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Today, March 22, 2012, I will be at the Indianapolis Chocolate and Blues Business Festival at the Ritz Charles in Carmel, Indiana. If you are in the area, PLEASE come on by! I will be signing copies of Consequences... both the original novel and the new bigger print version.
Don't miss out... this is the read you need for your spring or summer vacation! Or if you aren't taking a vacation, let Consequences take you away!
I hope to see you there!
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Published on March 22, 2012 05:12 • 199 views • Tags: consequences, spring-break, summer-read
On May 30, 2012 Aleatha Romig will be meeting with the Franklin,Indiana book club. We will be discussing Consequences, as the members read it during the month of May.
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Published on April 15, 2012 19:14 • 184 views • Tags: aleatha-romig, book-club, consequences
Hello Fans of Consequences,
If you have read Consequences and would be interested in being a "critical reviewer" of my Truth manuscript. Please contact me at:
In your email please tell me why I should chose you. The slots are limited.
Please know, you MUST read and keep the information Confidential. I also require rapid and honest response.
I am looking forward to reviewing your emails. Thank you all for helping me make Truth even bigger and better than Consequences! Aleatha
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Published on April 16, 2012 16:23 • 379 views • Tags: consequences, critique, review, truth
I'll be joining the book club, "Readers and Eaters" in Mishawaka, Indiana on Friday, July 27. I'm honored they chose to read Consequences and can not wait to sit and discuss it with all of their members!
This is my second book club meeting. I absolutely LOVE this.
IF YOU have a book club and are interested in reading Consequences, please private message me. I offer discounted prices on the printed version of Consequences ($10 ea. Autographed) And if geographically possible, I would be honored to attend your meeting.
Go Mishawaka Readers and Eaters! I can't wait for our meeting!
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Published on July 11, 2012 14:55 • 171 views • Tags: book-club, consequences, discounted-books
Hi Everyone! I am so excited to announce the winners of my "Birthday Give A Way".
Because CONSEQUENCES is published in two different written versions, I decided to give an autographed copy of each version away for my birthday!
Congratulations to Amy from San Antonio, Texas... you are the winner of the "White covered CONSEQUENCES".
And Congratulations to Stellar. You are the winner of the "larger print, black copy of CONSEQUENCES".
The story is the same. REMEMBER EVERYONE...TRUTH is coming, November 2012.
Congratulations again, Amy and Stellar!
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Published on July 21, 2012 18:58 • 207 views • Tags: consequences, contest, give-a-way, romig, truth
Last week was my birthday. In celebration, I decided to have a "Birthday Give-a-Way" here on Goodreads. In order to enter my give-a-way people just needed to add CONSEQUENCES to their "to read" shelf during the predetermined time period. Thank you to all who did!
Winners were chosen at random. Since CONSEQUENCES is published in two forms, I decided to give one autographed copy of each away.
The first winner to contact me with her mailing information lives in Texas. I hope she enjoys her book. The second winner contacted me, excited, but willing to not receive a book since he lives in Slovenia.
Do you know where that is? IF you do, congratulations on your knowledge of geography. I had to Google it. Slovenia is a beautiful country south of Austria and east of Italy! Now - there is a copy of CONSEQUENCES on its way to Slovenia!!
Last week I had an awesome review from the United Kingdom! I can't express how pleased I am with mass media, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Kindle and Nook. I am thrilled that CONSEQUENCES is becoming an International sensation! Please spread the word! Read CONSEQUENCES...because TRUTH is coming, November 2012!
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Published on July 25, 2012 15:03 • 379 views • Tags: consequences, give-a-way, romig, slovenia
I admit I have a problem. It is a good problem, CONSEQUENCES is finding an audience. It is selling and my Kindle Sales Rank is moving. Here is my problem. I want to know where it is every minute. Thanks to the wonders of smart phones I can access the number from anywhere! That is not good when I'm working (Yes, I hope my wonderful boss doesn't read this) or driving (never, that's not legal in Indiana) or standing in line at the grocery store.
I have tried to show restraint.
Being that Consequences is about a psychological roller coaster... I find it funny that I ride one too. Not even close to the trauma experienced by Claire. My roller coaster is from expectations. When Consequences was released in August of 2011, I was happy if the sales rank stayed in the 100K range. It started in the 1M, hoovered around 300K, then slowly descended into the 100K. Then I would be excited to be under 100K... time passes. As recently as a week or so ago I was thrilled to finally penetrate the 10K mark.
Recently, CONSEQUENCES fell (or in actuality rose) to 4200! That is amazing! And since my publisher doesn't tell me sales #'s I really don't know what it means... but it is GOOD! No, to paraphrase Tony (the tiger not Rawlings) it's GREAT!
So why does seeing 5,000 (Amazon updates the ranking every 2 hours, so flucation is constant) make me pout? Truly that is fantastic.
Someday maybe I'll develop a thicker skin and learn not to obsess. But, today isn't someday. So thank you all for making my obsession something I can smile about! I am loving this emotional roller coaster.
Just think, in two more months I'll have two books to obsess over. I can't wait for TRUTH!
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Published on September 06, 2012 15:01 • 401 views • Tags: consequences, fiction, obsession, romance, romig, suspense, thriller, truth
I love... LOVE all the reviews and comments from CONSEQUENCES readers. I truly try to read every one of them! What amazes and thrills me is the depth of emotion people feel for my characters. Claire Nichols and Tony Rawlings came to life in my head and screamed to get out! I love them both in so different ways!

