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November 16, 2015

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This was not what I had in mind when they said "redemption mission". “Watch and protect Danny Sullivan for a whole year and you’ll get your wings back, Uriah”. That’s what the Arch said. No further explanations or elaborations. No whys, no hows. Just, “do the damn thing if you want your wings back.”So I didn’t ask any questions. I didn’t really have much of a choice, anyway. But I’m not complaining. I prefer straightforward and uncomplicated. I suppose I should count my lucky stars that I can get my wings back at all. Especially after all the shit Malone pulled. Fucking bastard. If I see his dimwitted face again sporting that stupid ass grin, it’ll be too fucking soon.But in the meantime, I have to focus. For my own sake.
Human surveillance for one year: that’s my mission, the only way I can get my wings back. Twelve months. Fifty-three weeks. Three hundred and sixty-five days and nights.
Danny Sullivan: that’s my human subject. He turned twenty-one years old tonight; a huge landmark for North American humans, almost like a right of passage—only with copious amounts of alcohol and substantial vomiting involved, and not always in that order.
This is only day one, and if the other the hundred and sixty four nights are going to be anything like they were tonight, I’m probably going to end up wringing my own neck. And then I won’t even have any use for my wings.
A thud slightly echoes through the dark hallway, followed by a low, incoherent mumble, signaling that Kia Sullivan, the extremely wasted older sister of my current mission’s subject just accidentally bumped her head against the wall. Well, actually, that I just accidentally bumped her head against the wall.
She doesn't say anything or make any other sounds, though. She's pretty much out cold. I've never understood why humans feel the need to drink so much, and I probably never will. It's not even her birthday, it's her brother's. And he's the one I'm supposed to be looking after, not her.
I readjust her limp body over my shoulder, and she stays still, slumped and hanging off me with absolutely no idea that she's being carried around by a stranger like a large sack of potatoes.
I sigh for the millionth time tonight. I'm getting too fucking old for this. I should be performing real redemption missions, not babysitting a drunk twenty-six year old who clearly can't hold her liquor to save her life. I'd watched her drink herself to her current ruin, and predictably, it was because of some guy she's obviously still not over.
Another sigh.
You'd think that with humans being so fucking predictable all the time, I'd be used to their annoying, irrational behavior by now.
Clearly, that’s far from the case. So, for the millionth time tonight, I ask myself…why the fuck am I here doing this? Why did I even put myself in this position in the first place? Why didn’t I just leave her to fend for herself and figure her own shit out? Why am I in her apartment carrying her motionless, knocked-out-cold little body to her bed?
As someone who prefers—no, requires—straightforward and uncomplicated, Kia Sullivan is one potential complication that I did not anticipate, and one I sure as hell don’t need right now.

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October 31, 2015

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Hi, guys! I hope you all have an incredibly fun (and safe) Halloween, whether you're dressing up and going out for a night on the *spooky* town, taking a flock on hyper toddlers trick-or-treating, or sitting on your couch and stuffing your face with all the chocolate your poor teeth can handle while you watch not-so-scary movies like yours truly (^_^).
Until next time! 
P.S. Oh, and enjoy the Halloween eye-candy! (Hmmm. Maybe I should call it eye-pumpkin, instead? I mean, there is one in every picture, after all.)
Much love,

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(Except for this guy. He's too cool for pumpkins :).)

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July 15, 2015

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I'm happy to announce that Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Volume Six is finally out! Woohoo! Sit back, relax, and enjoy more time with Dex and Roni in this next sizzling installment of their story.

It's only live Kindle at the moment (Amazon processes book uploads faster than other retailers) but I'll have the Kobo Books and Barnes and Noble links up under the books tab tomorrow as soon as the book goes live on those sites.

Thank you guys so much for being patient with me on this release. I know you've been waiting for a quite a while for it. so I really hope you enjoy it and that it's worth the wait!

Alrighty, that's it for now. Back to working on Uncensored. Lol. I'll talk with all soon!

Until next time...

Much love,

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July 4, 2015

Hi, guys!

I hope you're all doing fantastic and that your summers are going great. I want to start out by saying happy 4th of July/American Independence Day (to everyone who celebrates it), and I hope you have lots of (safe) fun this weekend as you celebrate with ample amounts of booze and barbecue :).

