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April 6, 2018

Movie Review by Lauren

When I first went to see Trek the Movie , I showed up with about half of Utah to see the free screening. The lines were so long and the movie theater was full. I was upset that I couldn’t get in, but I knew that this meant it was going to be a good movie! Thankfully, my quest to see it wasn't over and, a few weeks later, I saw the movie in Lehi. I was not disappointed. Trek the Movie is one of the best Mormon films I have ever seen.

First of all, the soundtrack for the movie is amazing. They had some local bands do the music and it was absolutely phenomenal, and music you’ll want to listen to on its own. The story is also great, with just enough humor and just enough serious storyline to keep you interested. And it was so realistic! I have been on three treks and it took me right back to crossing rivers and praying over handcarts. The entire movie I was thinking, “Get me on a trek right now!” I loved the movie and I can’t wait to share it with my family and friends.

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Published on April 06, 2018 19:38

April 5, 2018

I'm so excited to show you the cover for my novella, Truth or Dare ! It was originally published in the Under the Mistletoe collection, but now I can offer it as a standalone! This was one of my favorite stories to write, and if you love dogs, you'll love this one, too. It should be available April 8th. Don't you love the cover? So sweet.

Here's the back copy:

After a year of recovery, wounded war veteran Jonah Harrison comes home for Christmas. No longer the outgoing high school track star, he just wants to be left alone, away from well-meaning friends and neighbors. But when a blizzard strands him with Kami Jackson—the girl who once knew him best—he can’t hide anything from her, no matter how much he wants to. Kami has a wounded heart of her own, though, and it might take a Christmas miracle for them to find the healing they both long for and the courage to reach for a chance at love

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April 4, 2018

This episode was directed by Alex O'Loughlin and I hope we see more directing on his part in the future!

We start out back in New Jersey in 1999 with a scene of a man abusing a woman. The cops come to the door to check out a noise complaint. Young Detective Danny is there! It's easy to see that the woman is bruised and scared so Danny talks to her alone inside while the husband stays outside with Danny's partner. Strangely, one of the first things Danny does is try to reach out and touch the beaten woman's shoulder. She flinches away. He tries to reassure her that she has options and he can help her if she's straight with him. All she has to do is give a statement about what happened to her eye. (Uh huh. Like it's so easy when your abuser is right outside the door.) She tells him to leave and he gives her his card and says to call if she wants help. Back to present day and we see Danny approaching the formerly abused wife. Her name is Brooke and they chat about how it was her husband Ray that shot Danny a few weeks back when the team was in isolation. The bullet missed his heart by a mere 3 mm.

We are yanked out of that scene with a choppy cut where Adam is being pulled over and made to lie on the ground. The police open his trunk and we see Hidecki's body. (Uh oh. Adam what did you do?)

TimeFillerTunior is coming in for a meeting with Steve and they hear a guitar playing. Frank Bama is singing in Steve's office, while Steve accompanies him on a guitar. Steve introduces him to Tunior and says that Frank is the only person who can go shoeless in his office. He's an old friend of Five-O who is on vacay and just wanted to drop off a belated birthday gift for Steve (the guitar). (Aww. At least someone remembered Steve's birthday.) Frank leaves (there really was no point to having him in the show, we don't see him again this ep.) Steve gives Junior an assignment to work as a beat cop for a shift. He has to wear the uniform and try to see things from a cop's point of view. Junior rightfully asks why he's the only one who has to do honorable work and not Tani, which is a good point because Tani could use a lot more training and perspective. Steve decides she can work a beat, too.

Steve goes to see Adam in custody. The FBI guy is practically foaming that they caught Adam with the body after an anonymous tip. (Why are all FBI guys portrayed as jerks?) He won't look at any other reason for Adam being set up, but he does give Steve five minutes. Steve and Adam quickly chat about who could have outted him and set him up. He tells Steve about Jessie not being trustworthy anymore and how things haven't been going great with her.

TimeFillerTunior is watching a lady throw out a bunch of her man's stuff and they go to break it up. After talking to them separately, Tani reports that the guy didn't come home last night and was at a fancy hotel, so, duh, he must be a cheater. Junior is chill and wants to let them sort it out since there's nothing illegal about that. Tani goes off on Junior about mansplaining stuff to her, (Oy!) but when he can get a word in, he tells her the guy was setting up the room for their romantic weekend to celebrate the wife's birthday. The couple is passionately kissing now, so TimeFillerTunior leaves.

The FBI guy is enjoying browbeating Adam and throwing down how they knew Hidecki took him into the woods and beat him. Motive, of course for Adam killing the guy. Adam is trying to be patient and explain that Hidecki was a person of interest in his investigation and his TaskForceOfOne was committed to finding who killed the agent and his family. He even had a confidential informant and everything! FBIGuy is pretty skeptical and says to bring in his CI to back him up. Adam refuses and gets threatened with a murder conviction.

