Toni & Benjamin is it too late for them?
This tragic love story gets slightly more than an honorable mention in my book titled Yesterday's Lies. Toni and Benjamin were high school sweethearts who dated into college and planned to marry. A tragic event in senior year of college took their lives on separate paths. Benjamin made a life changing decision without knowing all of the facts. In an effort to spare her feelings her friends decided to shield her from the truth and Toni was left in the dark wondering what happened to Benjamin.

Toni waited for Benjamin to return to her after the tragic event (not going to give away the details. You have to read the book :-) ) Her waiting was in vain. After several months a distraught, hurt Toni makes the decision to move on with her life. The pain from her abrupt ending with Benjamin has left her damaged and looking for love in all the wrong places. Toni longs to feel what she and Benjamin had with every man she meets. She has a terrible habit of jumping in with both feet. Giving way too much of herself too soon. The seven years between Benjamin abandoning her and the beginning of Yesterday's Lie's was an emotional time for Toni as she experiences a series of heartbreaks.

Toni experienced physical and emotional abuse as well as dishonesty (married men who claimed to be single) and infidelity. The pain from being abandoned by Benjamin is so unbearable that Toni cannot even speak his name. Toni and Jada (Toni's best friend) never even discuss Benjamin. It's like he never existed. Meanwhile Benjamin is counting the days until he can be with Toni again. He has no idea that she is unaware of his situation and isn't waiting for him. He has been writing to her and thinking about her for seven long years. Waiting to pick up where they left off. Toni has been trying to mend her broken heart. When Benjamin returns will it be too late for them to pick up where they left off? If you haven't read the book, Yesterday's Lies order your copy today. If you did read the book post your comments here. Is it too late for Benjamin and Toni?
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Published on July 27, 2011 20:27 • 374 views • Tags: friendships, love, relationships

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