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June 9, 2021


I made a promise to myself that life wouldn’t get me down nor will it make me sad for being who I am. It’s been years since I’ve been mad. My heart won’t allow me to be angry for long. You would never be able to figure out that I don’t feel like I belong. Finding my way has been difficult but I never give up. Now here I am working my heart to the bone for others. I make a difference in people’s lives because I can feel that it makes me feel better about myself.
I want to feel peace. The kind of peace where things are so silent that you can even hear the sound of your own heartbeat. And in that silence is peace. That is the kind of peace that I want. This promise has allowed me to make up a rhyme in my head to a song no one has to hear or fear. The rhythm of my life is filled with feelings of content.
The blood flowing through my veins tells me I am still alive. I don’t want to live to get by but to flourish. When a storm arrives, I won’t fear it. I’ll watch the black skylights and hear the thunder. I won’t hide from the window because the lightning is here. Instead I’ll watch the rain pour and be grateful for another night. The room is dark and I sit by myself. As I enjoy the calm inside of me I write beautiful words. I planned on staring out of the window until the downpour stops.
I was so wrong. It went on for days. Nature letting itself known created floods on the streets. Looking outside I saw not one person in sight. Nothing but closed doors and everyone making plans to stay dry. Deep down inside I still want to be reminded of the kind of weather that lights up the sky.
A few days later, the sun is bright. It’s a cool breeze. The feeling as it touches my skin is nature’s promise of life. Take a journey with me and see life differently. It’s peaceful and beautiful through my eyes even if things didn’t go my way.
When I look in the mirror, I don’t see that scared little girl with dark knotted hair. I had black bruised eyes and you would see the sadness inside. I wore my scars every day. I didn’t hide it because I know who I was. A kind person with a damaged soul. I lived with a broken heart. I guarded it my whole childhood from countless disappointments. This carried on until things turned around.
What I see now in the mirror is a warrior. A woman with silky black hair and a massive smile. You can see my black framed reading glasses but no sign of sadness. You would never think I was that same girl. I live my life one day at a time. My words are in my books but they live through me.
My journey is not over. Sometimes I feel it’s just beginning. Life has a way of throwing you down to your knees. It also has a way of lifting you up. These things happen regardless of what you think. Regardless of what you can or can not do things happen. Life makes you go left instead of right, and it shows you who’s boss. You will throw the white towel in defeat sometimes. You didn’t win the fight this time but maybe the next time.
Don’t focus on when you don’t win. The losses don’t matter when you are wearing the Championship belt. I feel like I had many victories in life. I want to run up countless stairs with your arms up in the air picturing Rocky Balboa right next to me. My hero. As I envision him I feel like we made it. I let my imagination run wild as we celebrate our accomplishments together with wind and a feeling of peace. Whatever you are going through remember that it will be worth the brawl. Leave the hurt and the past behind. That’s how you find peace. -Martha Perez
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Published on June 09, 2021 08:43

May 19, 2021


When Sugar Bear went to doggy Heaven, our hearts were broken after he gave our family sixteen years of unconditional puppy love. The pain of losing our best buddy was pure anguish.
We couldn’t think of getting another dog. Sugar would be so jealous because he was our one and only. He will always be our one and only Sugar Bear. He is irreplaceable but our hearts need to mend.
There is something missing without our favorite dog. After awhile our home which used to be filled with the sound of happiness has become silent. We realize that we still have so much love to give. That’s when we decided to search for our puppy.
Our home was filled with darkness. You can hear the slightest sound with how quiet our place was. Missing Sugar Bear has been an everyday process and the emptiness I felt inside would be felt more and more with each passing day.
With all that said it was finally time for our hearts to heal. Sugar Bear has to know that we love him and will always love him. So we went on our Journey to find the right pup.
To be honest it was a struggle to find our puppy. Two months passed and I started to think I would not find one that I would like. Just when I was about to give up we came across a woman with two litters.
When she sent us the pictures, we fell in love with all of them in an instant. We had decided that we would only take one. However, two of them stood out and that’s when I realized that you can change your mind when it comes to love.
I asked myself, ‘Why should we just have one? Is it really just a rule we came up with?’ If I get one Sugar Bear may feel like I’m replacing him. I will get two so Sugar Bear knows how one dog is not enough to fill all the love that he gave us over the years. So we found two new members of our family, Toby and Bella.
Our hearts will be healed. We will love our new pups for as long as they are here. They will always have a home and it’s with us. We see the light and the joy that they keep bringing to us each day. They took away the months of darkness that we thought would never go away. We welcome the noise and their playful barks and have hope that they will give us so many years. We treat them so good and I can see in their eyes that Toby and Bella knows how special they are to us.
Sugar Bear, you are not being replaced. If you haven’t heard it in my thoughts or in my prayers, then you will know it now. You are irreplaceable. You will always have a place in our hearts. Memories of all of our special moments I will cherish forever, even days we did nothing but play. You will never be forgotten.
Whenever I see a rainbow, a huge smile shines on my face. Because I think of you and how my heart warms up with your special licks. You made me feel special and you knew how special you were and always will be to me too. Your eyes were full of love. You will always be my one and only Sugar Bear. I still believe you send rainbows my way to help our healing hearts. -Martha Perez
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Published on May 19, 2021 12:10