Writing CONSEQUENCES I wanted more than anything to portray Claire as a strong individual in unbelievable horrific circumstances. It's easy to sit back in our bed or on our couch and read about her awful life and say "get out...leave" tell me, where would she go? Where could she go that Anthony's wealth and influence couldn't find her?
I don't want to give too much away... but I do want to say, I NEVER intended for her to appear weak. She stands up to him in her own way... in a way, few, if any, others do or can...

However, it thrills me to read that someone is so upset with her decisions they want to throw their book or Kindle across the room (please don't). That is an amazing compliment... my characters evoke emotion. One reader called CONSEQUENCES an Emotional Thriller! Another and Emotional Roller coaster! That is wonderful... LOVE Anthony Rawlings - or - hate Anthony Rawlings... the fact you have internalized him and Claire are enough for me. But then again, I know the TRUTH. ;)
In a very short time you can too. I believe CONSEQUENCES is a puzzle... it is up to the reader to "put it together"... TRUTH is a game and it's coming together... CONVICTED (due out in late 13 or early 14) will ... (guess we need to wait to find out!) Thank you for your strong emotions! Please keep spreading the word! We want everyone ready for the TRUTH!
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Published on September 18, 2012 16:48 • 550 views • Tags: consequences, romance, romig, thriller, truth
September 24, 2012 was definitely INTERVIEW MONDAY for me!
An interview I completed weeks ago appeared on an awesome blog Rachelle's Window
It was so much fun to answer these questions and work with Rachelle.
Then, at 9:30 AM, I appeared live on COMEDY THERAPY RADIO with comedian and author, Brad Tassell!
This was a great experience. At first I must admit I was perplexed by Brad's promo: "Brad Tassell will interview CONTROVERSIAL author Aleatha Romig". I wondered, why am I controversial? However, as we spoke and I reflected over the emotions my readers are experiencing I understood.
The experiences Claire endures in CONSEQUENCES are indeed controversial... they are horrific and should in no way be down played. As a female I think it would be unbearable. That is what makes Claire so strong! She endures!
Then the question of Stockholm Syndrome causes the reader to question Claire's motivation for some of her decisions. How would you respond? Can we really say, unless we have endured?
But, Controversial... after reading reviews and blogs, this is what I see as the most controversial part of CONSEQUENCES. It is the unbelievable emotions felt by is the feeling that after all is said and done, many still want a Happy Ever After.
Controversial? Crazy? Insane?
Some may think so. However, I believe many of us want "GOOD" to prevail. We see glimmers of good, glimmers of love, glimmers of hope, and want to believe even a glimmer of good can triumph over a platter of evil.
It is a very female trait to want to "make it better" we want to believe in hope.. in the future... in TRUTH!
Are my readers crazy? Or as one blogger wrote... are the readers sane and Tony crazy?
It goes back to CONSEQUENCES evoking overpowering emotion! If you haven't rode this roller coaster, jump aboard! If you have, tell everyone you know... because... many of your answers are coming!
TRUTH will be here in November! Let's find out who is the crazy one!
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Published on September 25, 2012 04:48 • 474 views • Tags: consequences, emotion, interview, romig, truth
Spoiler: This is for readers of CONSEQUENCES. If you haven't read the first book of my series, please don't read this:

