In my book Stellar Affair, Ardra is caught up in a conflict between two groups of colonists, though she doesn’t know it. She was kidnapped and programmed with a set of coordinates that could mean life or death for a whole planet of people, and along with that, she’s reprogrammed with memories that aren’t hers. Jack has the psychic ability to read people’s minds, and he uses this talent to try to untangle Ardra’s memories to get at the coordinates. He isn’t supposed to fall in love with her along the way.

This is a short, relatively light novel that’s heavier on the psychic element than the sci-fi setting.

Books I Recommend:

Somewhere, My Love by Karen Fox – good SFR

Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker series – plenty of action

Warrior by Angela Knight – although there’s time travel instead of psychics, I would put this book on this list

No Words Alone by Autumn Dawn – another good SFR

The Lancaster Rule by T.K. Toppin

Ruth Ann Nordin’s Suddenly a Bride – an alien comes to Earth to find a wife

Mindscape by Tal Valante – if you’re open to reading m/m romance

Barbara’s Redemption by Diane Saxon – a more erotic read, but I would also put it in this category thanks to the Dreampsych Transcender element

TV Shows/Movies I Recommend:

Starman (1984), starring Jeff Bridges – if you like this sort of light sci-fi, then I recommend this oldie but goodie

Arrival (2016), starring Amy Adams – deals more with communication and averting war

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