Brooke is with Danny at the morgue identifying her former? husband Ray, the guy who shot Danny. (Since he'd been in prison, shouldn't his fingerprints be in the system? Why wasn't that the first thing that popped?) She's glad Ray's gone and Danny reassures her that the guy underestimated how resilient she was. We flashback to Danny knocking on her door at a hotel. (I guess she must have changed her mind and asked for Danny's help after all.) She picks up scissors to answer the door and is scared her husband will find out where she is. This poor woman! Danny tells her that a women's shelter spot is opening up for her until she figures things out. He brought her food and they're smiling and she invites him in. Hmmm.

McGrover decided their best bet would be to track down Jessie, so they go to Nemoto's house and find his body. He was killed in the shower but they only show a large, blood-spattered blast hole in the curtain. Still, ew.

Back to a New Jersey flashback, where we see Danny driving up and finding Brooke being loaded into an ambulance, all beat up. The husband found her and knows she's seeing someone, but she didn't tell him about her and Danny. (Um, what? Danny is involved with a vulnerable, abused, married woman? How would anyone think that was a good idea?) Danny tells her I'll take care of this and she'll be okay. Back to present day, Danny and Brooke are on a beach getting ready to spread Ray's ashes. (Well, that was an extremely fast cremation. They just barely ID'd the body!) Danny tells Brooke it should be about her, not him. (Doesn't Ray have a family? Mother? Father? Weird that his abused, probably ex-wife, is the one doing this.) On that note, she takes out the plastic bag of ashes and throws them in the air, then wants to go for a drink.

Back to TimeFillerTunior who are now watching a graffiti artist paint over his work. They chat about how Tani got into a lot of trouble with her brother and somewhere along the line realized she was setting the wrong example so she decided to set the right one and worked to become a cop. She's overbearing to the graffiti guy and demands he paint with crisp edges. Yawn.

Unfortunately, the ballistics don't match Hidecki and Nemoto murders, but they've gotta be connected somehow, right? Before McGrover can kick that around further, HPD gets eyes on Jessie's car. McGrover chase her down and she runs through a building with Steve chasing her on foot. She seems like she's gotten away, but Steve clotheslines her and they take her in to the Blue Room of Doom.

Back to New Jersey Flashback with Danny outside a bar, watching Ray head to his car, sort of staggering. Danny puts his gun away and calls in a DUI before he confronts him. Ray is pretty annoyed to see Danny, but Danny says he's there because Ray put his wife in the hospital tonight. Ray gets in his face and starts to walk away, so Danny taunts him with the fact that his wife is sleeping with someone else, and no matter how bad he beat her, she wouldn't tell, but hey, it's HIM! (*shakes head* Seriously? Danny is sleeping with a victim of domestic violence whose case he is working, not to mention a woman who just barely got away from her psycho husband?) Danny provokes him with more taunts of supposedly being more of a man than Ray and Ray starts beating him. The cops called for the DUI come along and break it up and take Ray to jail. Back to present day, Danny is now getting a drink with Brooke, thinking of that night and how it changed the course of Ray's life and he never got over it. Meanwhile, Danny never thought about it again. (Really? Not even once?) The takeaway is that two people experience the same moment differently.

McGrover has Jessie in the chair asking why she ran, but she looks at them like they're idiots. Hello, Hidecki is dead and Adam isn't answering her calls, not to mention, Nemoto is iced, too. Grover gets close to her face and tells her they know she was sleeping with Nemoto and Adam thinks she isn't trustworthy. (Way to throw Adam under the bus.) She wants to talk to Adam, but they tell her he was arrested earlier on suspicion of murdering Hidecki. She looks shocked. They're talking about how no one could have known about the TaskForceOfOne except her and Jessie clues in that they think she gave him up. She tells them that Hidecki had gone to ground and was paranoid. She was meeting him at a construction site with food, but the place was a bloodbath. McGrover has her take them there, but it's empty, including the trailer where Hidecki was killed. Someone stole the crime scene trailer and if they're going to get Adam out they gotta find it. Fast.

TimeFillerTunior is arguing over who should be driving. They see a kid on a shopping cart all alone when he should be in school, so they go talk to him. He says his mom is dead and his dad is sick a lot, so they head to his house. Yawn. The place is a mess, garbage everywhere, dad is on kitchen floor passed out so Junior breaks in and get him up. They're going to get the dad sorted out at the station and the kid goes to auntie Leah's. He gets to say goodbye to his dad, without any cuffs thanks to Junior. When TimeFillerTunior talk about it, Tani thinks that's awesome how he didn't cuff the dad in front of the kid and Junior says he can't remember all the times his dad got arrested, but he remembers the first time in cuffs. Tani is wrapping up her feelings, saying she didn't enjoy today, but it wasn't the worst day. They see an old lady crossing street dropping stuff all over the road, so Junior goes to help her and she maces him.