And to add to the celebration, I've decided to put Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Volume One on sale, so it's price will be dropped from $2.99 to $0.99 for the whole month of July! So if you haven't gotten a copy yet, this is the month to do it! And be sure to tell your friends and fellow book lovers to take advantage of this month-long deal as well!

 Get your copy now on
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo BooksDon't forget to leave your review at the above links, and on Goodreads as well!I know you guys have been waiting for volume six, and believe me, it's coming! I'm going to be doing the final edits next week, so it'll most likely be out somewhere in the middle of the month, but you'll definitely know when it is.
Quite a few of you have also been asking when #FreeStoryMonday is coming back, and I have an answer for you. Because my writing schedule has gotten a lot more hectic over the last three months, I really can't promise you guys that I can give you consistent stories every week until October. So #FreeStoryMonday will be back at the beginning of October, just in time for an awesome Halloween-themed story :). In the meantime, feel free to re-read the Free Stories already there!
Last, but certainly not least, this month I'll be participating in July's Camp NaNoWriMo and I'll be working on Uncensored, book one of the CODE RED series which you guys know (from the Publishing Schedule ) I plan on having out on Valentine's Day next year.

[image error]
​I'm super stoked to be working on it again, and I'm looking forward to finally getting it finished this month. Fingers crossed!
Alright, that's all I have for you guys right now. Stay safe, stay true, and stay awesome!
Until next time...
Much love,

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April 6, 2015

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I place the gold medallion in my hand, holding it like the prized possession it is. It fills my entire palm, and its metallic, tetragonal outline is wonderfully cool against my skin. I lightly run my index finger over the intricate details of the emblem, feeling the tiny ridges and furrows embedded in it like I always do.
I've probably examined the thing a million times now, and every single time I see it, I can't get over how beautiful it is. I think now I'm starting to see why Henry, my best friend, collects stuff like this. He's been talking my ear off left and right about this particular medallion for a while now, making it no secret that he wants it in his collection. And today, I'm going to make that happen.
I used to think he was ridiculous for collecting strange gold and silver pieces and artifacts, but I think his obsession is really beginning to rub off on me. I really didn't expect it to happen, considering how frugal I usually am, but the medallion—as costly as it is—is an object I've become pretty fond of; and one I intend to finally purchase.
Henry's shown me countless pictures of it in the last couple of weeks, talked about how rare and highly sought-after it is, so I was beyond shocked when I saw it in this high-end antique store a little over a month ago. I haven't told him about it, though. Haven't so much as hinted to him that I accidentally found his beloved medallion in the heart of Denver, of all places. As soon as I’d laid eyes on it, I’d decided then and there that I was going to buy it for him. And today is the day I'm going to give it to him—while I confess my feelings for him.
Henry and I have been friends since third grade, and we've only become closer and closer with each passing year, through middle and high school, college, and even grad school. We've been practically inseparable all our life. And I've loved him through each and every moment and experience. But I've never actually told him. That, however, changes today.
At twenty-six years old, I think it's time for me to finally tell him how I truly feel about him, to lay my heart and soul out to him and hope and pray that he feels the same way.
Part of me is scared shitless about confessing, and understandably so. He's my best friend, and other than my parents and sister, Henry’s the closest and dearest person I have in life, and I don't want to risk fucking up our relationship or making things awkward. But another part of me—the more optimistic, and perhaps slightly desperate part—figures how could he not feel the same way after all this time?
He's also barely dated anyone over the years, and my own dating situation has been virtually non-existent during all the twenty-four years I've had on Earth. I want to believe so badly that he hasn't really dated anyone because he's in love with me; the same way I am with him. But that’s only speculation on my part, and the only way I'll know anything for sure if I come right out and tell him.
Either way, I can't hold it in any longer. I want to tell him. I need to tell him. And this medallion is going to give me the perfect opportunity to do just that.  

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April 3, 2015

Hi, guys!

Yet another work week is coming to an end, and I'm sure everyone's looking forward to a nice, relaxing, and fun weekend. Hell, I know I am! TGIF!!!

But wait! The good news doesn't end there. As I mentioned on Monday, Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Volume Five is finally here! Your weekend just got even more awesome! (^_^).