May 18, 2021



Snow Mountain: The search is over. This is the book that you’ve been looking for. It’s dark and cold on snow mountain. Someone’s heart is just as dark. Time to find out who…

Fiction Novella Action, Thriller, and Suspense. Get ready for a mind-boggling adventure! Hold on to something.

So many spectacular twists and turns makes this rollercoaster of a story more scary than fun. Sean and Haley are soulmates.

Sean is fated to die from an invasive brain tumor. The news is just enough to get Haley’s life to spiral out of control.

She finally decides to leave her past and welcome the future. After the calm it was only a matter of time before a storm will arrive.

Years passed and her biggest fears start to unfold before her very eyes.
After Sean died years later Haley finally moved on.

Haley married Dylan and has two children Dade and Holly. The past hunts her down like prey once again. Life wasn’t what it seemed to be.

Family secrets challenge her world. Tragedy continues to show up in her life. Severe accidents and crimes seem to follow her and their family wherever they go.

Can she make it through another horror one more time? A different mountain but the same amount of danger awaits. This is a Must read.

Every step she takes always brings her back to the top of snow mountain.

Overcoming something so intense makes you feel alive and fearless. It’s only a matter of time when Haley gets her revenge.

Climb the Highest Mountain
Snow Mountain
Secret Mountain
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Published on May 18, 2021 19:39

May 4, 2021

A walk to Freedom

I walked out of the door. The sky looks so blue it was so hard for the grumpiest person to be in a bad mood. The butterflies were dancing to the sound of the birds. They were singing such a beautiful tune. I soaked up the fresh air smelling the scent of flowers. The sun warmed my face and my soul.

The feeling was so intense that my heart skipped a beat. I continued my walk to Freedom. After a stormy day I would have never thought it would be followed by a colorful rainbow and so much fresh air. I turned to my right to see the different shapes of mountains.

This is such an extraordinary feeling. I walked through the park and watched the children play. They were having so much fun. In minutes I saw them rush towards the ice cream man.

I love that they are enjoying life's simple things. All of the things that we sometimes take for granted. It's a privilege to feel free outside. The tree swayed as the wind blew through my dark hair. Each of my steps was filled with bliss as I couldn’t stop this smile from staying on my face.

As I look down at the beautiful grass I see a squirrel munching on the nut he found hidden in his secret spot. As I’m exiting the park a dog greets me with grateful licks.

Then his owner gives the friendly pet a bone that he catches with his teeth. As his excited tail wags he intensely digs a hole that he’ll put the bone down under.