Steve has an old buddy patch them into the satellite system (like Cath used to, sniff). They see the trailer being hauled away and zero in on the logo of the truck. (Newbie criminals, I guess, because they left the logo on.) They go there and find the cleaners and there's a short gunfight. And it's sort of ironic that they're cleaning up a murder scene that becomes a murder scene. The trailer is already done and evidence destroyed. Is it too late for Adam?

Brooke is back at her hotel room and she's hugging Danny goodbye. He leaves, but pauses in the hall and she pauses in her hotel room door, but finally closes it. He flashes back to New Jersey and Brooke outside her house working in the garden. He tells her Ray is going away for a long time. She's going to sell her house and maybe go to the west coast for a fresh start. She thanks him and says he saved her life. He goes all, aw shucks and says he was just doing his job and she says, most of the time. *wink wink* (Ew.)  He drives away thinking about his sexytimes with Brooke (you know, before he forgets all about Brooke and Ray) and is rear-ended by his future wife Rachel. It was a cute scene, actually, where he asks for her number and he'll forget this ever happened. Back to present day. Danny is coming to pick up Charlie and Rachel invites him in to finish reading him a Pete the Cat book.

Junior is treated in an ambulance after his macing, his poor eyes are swollen and red. Tani is going to tell everyone, (because that's not junior high-ish at all) starting with McG and Junior can't buy her silence because the golden child being owned by a grandma is priceless.

Adam is finally free to go because the cleaners destroying evidence while Adam was in custody helped prove his case? (Yeah. Let's just go with that.) Steve takes him for a chat. Jessie didn't set him up after all. But the autopsy on Hidecki found foreign DNA on him that had a familial match to Adam. It's someone who is female and between 35 to 40 years old. So . . . Adam has a half-sister. And somehow she's involved in everything going on. Dun, dun, dun.

Well, they're still cramming in three storylines and not really doing justice to any of them. I hope they go back to just an A and B storyline soon with a lot more Steve!

What did you think? Did you watch?
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Published on April 04, 2018 19:13

April 3, 2018

Did you know that if you sign up for my VIP Readers Group, you get my award-winning romantic suspense, All Fall Down , for free?

And that's not all! I regularly give away freebies, tell you about book sale alerts, and give you behind-the-scenes look at my books, characters, and writing process.

So, if you like to have fun and would love to get some free stuff, you can sign up here
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April 2, 2018

[image error][image error]
I just noticed that Jen Geigle Johnson's historical romance, The Nobleman's Daughter, is on sale for only .99 cents today! (Her new one is being released very soon and I'm excited to read it.)

Anyway, if you love lots of flirtation in between fighting for social justice, you'll want to pick this one up!

You can download your sale copy here
Here's the back copy:
England, 1819

While British high society primps and plays, the impoverished citizens of London languish. But there are those fighting for the freedom of common citizens—including two members of the aristocracy who secretly champion revolution. In the drawing rooms of the upper class, Lady Amanda and Lord Nathaniel flirt and tease with the best of them as she pretends to win every heart in London for sport, and he, to conquer them. But in truth, their flirtation is merely a façade designed to keep their clandestine actions hidden from the ton—and from each other. When Nathaniel presents himself as a potential suitor, the attraction between the two is undeniable—but the faces they portray to the world are not enough to win each other’s hearts.

While their crusade for London’s poor unites them more deeply than they could imagine, Amanda and Nathaniel struggle to trust one another with their true ideals and identities. But when the call to action leads Amanda into the path of danger, she can only hope that Nathaniel will see through her frivolous pretense. Because now, only the aid of the suitor she loves most—but trusts least—can save her.
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March 30, 2018

[image error][image error][image error]
I love Taylor Hart's books and noticed that Last Play is free today! It looks like the perfect weekend read.

Here's the back copy:

Roman Young, quarterback for the Dallas Destroyers, doesn’t expect to get a gun shoved in his face by the beautiful red head, Katie Winters, when he arrives to sell the Inn he inherited from his uncle in Wolfe Creek, Utah. But, he’s not surprised, either. It’s the way his life has been lately. Just ask the tabloids that have happily reported his shattered knee, his wife's affair, and the car accident.

Unfortunately, Katie is wearing a wedding ring. Not that he noticed. He doesn’t know why he doesn’t tell her about the fact he’s selling the Inn, even after she shoves a list of supply demands into his chest and rambles on and on about all the projects they have to do.

When he discovers her husband passed away a year ago, and her seven-year-old son asks him to come to dinner and movie night, things start to change. Or did they start to change when Katie took him sledding? Or when all he could think about was kissing her? Now he has to make a choice—keep ignoring the truth—or try one Last Play.

