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I finished reading a novel in e-book form last night, and I was completely surprised when I "turned the page" and discovered that the book had ended. I actually said, "Whaaaaaa?!" out loud. I just didn't see it coming. (I kept belligerently attempting to turn the page, as if doing so would make more chapters appear.)

Then I started to wonder whether it's harder for authors to write a good ending for an e-book. Without holding the physical book in my hand, I had lost track of where I was. I had no visible clues that the end was near. I wasn't getting mentally prepared for the story to end.

Certainly, you can argue that this specific author failed to properly wrap things up. (I don't name the book because if I can't give a book a great review, I just don't review it.) But I also think it might be harder to pull off a great ending if your reader doesn't have a sense that the end is coming.

What do you think? Have you ever been surprised when an e-book ended?
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Published on May 28, 2012 20:15 • 4,419 views • Tags: ebooks, reading, writing