I know a lot of you guys have been really eager for its release, and I'm glad to say it's out now (about time, I know. Lol). You can find the links under the 'Books' tab.

Unfortunately, I've been having issues accessing Kobo's publishing system, so Kobo readers are going to have to wait a little longer (it looks like it's going to take another week or so), but hopefully Kobo gets itself sorted out sooner than that. But as soon as the book is up on the site, I'll be sure to include the link here on the blog.

I really hope you guys enjoy this volume (I have a feeling you won't be able to wait for volume six once you're done, lol) and I'll talk with you again next week for another #FreeStoryMonday!

Ta ta for now!

Much love,

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March 30, 2015

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Oh, Christ, not him.

Anyone but him. 

Mason Gallanti is the absolute last person on Earth I want to see or deal with right now. Heck, I’d be over the moon if I never had to see his obnoxious jerk face ever again. And yet, there he stands, almost twenty feet away looking right at me, forcing me to acknowledge his unwanted presence.
God, this day just keeps getting better and better.
As if I don’t feel miserable enough as it is.
But…why is he even here?
Mason continues to stare at me for a moment, not saying anything. I find his silence a bit strange, but then his blue-green eyes quickly travel south to my humungous cast.
Immediately, his face contorts, and for a split second, it looks like he’s concerned, but a wide grin quickly spreads his lips, followed by the unmistakable sound of snickering.
In no time at all, snickering turns into laughing out loud, and he makes no attempt whatsoever to conceal his amusement at my misfortune.
“People usually have casts on after Spring Break, Johanson. Not right before,” he says, still holding his stomach. “Jeez, talk about living life backwards,” he adds with another malicious chuckle.
I can only roll my eyes. “Glad I can make you laugh. I guess it’s the least I can do, given how utterly miserable your life must be. Oh wait, never mind. You don’t actually have a life.”
“Neither do you, smart-ass. At least not for the next ten days,” he retorts, the lazy grin still toying with his lips.
I just shake my head. I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time arguing with this numbskull. I know all too well how Mason works—probably more than most people, thanks to the fact that he and my brother used to be good friends, and I say that with a really strong emphasis on used to—and I know how much satisfaction he gets from getting under my skin, but I refuse to give it to him right now.
I really have nothing else to day to the douche sack, anyway, so I turn and begin to walk away without another word, making my way backstage slowly—okay, really slowly—but surely, doing my best to ignore the unbelievably rude remarks and gestures from the aggravating man-child behind me.
How in the hell did he ever get hired as a GTA? Heck, how did he even graduate frickin’ high school with that juvenile attitude of his?
I can’t believe I ever thought he was hot, even for a second. He’s such a prick. It’s a wonder anyone can stand being around him for any length of time.
“Here, let me help you,” I hear him call from behind me.
“I’m good,” I reply dryly, the irritation in my voice unmasked.
The absolute nerve of this guy. Does he really expect me to accept his help—or anything else from him, for that matter—after he just blatantly insulted me to my face?
Still, I hear his footsteps from behind, getting louder and I realize he’s approaching me.

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March 23, 2015

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I wince as remember the startled scream that left my lips when I realized what was happening, but it was already too late then.
Even after I fell, shock and shame had rendered my body paralyzed for several seconds, and all I could do was lie on the wooden floor in absolute horror, feeling deflated and humiliated. I just wanted to curl up and disappear.
I still kind of do.
My ungraceful descent was followed by the even more mortifying “awww” chorus from the audience, and even now, I can still clearly hear the stomach-churning sound of their collective pity and embarrassment for me still resounding in my head.
I reluctantly make my way toward the front of the stage, hesitantly pulling back one of the blood-red velvet curtains.
I take a peep at the evil steps that had claimed my dignity and ruined not only my night, but my entire Spring Break, and as I look at them now, I honestly don’t even know which hurts more—my pride or my leg.