You can download your Kindle copy here[image error]
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Published on March 30, 2018 18:30 • 8 views

March 29, 2018

I saw this picture on Facebook today (the artist is Kylie Parker) and I was so struck by how thought-provoking it is. Not only is it beautifully done, it captures so many of my feelings. When I start reading a book that pulls me in the story and transports me to another world, this is exactly how I feel. I would think the artist would have to be a reader herself to create something that resonates so deeply.
Isn't it amazing? I think I'll have this in my mind's eye when I'm reading from now on. 
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Published on March 29, 2018 21:46 • 2 views

March 28, 2018

Most of you know that I'm a mother of eight children. In order to carve out time for writing with a lot of kids, I usually had to think through my scenes while I was changing diapers and washing dishes, then, when Barney or Paw Patrol came on, I would rush to the computer and write down everything I'd been thinking about. I had half-hour increments to get any writing done and it worked for a lot of years.

Fast forward to this year, when my youngest is in school all day and I have HOURS to write. I could write for six hours a day if I wanted to! I had big plans for this year and was going to be so super productive.

But, I've realized over the last two months when I was under some hard deadlines, that my writing process is super weird. I'll be sitting at my computer, typing away, but after half an hour, my brain just has to get up and go do some housework or something. I tried to work through it, but my brain has just been trained to stop working after half an hour!

My workaround is that I go ahead and take a break to do some household chores, put in laundry, sweep the floor, or whatever, and then go back to writing. Oddly, my brain just picks back up and I go on my merry writing way! And the upside of it is, I'm getting a lot of writing done AND my house is looking great!

I wonder if time goes on, that my brain will eventually be able to adjust and just write for longer than half an hour. I hope so! But until then, I'll just keep trying to balance this strange process.

Do you believe brains are trained in certain habits?
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March 27, 2018

[image error][image error]

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter is a book for the family that is looking to center their Easter holidays on the events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.


Each part of the book has beautiful illustrations, the story from the scriptures, as well as what's happening in a more story-like format, perfect for children.

But what makes it different from other books, is how it suggests ways we can focus on Jesus after the stories by tying the principle being taught to how we can apply it by reaching out to others or thinking of what brings you joy.

There are also activities like making a palm branch, writing personal and meaningful scriptures down and putting them in Easter eggs to hang from your Easter branch, and other simple, yet profound ways to turn the family's thoughts toward Christ.

I really liked the simple Easter ornaments that were pictured on the bottom of the pages that had thought-provoking questions. Families can go to christcenteredcelebrations.com for more ideas!
Aren't the page examples cute? I really enjoyed this book and know we'll be using it every year!

Here's the back copy:
This is a children's picture book edition of the best-selling adult book of the same title. Using illustrations and age-appropriate text, this children's edition features passages of scripture along with original text to tell the Easter story and provides ideas for family traditions that young children can understand to make the holiday more Christ-centered. Each spread uses at least one person from the Easter story--including Simon, Joseph and Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, the disciples on the road to Emmaus, and Thomas--to illustrate a theme.

For example, the story begins with Jesus' entry into Jerusalem before Passover and describes the scene as Jesus' followers filled His path with palm branches and leaves. Then the book presents a question for the child to ponder: "On the first Easter, people found ways to celebrate Jesus. Could you?"

Combining biblical text with a beautiful story line and wonderfully charming, full-color illustrations, this book will help make Christ the focus of your celebrations this year.
You can get your copy here[image error]
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Published on March 27, 2018 14:52

March 26, 2018

Happy Release Day to My Sister's Intended by Rachael Anderson.We're celebrating with a $50 Giveaway!
  My Sister's Intended by Rachael Anderson For as long as Prudence can remember, it has been understood that her sister will one day wed the eldest son of their nearest neighbor. Such an alliance will benefit both families and bring a great deal of joy to all parents involved. Unfortunately, Prudence has never been able to feel as joyful. She believes her sister is mad to consider marrying a man she hardly knows, even if he will one day make her a countess. Titles and wealth shouldn't factor into matters of the heart, and as an aspiring romance novelist, Prudence cannot fathom how anyone could even think of settling for less than love. She certainly wouldn’t, and she doesn't want her sister to either. Unable to stand by and do nothing, Prudence sets out to help the awkward couple discover the best in each other with the hope that they will eventually find love. What she neglected to foresee, however, was the possibility that she might fall in love with Lord Knave herself.

Author Rachael Anderson A USA Today bestselling author, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can’t sing, doesn’t dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.  

Website * Facebook * Twitter
Blog Tour March 28th to April 12th

  Release Day Giveaway $50 Amazon Gift Code or $50 in Paypal Cash Ends 4/13/18 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Amazon.com Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.   
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