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The Incredibles: Family MattersThe Incredibles: Family Matters by Mark Waid

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Incredibles are a crime fighting family, but after a new neighbor moves in, Bob begins to lose his powers.

Overall, this book is okay. There are some good ideas here, and the art is nice and fun to read, and certainly there's some emotional depth to plum with Bob's loss of powers. However, I felt more could have been done. There's a certain predictability about the plot if you've seen the film, so it's not great.

Still, there's some fun to be had her which make this an okay read.

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Published on November 11, 2017 22:40 • 81 views • Tags: the-incredibles
The Incredibles: City of IncrediblesThe Incredibles: City of Incredibles by Mark Waid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

City of the Incredibles collects the first of the Incredibles story arc in their ongoing series. In light of Incredibles 2, all the comics have to be considered non-canon but that doesn't make them unenjoyable.

In Issue 0 we get to see a pre-movie Parr family awaiting the birth of Jack-Jack and heading to a Doctor who specializes in helping supers only to find bad guys in need of foiling, so Helen can get in and have the baby. In Issues 1-3, we meet some of the world's supervillains who are staging a comeback and hope to take advantage of Jack-Jack getting a virus that transmits superpowers.

Overall, this is a fun book. It feels very Silver Age with its villains and plot. It's not very deep at all, and it's more geared towards kids than the all ages feel of the movie. Still, for a fun read of non-canonical adventures with the Parrs, this is worth a read.

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Published on August 07, 2018 23:00 • 36 views • Tags: comics, the-incredibles

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