-15% off your purchase.

I will also be doing a Book Signing at Chapters on Main in Van Buren from Noon-2:00 p.m. Saturday, August 18, 2018.

The Rock 'N' Roll Space Novella Wings of Mercury is close to fruition. I've seen the Brad W. Foster's preliminary cover art & it looks freaking awesome. Brad's update to me is he is about to begin coloring the art. Once the cover is finished, the book will go to press. Imagine James Dean in space discovering Rock 'n' Roll.

The Savage Caged has been doing fairly well and there have been several requests for the next book. I have begun the writing process, translating David Martinez's comic book into prose. Turning 32 comic book pages into a novella or novel takes some research, leaps of faith, and the building of both the world and the characters around a plot that is already in place by the original artist/creator of The Savage Cat. After a couple of days of research to create a plausible backstory and fleshing out the main characters, I've managed to get to Chapter Three of the first draft. The goal is to have it out by Fall 2018. With any luck, even sooner so I'll have it for Archon. It's doubtful I'll have it in time for Fencon. Hopefully, Wings of Mercury will be available for both.

There's a couple of other projects in the works that will remain secret for the moment, including one which I am seeking an artist with a specific style for a twisted tale. Think art for a kid's book (Dick & Jane) with a very dark tone. Interested? Give me a yell.
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