Knowing it will be hidden for only him to own. How wonderful to know that I have a whole walk back to enjoy this beautiful day.
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Published on May 04, 2021 09:59

April 15, 2021

"Pieces Of My Mind"

Let me begin by saying that words matter. They speak volumes. Depending on what’s said it can hit you deep in the core of your soul. It can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what’s said. It could bring you hurt or happiness. How you express your words say a lot about you so if you care about who you’re speaking to choose your words wisely.
I have supernatural lover thrillers, true stories, romance, and fiction books that take you on a journey. When you read my books I take you out of this world and right into my mind.
I want you to know Martha Perez. The real me. The woman behind the books. I am a woman with a lot of passion. Four things that I’m most passionate about is love, family, books, and writing.
When I first started this journey I was on a mission to write twenty-five books. 5 years later and I can’t believe I am almost at my twentieth. I thought writing these many books would drain me. I felt like I would be exhausted. I can honestly say that over the years my passion for writing has grown so much that I want to write many more books after I reach book twenty-five.
My imagination runs wild, and I want to share it with the world. I had a dream of becoming an Author. That’s how it started. I wrote one book and, five years later, nineteen books. Who says dreams don’t come true? I would disagree. This is my dream and it feels like it’s coming true every time I pick up a pen. I wanted to make a difference in this world. I feel that I am. I had a difficult past. I don’t let that keep me thinking negatively about it because my past brought me to my future.
Reading a book brings feelings of romance. It is a huge part of history. It brings magic to a person’s world and electricity to the soul. It feeds your brain and gives it a life of wonders.
You can not control how much you read when you have a passion for it. You just find yourself reading more and more. It has become a constant part of my life.
“The only way of bearing life’s hurdles is to go through it. Anonymity is a part of life. Live in a way that makes you feel alive or die trying to be, all you could be. Because the unknown will always come tomorrow, and so will the future. Life is borrowed. You will never get yesterday back. So what you do daily will bring so much humor and laughter if you focus on your dreams.
Being strong enough takes courage. You have to consider the unknown ¬– will you fall and stumble along the way? Those are the questions that life has to offer. Your brain
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Published on April 15, 2021 11:30

February 19, 2021


Twisted: Dark stories that will make you sleep with your lights on.

Nova is dark and as Twisted as they come. She can’t help whom she’s become. The wild is what raised her. Her Supernatural capabilities make her someone the forest should fear.

The Dark Goddess of the Forest doesn’t like to be challenged. She is seductive and beautiful. Don’t be in the area. You won’t know what hit you.

Ray Acker is an MMA Fighter. He would do anything to wear the championship belt. It’s his focus off the ring that he needs to worry about. He wants to take the belt from his next opponent. That’s not all he wants to take.

Bella is tired of her husband and his constant mood changes. She found someone, and they are having a Twisted Affair. They plan to kill their significant others. Why is her husband walking next to her lover’s wife? Who is trying to kill who? It’s so hard to tell what will happen—time to find out.

Cell phones give us access to the entire world with the click of a button. Social media and games, likes and comments, follows, and connections flood our brains.

After an argument, they used their cell phones to connect with the world for this one couple. They didn’t realize it would disconnect them from each other. Jenny needed to get out of the house.

She didn’t realize that taking the wrong exit home can change everything. A cell phone when the signal is lost can have an impact on her survival. Who knows what else might be lost by the end of the night.

“Twisted” has more than six short dark stories that will keep you glued to the pages from start to finish.
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Published on February 19, 2021 14:20

November 11, 2020

The Calm and The Storm

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Published on November 11, 2020 11:42

October 14, 2020

Climb The Highest Mountain

Being strong enough to climb the highest Mountain takes courage. You have to consider the unknown ¬– will you fall and make it to the bottom without broken bones, or will you stumble along the way? Those are the questions of Life. Your brain tells the story, and your body reacts. It’s a fact of Life.

You will fall but you can still stand tall, broken and beautiful. Life brings Love, hurt, and abandonment. It’s always a winding trail. We are strong, and we embrace the worthy and the wicked and the unpleasant. It’s sad on some levels.

There are days we anticipate the future. It’s a huge task. My lover’s kiss – it brings thoughts of blissful candy, flowers, hugs, holding hands, slow dances as the wind blows, staring at each other with hungry eyes. We sit together as we watch the sunset until moonlight glows. We go with the flowing current of the night, the stars twinkling above us with a promise to never let go or leave each other behind.
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Published on October 14, 2020 15:36

Climb The Highest Mountain

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Published on October 14, 2020 15:00

July 30, 2020

Wicked Spirits

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Published on July 30, 2020 07:56