From Chapter 1 of TRUTH, the second novel in the CONSEQUENCES series:

Jane Allyson, attorney, wondered why it wasn’t more difficult. Removing a prisoner from a medium security penitentiary should be harder. Yet, with the governor’s signature and a piece of paper, Claire Nichols was now riding in the passenger seat of Jane’s Toyota Corolla, wearing jeans and shoes from fourteen months earlier.
Claire chose to wear the blouse Jane brought for her. It was slightly large, but nonetheless, as Jane viewed Claire in her peripheral vision, Claire didn’t seem concerned. Instead, she appeared mesmerized by the landscape, occasionally sighing or dabbing her eyes. Jane tried to imagine Claire’s state of mind. Of course, her client was emotional; her entire life had just abruptly changed – again. It would be a difficult transition for anyone.
Sporadically, Jane checked her rearview mirror. There were no signs they were being followed. However, if the benefactor of the $100,000 knew about Claire’s release, Jane worried he or she might be waiting for their departure.
Breaking the silence, Jane said, “I didn’t speak with your friend. But, her assistant said there’ll be a ticket waiting for you at the American Airlines counter.”
“I don’t have identification.” The sudden realization frightened Claire. Could this oversight land her back in prison?
“Yes, you do. Iowa issued you an identification card identifying your personal belongings. You have all of that don’t you?”
Claire hugged the small bag. All of her possessions in the entire world were contained within the small nylon bag. Along with the items from her cell, Claire’s bag held the blue cashmere sweater and jewelry she’d been wearing upon her arrest. At twenty-nine, it seemed like such a small accumulation. “I do. I didn’t realize the identification card would work outside of prison.”
As Jane turned the Toyota south onto highway 235, she inhaled deeply and breached the uncomfortable subject. “Claire, I need to tell you something. The petitioning for your pardon wasn’t my idea.”
The trance holding Claire Nichols' thoughts captive released its hold; she zeroed in upon her savior, the person who’d freed her from a life of solitude. However, after so much time alone, conversation was difficult. Claire tried desperately to fill the silences. If one person spoke, then it was time for the next. Very easy, she could do it. “What do you mean?”
Jane told Claire about the anonymous letter, the almost complete petition for pardon, and the certified cashier's check. She didn’t mention her fear as she entered the penitentiary. She waited to see if it was shared.
Claire asked, “Who would spend $100,000 for my release?”
“I don’t know.”

Claire observed the expression, body language, and tone of the woman next to her. It had been a while, but she believed Jane spoke truthfully. Her attorney didn’t know who planted the seed for her emancipation.
Jane continued, “I can tell you, initially, I believed whoever this was, they wanted you released without associating their name. I believed they were protecting themselves from your ex-husband.”
Claire ingested her words, it made sense. She reasoned, if Tony knew someone helped in her release, who knows what he might do. Then she registered every word, “Initially? Jane, what do you mean initially?”
As Jane answered, her Toyota headed south toward the Des Moines International Airport. “I have to admit, I’ve had another thought.” Claire didn’t speak, but listened and watched. Jane continued, “What if the petition, letter, and money came from an unlikely source, someone to whom $100,000 was nothing?”
Claire’s emerald eyes opened wider. The elation which had filled her lungs evaporated. No longer involuntary, breathing required thought. She stammered, “You think it was Tony?” Claire fought an onset of nausea, “Why would he do that?”
“I really don’t know. I just know the best thing is to get you out of Iowa especially before the press frenzy begins.”
Claire hugged her belongings close to her thumping chest. She remembered the unrelenting press and more importantly her ex-husband. Old fears made her heart to race. Looking again at Jane, Claire noticed Jane’s eyes darting between the landscape ahead and the one behind in the rearview mirror. What if Tony or someone else were following her? Claire replied, “Yes, please, let’s do that.”

