Form a Featured Author Group to interact with readers

Featured Author Groups are a way for authors to interact with readers and create buzz about their books. Authors form a group and agree to answer questions about their books for a brief period, and Goodreads will help promote the group using its word of mouth tools.

How to Create a Featured Author Group

  1. Sign up for our Authors Program, and make sure to add photos, videos, book excerpts, and a link to the featured group to your profile.
  2. Create a special group “Ask [Author Name]” or “[Author Name] hosts a Q&A.” Make sure to categorize it as a “Goodreads Author” group. The group description should clearly state what time range the author will be available to answer questions—we recommend running your group for a single day.
  3. We recommend creating a single discussion topic called “Ask me something!” or something similar. This makes it easy for you, with just a single thread to check, and easy for your fans. To start the thread, write a post welcoming everyone to your group and asking for questions.
  4. Goodreads will feature the group in the groups and authors sections of the site. Also, once a few people have joined the group, it will have the chance to spread virally and naturally though the Goodreads community.
  5. Goodreads features several author Q&As in our monthly newsletter. To be considered for the newsletter, please contact us.
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