A Crazy Frog tune suddenly disrupts the quiet stillness of the empty Theater, letting me know that my phone is ringing.
I really need to change the damn tune. I'm not even sure why I got it. Then again, I haven't been bothered to get a new one ever since my ringtone-obsession phase wore off last year.
I look to see Sabrina, my roommates name, flashing on the screen in large bold letters. I pick up on the third ring.
"Hey, Sofie," she says, her voice slightly hurried. "Where are are you?"
I frown. "At the Theater department. Still on campus. Why?"  "Oh, I dunno, I've been thinking…I think Lauren and I should just cancel on Padre and do something here in town. All three of us."
I shake my head adamantly, as if she can see me. "No, no, no. You and Lauren have to go!” I say firmly. “We've been planning this thing since forever, Brina. Besides the hotel reservations are already booked and they're a pain in the ass to get refunded. Don't let my bad luck ruin what I know will be an awesome time for you guys. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you guys missed out on your last Spring Break because of me," I add.
I hear Sabrina sigh, I can almost picture her rubbing at her temple with her eyes closed, internally debating over what to do—something she always does whenever she feels stressed.
"I promise, I'll be fine," I try to assure her, even though I know I won't—at least not right away. "I just need you guys to take lots and lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you and maybe I’ll actually convince myself I was there if I try hard enough," I say with a smile.
She laughs at that. Even though my misfortune couldn't have come at a worse time, I won't let her or Lauren, my other roommate, miss out on their last Spring Break as undergrads on my account.
Sabrina sighs, presumably in a show of relenting. "How’s your leg?" she asks finally. "Did you take your crutches with you?"
"Yeah, I have them here with me," I lie. I hate those things. They make me feel so incapacitated, and only make me look even more pitiful than I feel. But I don’t want to get into it with Sabrina over them.
"Alright, well I guess we'll hit the road, then,” she says. “I'll call you when we get there.”
I nod. "Alright, will do. You guys drive safe," I say before hanging up.
As soon as I put my phone away, I hear the back door creak open.
I immediately turn to see who it is, and I come face to face with a pair of very familiar, very intense blue-green eyes; eyes that belong to none other than the infamous Mason Gallanti—the GTA from hell.

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March 16, 2015

Courtesy of bestfestivaldeals.com

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

I hope you all have a fun and safe time dancing with (potentially naked) leprechauns and filling your bellies with copious amounts of green beer :).

Much love,

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Image result for break a legCourtesy of www.cafepress.com

I look down at my right leg with a grimace, my expression falling as my eyes land on the humungous white cast around it.

I can’t believe I broke my frickin’ leg.

Again. While it’s not the first time this has happened to me—and something tells me it sure as hell won’t be the last—only my unique kind of shitty luck would have this happen now of all times.
Spring Break officially began an hour ago, and instead of loading my trunk with my duffel bag, filling up my tank, and buckling up to drive down to South Padre with my roommates to have the time of our lives like we’ve been planning to since practically the beginning of the school year, I’m by myself, backstage in the Theater department’s dressing room, sulking and wallowing in self-pity and the incessant pain in my covered ankle as everyone else rushes to leave campus.
For goodness sake, I’d even made a whole five hour long Spring Break playlist on my iPod weeks ago in anticipation for the drive! Sigh.
I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. No matter how pissed I am, the drive to Padre isn’t happening, I’m not having a Spring Break, and I have no one to blame but myself.
I flinch as I try to take a step, holding on to a nearby prop for support.
The last time I had seen my ankle, it was three times its normal size and still growing, all swollen and angry-looking; no doubt angry at me for being careless and spraining the hell out of it.
If it could speak, I have no doubt in my mind that it would most likely say something along the lines of “Serves you right! That’s what you get for being such an irredeemable klutz, you bitch!”
I sigh as the memory of my highly unforeseen—and utterly embarrassing—accident during last night’s performance replays in my head for the millionth time today.
I had all happened so quickly. The play had just ended, and thundering claps and enthusiastic whistles burst through the auditorium as the audience gave a standing ovation.
Everyone on stage, including myself, gave the customary group bow, and began walking off stage and disappearing behind the curtains. But then, in the usual excitement I get from performing live coupled with my elation from the crowd’s emphatic praise, my mind was on nothing more than the moment at hand, and as such, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking. Before I knew it, I’d already missed a step, and in no time at all, came tumbling down like Humpty-Dumpty in front of over two thousand people.
In a split second, every performer’s worst nightmare had become my reality.

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