The American Airlines’ agent at the counter didn’t question Claire’s Iowa state issued identification. Within minutes she handed Claire her boarding pass -- a nonstop first class ticket to San Francisco, departing in ninety minutes.
Each step toward the concourse removed a little of Claire’s heaviness. The anxiety and apprehension she’d experienced under Tony’s rule knocked at the door of Claire’s heart and soul. She tried desperately to suppress those fears. Her counsel’s attention and kindness helped to alleviate the burden. Claire truly didn’t have time to process her sudden freedom. Turning toward Jane, she inquired, “Tell me again about the pardon. Do I need to check in with anyone?”
Jane explained, “Everything associated with the charge of attempted murder is now gone. The arrest, plea, incarceration… it’s all gone. Your record will appear as though it never occurred.” She emphasized, “Claire, the last fourteen months never happened.”
“Thirty-six.” Claire corrected.
Jane looked into her client’s eyes. She saw the victim’s eyes of over a year ago, not the eyes of an attempted murderer. The sadness combined with confusion told Jane, release wouldn’t be that simple. Removing Claire from the walls of Iowa’s Correctional Institution for Women was easier than removing the past thirty-six months from her memories. There was nothing Jane could say. Getting Claire safely out of Iowa was her only goal. “Please take care of yourself.” Jane said as she pulled an envelope and a card out of her purse. “Here is my card with my cell and office number as well as email. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me. And in this envelope is something I believe should belong to you.”
Claire took the items from her attorney and slowly opened the envelope. Staring back at her was fifty dollars in ten dollar bills and a cashier’s check made out to cash for $100,000. “No, Jane. I can’t accept this. This is for you. It’s your payment for helping me.”
“The cash will help with incidentals until you reach your friend. And, as for the check, it’s a ridiculous amount of money for a few hours’ work. You get settled. When you can, send me an appropriate payment for my services. Consider it seed money to start your new life.”
“But we don’t know who it’s from.”
“No, we don’t. If perhaps it’s from whom we suspect, wouldn’t he be happy to learn it went to you?”
Slowly Claire’s lips turned upward; she shook her head. “No. No, he wouldn’t.” Claire scanned the mingling crowd for a familiar face. Exhaling with relief at the sea of strangers, Claire continued. “And for that reason, I accept.” The two women embraced. “Thank you, Jane, for everything.”
Claire straightened her shoulders, and turned toward the gate. It’d been sometime since she’d flown commercial, but she knew Jane wasn’t allowed past security without a boarding pass. Thankfully, no one else would be either.

Jane watched as Claire passed the TSA agents and disappeared into the crowd of bodies. With an audible sigh, Jane thanked God no one recognized her client, and the reporters hadn't been notified. She had no idea how long it would take interested parties to learn of Claire’s release and flight. However long, Jane hoped it was long enough.

Claire Nichols sat in a row of connected black vinyl chairs, holding all of her worldly possessions and soaking in the scene around her. There were people talking, reading, and even sleeping. Periodically the dim background noise shattered with announcements over the PA system. They told of flights boarding and others delayed. No one noticed her. No one cared that only four hours earlier she’d been a prisoner of the state of Iowa. The buzzing in Claire’s brain began to dull, and her pulse steadied. In another thirty-five minutes she’d be boarding a plane. Claire hoped she wouldn't hear an announcement saying her flight was delayed. She may not remember her initial arrival to Iowa, but she was savoring her final exit. Returning was not on her agenda.
Her inner monologue was interrupted by the sound of her name, “Ms. Nichols?” A large security officer bent down to speak quietly near Claire’s ear.
Startled by the man’s closeness and words, she managed a response, “Yes? I’m Claire Nichols.”
“I need you to come with me please.”
Oh God, no! She thought. Please let me get on this plane. Involuntarily moisture returned to Claire’s eyes as the shrill sound of alarms reverberated within her head. Trying to speak steadily over the deafening panic, only she could hear, she uttered, “I’m sorry. I don’t believe I can do that. I can’t miss my flight.”
“Ms. Nichols if you will please come to my office, I’ll explain everything.”
Claire gripped her bag and contemplated her next move. She shouldn't have left Jane, not yet. She had Jane’s card; she could call her. Her voice and tone exposed her apprehension, “I really don’t want to go with you.” People began to stare.
Speaking in a hushed whisper, “Ms. Nichols, your ticket has been cancelled.” She shook her head in protest. “It’s all right.” Moving his lips near her ear, as to not be overheard, “Please settle down, your ticket was cancelled, because there’s a private plane coming for you.”
The security officer’s voice came through a long dark tunnel. The tunnel closed. Only blackness…

TRUTH is coming! November of 2012, please tell your friends. Everyone needs to be ready!
ConsequencesTRUTHTruth Truth (Consequences, #2) by Aleatha Romig
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Published on October 04, 2012 21:04 • 3,246 views • Tags: consequences, excerpt, november, romig, truth