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My Elementals series is a contemporary paranormal romance series about people who look human but have power over water, fire, earth, or air and can even shape-shift.

In the first book, In Her Element, Darya Drake meets Water Elemental Ethan Zale and is brought into the Elemental community after she and her younger brother have lived most of their lives in fear of their own kind. She has good reason to be afraid when a Phage—an Elemental who kills and cannibalizes other Elementals to steal power—begins stalking her.

The second book, Dragon Tears, continues with Darya settling into her relationship with Ethan and trying to find help for her brother, Matthew, who is an unstable Fire Elemental. Dragon Tears does have some love scenes and is part of the overall paranormal romance series, but the scenes with Matthew are strictly urban fantasy, since he’s underage.

Matthew is grown up in the third book, Passion Fire, and struggles to overcome his past and find his place as a powerful Fire Elemental in the community. He meets Livi Phyre at a special dance class, and the two Fire Elementals start a fiery tango together.

Readers who want all three books in one place for a discount can get The Drake Trilogy Boxed Set.

Books I Recommend:

Janet Chapman’s Spellbound Falls series – paranormal romance that falls outside of the usual vampire and werewolf categories

Jayne Castle’s Harmony/Ghost Hunter and Rainshadow series – sci-fi romance that includes paranormal abilities

Pippa Jay’s Restless in Peaceville – a darker work that I thought was fantastic and out of the ordinary. Also check out Pippa Jay's No Angel, a terrific urban fantasy.

For The Love of a God by Rosanna Leo – great to see the Greek gods in fiction

Vickie Taylor’s Carved in Stone – gargoyle romance

Marjorie M. Liu’s Dirk and Steele series – a paranormal romance series that features lots of psychic and shape-shifting abilities

TV Shows/Movies I Recommend:

The Fifth Element – a sci-fi romance movie that touched on the elements (fire, earth, air, water) and a heroine with special abilities

The Last Keepers (2013) – a movie with a mix of paranormal and romance, with the young heroine finding herself and coming into her powers.

Beyond – 2017 TV show about a man who wakes up from a twelve-year coma with special powers

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